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Monday, June 7, 2010


It is a beautiful Monday morning here in PA...a nice cool morning... and it seems the heat of last week might just go away (???) !!  I have been busy with so many projects sometimes I make myself "dizzy" as none are getting completed.  This morning I am off to the store (which is closed) to have some time without interruption  (mind you I LOVE to be interrupted by customers)  and to finally get some loose ends finished.   The attic studio is filled with "fairies" waiting to be "jazzed" up and tiny cloches waiting to be completed and then I decided to make my own cards...there are the messes I make when I get another brainstorm in the middle of working on something else.  CREATIVE GENIUS or LACK OF CONCENTRATION???  I fear the latter!  (big smile) 
We have our "Fairy Jar" class this Thursday evening and I have to have all those messes cleaned up by then.  I also belong to a private group of shopkeepers -( they give great inspiration, share knowledge and support. ) We have to take a picture of our cash/wrap area in order to get the new password by the end of June...OH dear me oh my....!!  They want to see exactly what the customer sees when they come to our counter....(I am hoping they will let me do a "before" and "after" picture ) My two counters are always a creative mess - I really don't want them to be that way - it just "happens" !!  So today I will try to organize my counters  so they don't look so bad.  (I stood in front of my counter and took a good look - it was NOT pretty) !!
We have some new items in the store and I will get some pictures to share too!!


ctlogcabin said...

Oh Miss Judy .... I love the way your counter always looks. Its eye candy, you never know what you will see...little things you are just pricing, or some adorable punched item you might add to a purchase, or some great stamped tag or piece of fabric. You have so much going on...your such an inspriation. EnJoy the day...wish I lived close I would offer to be you gopher for the day.
Love & Hugs ~~ Connie xox

Kudzu said...

i love making altered fairies! your class would be so much fun!

Ruby Begonia'S said...

Judy, JUDY, JuDy...I am always amazed by you!!!! Love the Fairies in the jars & LOVE your jewelry!!!!
How cute are those!
and now for the drum were randomly picked as the winner of the Old Glory giveaway!!!!!
(others will be jealous) Congrats!XO Monica

gail said...

CONGRATULATIONS! another luck of the draw for you! ENJOY!