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Monday, June 28, 2010


I always love Monday mornings as it starts a "new" week for me....however this Monday it is very hot, humid and I have to be in the home attic - not so much fun!!   We are having a "Yard Sale" at the store on July 24th along with Kay from Homespun and up the road a bit with Mary from the Henhouse.   It will be good to share some of the goodies I have been "hoarding" and will never, ever use!   It is not an easy thing to do though, as most of everything I own has a "memory" - BUT it is time. (so Tony keeps telling me) !!!  Have you seen the TV show "Hoarding" ???  That is what my attic looks like.....LOL !!!  (not kidding)...although you can see the wood floor!  We live in an old farmhouse that was built in 1828....a tiny little thing....the best room in the house is the attic - exposed stone walls - 12-16" floorboards - 3 tiny windows.   When I didn't have so much "stuff" the kids use to go up there and play - they would hide treasures and get into old photographs !!   I have saved baby cloths, from shoes to diaper pins ( no pampers for me!), every award and special drawing, report cards etc...all the way thru stacks of college books and projects.....AND THEY (MEANING MY KIDS) DON'T WANT IT.   So I am making "stacks" for each of them (thank goodness I only had two children) and letting them do the "throwing out" !!!   Thirty-nine years of "attic treasures" are up there waiting to be  ???????????????????????    !!!!


Holly Hills Primitives said...

Oh boy, I know what you're going through. I sorted and sorted when we were getting the house ready to rent. I made stacks for all five kids and then it's up to them! Guess you can only drag that stuff around for just so long - but it's so heartbreaking to part with it! It is kind of uplifting when it's done though. Enjoy the memories while you're sorting, Dawn

Joanne said...

Hoarders - too funny! I watch that show - and judy - as long as it's confined to the attic!

If it wasn't for the heat it will be fun to sift thru all your attic treasures - bet you will find things you forgot you had!

Janet - underthewillow said...

39 years, I can imagine how much stuff that would be!....we lived in our California house for 15 years and when we moved east every single last piece of anything had to fit into the moving truck that we drove across country ourselves so needless to say, I had to do some purging and for the most part it felt great!....come to think of it, today is the 8th year anniversary of when we moved into our current home, wow time sure does fly!


The Charm House said...

Just found your blog and love it! I watch the show hoarding also.... Makes you think twice about keeping some things.
Have a great day!

Karen/My Colonial Home said...

Sounds like a very hot job! I tend to Hoard a few things and they mostly go in my I feel for ya.
Your children will be so sorry if they throw their 'growing up treasures' away too soon...when they get to be the next generation they will be wishing they had some things like that to refer back to - and show their children and grandchildren - oh how I hope they don't throw the things away!