We are now located on the Lower Level in Morgantown Market. A 90 dealer co-op that is just amazing!!
Open every day - 10 am to 5 pm
2940 Main Street, Morgantown, PA 19543

Tuesday, June 29, 2010


I always get asked how I can "part" with some of the items we sell. ...(well - I gotta eat!!) Seriously, I am at the point in my life that if I can "own it for alittle while" I am okay selling it - I have more than enough at home -BUT every once in awhile Tony finds something that is harder to part with.  AND I have two of them...the Pedestal is from an old Department Store and gave height on the store counter to display jewelry, gloves etc...(sigh) They are in the store for sale and in our Country Market  (sorry)  Recycled Wares and Vintage Goods album on our picture trail !  Priced right so they shouldn't last very long (another sigh) !!


Big brother at sports camp...Mom shopping for Las Vegas birthday trip...Nana keeping 3 boys busy in a house that is NOT airconditioned and they are letting me know it....(big smile)  Oh yeah...and NO pool !!

Monday, June 28, 2010


I always love Monday mornings as it starts a "new" week for me....however this Monday it is very hot, humid and I have to be in the home attic - not so much fun!!   We are having a "Yard Sale" at the store on July 24th along with Kay from Homespun and up the road a bit with Mary from the Henhouse.   It will be good to share some of the goodies I have been "hoarding" and will never, ever use!   It is not an easy thing to do though, as most of everything I own has a "memory" - BUT it is time. (so Tony keeps telling me) !!!  Have you seen the TV show "Hoarding" ???  That is what my attic looks like.....LOL !!!  (not kidding)...although you can see the wood floor!  We live in an old farmhouse that was built in 1828....a tiny little thing....the best room in the house is the attic - exposed stone walls - 12-16" floorboards - 3 tiny windows.   When I didn't have so much "stuff" the kids use to go up there and play - they would hide treasures and get into old photographs !!   I have saved baby cloths, from shoes to diaper pins ( no pampers for me!), every award and special drawing, report cards etc...all the way thru stacks of college books and projects.....AND THEY (MEANING MY KIDS) DON'T WANT IT.   So I am making "stacks" for each of them (thank goodness I only had two children) and letting them do the "throwing out" !!!   Thirty-nine years of "attic treasures" are up there waiting to be  ???????????????????????    !!!!

Friday, June 25, 2010


Pictures of the "Fairy Ladies" working hard and a "TA-DA" picture of the finished Fairy Pots !!! I won't even pretend it wasn't warm in the attic....had the air conditioner running all day and two fans - thank goodness we didn't have to "exert" ourselves (big smile)!! This class was from 6 pm to 8 pm and we were having so much fun that we didn't stop till 9:30 pm (it took alittle longer to get the pot covered than I thought) and then the FUN began with putting on the "bling" and "embellishments" !!! No one wanted to stop, including me!!
Today was a bit cooler "thankfully" as our weather has been wicked lately ! Although customers have been shopping (a good thing)!!   There seems to be alot on my agenda lately - including a 6 day (night) babysitting for our 4 grandsons while my daughter and husband celebrate her 40th (yegads how did that happen) birthday in Las Vegas with a group of friends!  Fourth of July picnics, Tony's birthday, Shannon's b-day, Cullen's 6th B-day and a store Yard Sale all scheduled for July - and an August 1st vacation for Tony and I !!  (much needed) Of course we are going with son, daughter and all the grandkids...(we take a "family" vacation every year) - this year to Busch Gardens in VA and Colonial Williamsburg.  (can you believe I have never been???)  We are looking forward to it, but KNOW it will be HOT !!!
The Tavern across from us is already being repaired and they are counting on opening next Tuesday???  Great to have "good" insurance working for you !
Have a nice weekend - come shopping it's nice and cool at THE CINNAMON STICK!!!


...oops !!  Left camera in Attic Studio...will post pics tonight....hmmmmm....wonder if those "spirits" investigated the camera ????  Can't wait to see !!!!

