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Tuesday, June 15, 2010


What a week this has been. The weather has been so "hot and humid" making the "weeds" grow ever so fast as we get these mini storms almost everyday. Gardening is already so far behind!  The mint in front of my house (pictured)(can you see the little gnome hiding in the mint?)....should have been harvested long ago....Tony did get almost all the Feverfew hung to dry.
I have been "ailing" but am recovering...and last evening my youngest grandson "Crew" (4yrs. old) fell from his bed (wrestling with his brother) and broke his arm. Tony and I ran to relieve a neighbor watching the other three boys so Shannon and Jeff could take him to the Emergency Room. Four this morning is when they came home...everyone exhausted. Poor Crew...they put a splint on his arm as it was too swollen to set - it is not a clean break. He looked so angelic..(the doctors were amazed at how good he was) They did put him out for a bit - his little arm in a sling - just made me cry! - "that is what is happening here" ....  Never a quiet moment!
I did have a "grand old time" at the trade show....found lots of goodies to sell....mostly Halloween and Christmas as that was my goal....gets me excited thinking of all the good stuff!! 
Summerthyme is just beginning however and we are celebrating with "watermelons" and  vintage bottles to use a vases,  delicious dips to serve at your picnics,  some cool gifts for the "Country June Bride"...and  new candle and tart scents -  Fresh Peach and Strawberry Rhubarb 8 oz soy candles - Lemon Mint, Clove and Country Cupboard soy tarts !!!


Janet - underthewillow said...

oh I'm so sorry that precious baby got hurt! what a doll he is....and I hope that you will continue to feel better Judy!'s too dang hot to do anything!!


moosecraft said...

Crew is just too cute to have pain... poor kid... kisses to heal quick! And, nope... I don't see any gnomes in that mint! LOL!


Sharon...look in the shadow near the birdbath...PEEK-A-BOO!!! Judy

moosecraft said...

Ohhhhh... I see him now! LOL! His smiley face is as green as the mint! CUTE! :-)

ctlogcabin said...

Oooh Poor Baby ..... Cant satnd when the Darlings get hurt...I know its all part of growing up, hope he heals Fast. You sure do grow them cute in PA !! :-) Love the picture of your Lush.
Hope you feel better soon, will give you a call in the next few days. Love & Hugs ~~ xox

Joanne said...

Had to enlarge the photo to see the gnome! Too funny - that's a lot of mint! Oh the tea though - mmmm good. Poor Crew - hope it heals perfectly and fast! He's adorable! Wishing you a drama-free week!

Ginny said...

Hugs and Kisses to Crew. Hope he is feeling better real soon.

Marie said...

Oh, bless his heart. I bet decorative child's arm sling would make him feel better. My friend sells them at . They are so cute!