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Monday, July 12, 2010


Well.............I thought I was back to normal (whatever that might be)...slept in my own bed last night...but I am having trouble with my Internet Server (Comcast) and sometimes have NO service at all....they aren't coming out to check till Tuesday morning...never a dull moment here!!
BUT right now I have service and wanted to show you the new items in the store....this is a really great wash bench...complete with wringer and great graphics...for only $145.00.....clean as it can be (Tony works so hard taking the wringers completely apart - cleaning all the old soap and grime from them - so they are "sparkling" when you purchase it!!!)

Both sides open us for the wash tubs to sit piece for any room in the house!!! ( I have one in our bathroom...only one side can sit down because of space ...right now I have both sides up -)  Here is a picture of mine..

(Yes the bathroom is lavender - it is the fru-fru in me!!)  I have a neat old wicker wash basket that sits on the wash bench when it is open.....and sometimes you will find a Christmas tree sitting there!!

Above is a wonderful old apple has seen better days but still intact and would look great on top of a cupboard (some breakage - but still strong)...$29. and this is a great deal~~~!!!

And...for a bit of whimsey...a rusty old bedspring with a paper cone made from vintage music with a flower water tube surrounded by paper shreds and a pretty "posie" to delight!!!

The spoon, forks and knives that I have been stamping are selling great and now Tony has taken the old silver plate knife handles and made "posie pockets" from can fill them with water and fresh flowers or a sprig of dried flowers...just something sweet and what a neat little "thinking of you" gift!

It is cooler here this morning and I have lots of work to catch up I best get busy....have a great Monday!!!


Karen/My Colonial Home said...

Good morning Judy...I've been away from the computer for awhile so haven't checked in and when I do...WHAT A WONDERFUL TREAT TO LOOK AT...the antique wash bench. How perfect...oh to have room for something like that. Love the detail.

Your Spring Paper Cone Flower holder is creative you are kiddo.

Our temps are lower here right now too - not sure if the humidity will come back but I'm happy with 70 degrees at the moment.

Hugs, Karen

Holly Hills Primitives said...

Hi Judy! Oh this weather! We had some rain and it cooled off a little for today, but we're supposed to climb right back up there by tomorrow. YUK! Oh my gosh, I have a washstand just like that! I had a piece of glass cut for one side and used it for an end table for years, then I passed it on to my daughter. I SOOO would love to come visit your shop, Dawn