Wednesday, June 23, 2010


Poor Richard's Tavern and Inn - across the street from our store (and owned and operated by our Landlords ) caught fire this was so awful - this beautiful historic building with smoke filling up the sky.   They rent rooms on the second and third floor and apparently the fire started on the third floor.  No one was hurt - everyone was evacuated quickly and the fire was put out, but not till after so much smoke and water damage was done.  I did not see the back of the building but my landlord told me it was worse back there.  There were 6 different fire companies and 3 rescue units (for the firemen) that came - it was 96 degrees today!....All access to the store was blocked off up till 3 pm.....I am so saddened by this....I went right in the store and blew out my candle that was burning.   How quickly - in a blink of an eye - your life can change.  My Landlady came over first thing this morning to pick up our Certificate of Insurance for our building....just weird how in another hour she was using our phone to call the insurance agent about the fire.   I was on the phone with my friend Barb (Quaint and Plain) when I hung up as I saw fire police outside our front door....haven't had a chance to tell her what the commotion was all about - so hope you are reading this Barb...Here are some pictures I was able to take....

I took the pictures from Kay's (Homespun) front porch  - heartbreaking :(

On a brighter note....since we couldn't get any customers today...I got everything set up and ready for our "Growing Fairies" class tomorrow evening !  I just took brownies out of the oven for our "snack" - and I am praying it cools off a bit cause, although we have an air conditioner in the Attic Studio, it still gets a bit warm when it is 96 degrees outside!!!!   No matter though cause our classes are much fun and we will have lots of Peach Iced Tea to drink !!

Monday, June 21, 2010


I wanted to show you more pics of this old washing machine but it sold before I could get any....(not a bad thing)   The inside of the tub is ribbed all around the stave's and on the bottom like an old wooden washboard would be.... the piece you see underneath is cast iron (makes the whole tub so heavy)..a crank was inserted with a handle that went down into the cast iron wheel and you would "churn" the crank therefore washing the clothes....(a human agitator!!!)  There was alot more iron and wood paraphernalia on the tub but it was crappy looking so Tony took it off and cleaned up the old green paint.  What a fun piece of history. (and we have another one...similar but different - he is still working on that one....LOL!!)
Today at market he found a wonderful old butter churn...complete...will take pics after  he does his magic to it - !!!  Off to babysit as it is my son's and daughter-in-laws anniversary!!!

Saturday, June 19, 2010


Tony thinks he is really one of those "pesky pixies" that always bother me during our Fairy Garden Class...
He disappeared - guess cause I wouldn't give him a kiss.....yuck!!!!!

Thursday, June 17, 2010


The July/ August issue of Somerset Studio and the July/August/September issue of Somerset Life are now in the store for sale...!!!   Only had time to thumb thru each of them quickly today but they certainly looked great!   I need time to sit and relax and "devour" every page as to not miss one little detail!
Here is a picture of where I hung my GOD BLESS AMERICA banner that I won from Ruby Begonia's -

This is our front porch so all the cars traveling can see it waving in the wind.  You can see alittle more of the detail in this picture too!!
AND THEN...when I was taking down the open flag I saw this "rock" on an iron sign holder that is in the yard  - I thought maybe Tony found a pretty rock for my collection of  "unusual" rocks ( I align them on an old tobacco sizer shelf) I went over to pick it up.....
and it was THIS - sunbathing !!!!!  YIKES !!!

It is one of the ugliest little frogs I have seen.....gave me the shivers!!!   Then I thought to myself ??? how did he get all the way up there...???  JUMPED...??? and then I quickly left as I could see him jumping on me!!!
He is silver and black and looks like snake skin - Kay (storekeeper at Homespun) got a picture of his face and I will show you when she emails it to me.....After she took the picture I was behind her and "poked" her and was so funny!!  I won't tell you what she did in her pants!!!!
He is sort of cute.....hmmmmm.....!!

Wednesday, June 16, 2010


I go to the post office this morning and this is waiting for me...

I won a Give-away on  Monica Vogal's blog - - Monica has a most wonderful store in Morris, Illinois - called Ruby Begonia's  (I love that name)...I met her on a private retail blog and also thru an article in the May 2010 issue of Romantic Homes- titled  "A Rare Find"  and her store certainly is !!!  ....ANYWAY....I tore open the box and found this...
A banner - all handmade by Monica from a well worn tattered  American Flag that reads "GOD BLESS AMERICA- (it is ME to the "T") You can't see all the details but there are many and I LOVE IT!!  I didn't measure it but it almost took up all the space from front door to back door!!!  ...and then...
There was this....wrapped in this...
AND THEN.....there was this wonderful flag banner
I tried to get pics of all the "wrapping" details she did...but they just don't show up that well.....BUT I love the wrappings too!!!!

It was so much fun opening this wonderful gift that kept on giving!!!....Thank you Monica...XOXO, Judy

Tuesday, June 15, 2010


What a week this has been. The weather has been so "hot and humid" making the "weeds" grow ever so fast as we get these mini storms almost everyday. Gardening is already so far behind!  The mint in front of my house (pictured)(can you see the little gnome hiding in the mint?)....should have been harvested long ago....Tony did get almost all the Feverfew hung to dry.
I have been "ailing" but am recovering...and last evening my youngest grandson "Crew" (4yrs. old) fell from his bed (wrestling with his brother) and broke his arm. Tony and I ran to relieve a neighbor watching the other three boys so Shannon and Jeff could take him to the Emergency Room. Four this morning is when they came home...everyone exhausted. Poor Crew...they put a splint on his arm as it was too swollen to set - it is not a clean break. He looked so angelic..(the doctors were amazed at how good he was) They did put him out for a bit - his little arm in a sling - just made me cry! - "that is what is happening here" ....  Never a quiet moment!
I did have a "grand old time" at the trade show....found lots of goodies to sell....mostly Halloween and Christmas as that was my goal....gets me excited thinking of all the good stuff!! 
Summerthyme is just beginning however and we are celebrating with "watermelons" and  vintage bottles to use a vases,  delicious dips to serve at your picnics,  some cool gifts for the "Country June Bride"...and  new candle and tart scents -  Fresh Peach and Strawberry Rhubarb 8 oz soy candles - Lemon Mint, Clove and Country Cupboard soy tarts !!!

Friday, June 11, 2010


Tomorrow (Saturday) Tony and I are off to the Market Square Trade Show.....HOPING to find some really unique goodies to fill the store - I am really looking for Halloween and Christmas  treasures!  I love going to the show and seeing other shopkeepers that I know from all over the country - Laurie from Gatherings in Colorado came in the store Wednesday and today Kris and Joe from The Christmas Barn in Connecticut stopped in.  I met Kris and Joe about 20 years ago (this is their 46th year in business!!!) when my store was in Morgantown, PA.   It is always so comforting to see old friends and know that they are still as excited to find new goods as I am. 
Today was a busy day at the store...finally sold that wonderful old cobbler's bench and it seems that the antique buyers were out (hooray) !!  
Now I must go call my daughter as my 6 year old grandson was getting some kind of school award today -  (he did not know it).... Shannon and Jeff were called to come to assembly - fun days at the end of the school year.
I bet it will be for having the best smile ever!!!

Thursday, June 10, 2010


After closing today we had our Fairy Jar Class - above is a picture of the gals and (Jim) with their fairies in their new "homes" !!   Just for your info...Jim is Toni's hubby and always takes classes with her and to be quite honest...his fairy was the best.  (I found a special boy fairy just for him!).  After glittering and glittering and adding special touches to the fairies and securing them in their new homes, we decorated the "take home" bags with another fairy and more glittery fairy dust!!!  Once you get started you don't want to stop and the creativity just keeps on flowing.
We left the glitter and messes for me tomorrow and I just bet the "spirits" are going to have some fun creating tonight!!!
One more picture of "creativity" filling the attic studio!

Thanks girls (and Jim) for a fun evening!!!

Tuesday, June 8, 2010


Those who know me know that I am not a "jewelry" wearer - most days I forget to put my earrings in....HOWEVER...I love the new necklaces that I am putting together with "vintage trinkets" and have been wearing one ever since.  It is really hard to get good pictures of them but here is the one I made for me.  It has an olde brass thimble, stamped silverplate butter knife blade and an old locker key.
I am having fun finding trinkets to put on the chains.   I know these pictures are "bad" but you get the idea.   Tony has also cut off the handle of some old silverplate spoons for me to stamp with special "words or sayings" !!   I am surprised at myself for loving these so much.....hmmmmm. guess you are never too old to change your style!!
 Old ice cream spoon, thimble and key (the ice cream spoons can be flattened and stamped too!!)

Old key, silverplate handle from butter knife (and upside down -duh!!) and tiny glass bottle with cork ( I have no idea what came in these bottles - I found 8 of them and they are old) - the cork is added by me as I collect old corks and have lots to share - thinking some fairy dust inside the tiny bottle might be nice!!

I am off to lunch today with my daughter's mother-in-law...we are the same age and spend some good time together celebrating our birthdays...then to shop for the finishing touches for our Fairy Jar Class this Thursday.  Hope you have a "fun" day too !!!!

Monday, June 7, 2010


It is a beautiful Monday morning here in PA...a nice cool morning... and it seems the heat of last week might just go away (???) !!  I have been busy with so many projects sometimes I make myself "dizzy" as none are getting completed.  This morning I am off to the store (which is closed) to have some time without interruption  (mind you I LOVE to be interrupted by customers)  and to finally get some loose ends finished.   The attic studio is filled with "fairies" waiting to be "jazzed" up and tiny cloches waiting to be completed and then I decided to make my own cards...there are the messes I make when I get another brainstorm in the middle of working on something else.  CREATIVE GENIUS or LACK OF CONCENTRATION???  I fear the latter!  (big smile) 
We have our "Fairy Jar" class this Thursday evening and I have to have all those messes cleaned up by then.  I also belong to a private group of shopkeepers -( they give great inspiration, share knowledge and support. ) We have to take a picture of our cash/wrap area in order to get the new password by the end of June...OH dear me oh my....!!  They want to see exactly what the customer sees when they come to our counter....(I am hoping they will let me do a "before" and "after" picture ) My two counters are always a creative mess - I really don't want them to be that way - it just "happens" !!  So today I will try to organize my counters  so they don't look so bad.  (I stood in front of my counter and took a good look - it was NOT pretty) !!
We have some new items in the store and I will get some pictures to share too!!

Wednesday, June 2, 2010


A short version of a long story....Joanne of  purchased a good amount of "zinc canning jar lids"....(hard as heck to come by around here) but they were in great need of cleaning.  I was going to share with her how Tony does his magic on them but he said he would rather do them for her in return for 20 of the jar lids....SHE AGREED - and today she came to pick them up....insisting earlier that we keep 25 (and then she slipped another two to me) !!!  However - the above picture is the THANK YOU  gift she gave me today.   I LOVE LOVE LOVE THIS HOOKED RUG - and am completely overwhemled by her generosity....THANK YOU JOANNE again and again.   It is just beautiful - I love rughooked items but do NOT enjoy doing it....(Joanne knows that and so does everyone else close to me) !  I am still in awe of such a fine gift....She calls it "The Ball Jar Lid Rug".....(she used an old zinc jar lid as the pattern)!!  Too sweet for words and not enough thank you's AND way too much for a simple favor!    She used a technique called "beading" on the border and it was her first time hooking this way....wish you could see it in person!

As I promised - here is a picture of my bowl....I'm still not sure I want to sell it...hmmmmm....tough decision although I do have a price on it at the store...(sigh) !!

I am quite fond of the old blues and also found a nice piece of homespun that I am selling as doilies (working around a hole here and there).....and there is more....check out this tin box in blue and the blue scale.....I am loving my new finds....

Tuesday, June 1, 2010


I NEVER get tired of searching for treasures....LOL!!  Today Sharon and I FINALLY were able to get together and have some fun.   We headed to the Olde Factory in Hummelstown - had a wonderful lunch in the Warwick Hotel and then went to a new wholesale store.  I did find a few old goodies at the antique mall - I fell madly in love with an old bowl....just wait till I take a picture of different!!   I did get some much needed lampshades at the wholesale only place - some wax beeskeps (we had them before - they are quite nice)!!  ...and jam for Tony - Strawberry Rhubarb and Blackberry...(he loves his jelly toast in the morning) !  I was sad to see the scrapbook store next to the antique mall has gone out of business - it was really neat and I was planning on (hoping) to find some new goodies to play with.
Garden thyme is going strong at the store right now....I wanted to show you some of the neat planters we had for sale, but (love it) they sold - so I will share the picture of the (still for sale) carrier and take pics soon of the new ones I found this weekend. (Tony has to do his "magic" on them) !  Days off are done - back to work tomorrow.....can't wait!!!