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Monday, May 31, 2010


The last day of May...where did the month go???   I need to slow down and make my days last longer.   Today - by tradition - Tony and I got up and were out of the house by 4:45 am to seek out treasures at the big Memorial Day flea market....sadly ...not many treasures were found (sad face)...but I TRIED very hard to find them.   We then decided to go to the Olde Engine Works in Stroudsburg....and again...not much to be found - what we did find was great though!!!  Will all be in the store soon.

Thought I would show you how the "Fairy Garden" is growing...another fairy has moved in and immediately raised the "Flag" to celebrate all the veterans!

I have alot of rusty old bed springs and sometimes use them as a make-do - I saw a picture (somewhere??) of a "music cone" filled with dried flowers and thought I would make one for my counter.  I used a water tube to put fresh flowers in it.   Made me smile all day Sunday!

I should have had this vintage straw hat with me today....the sun was blazing early today and there wasn't any shade to be found should .  This is a really great vintage hat...stop by and try it on!!!

BUT the most fun was spending the afternoon with the grandkids - we had a picnic at my daughter's and  "christened" her new pool.....(her boys were in the pool two weeks ago when it was freezing) !!!  The water is already warm from days of very hot weather here in PA !  I posted pics of our fun day on my PT... Two of the boys were done with swimming for the day and watching the LaCrosse championship on TV !!  The life these kids have...yi yi yi yi !!!


Joanne said...

Ooh love that pool! Could have used that hat today when I was out treasure hunting - it was hot!

Spice Junction Treasures said...

Your fairy garden is getting cuter each time I see it. There is a greenhouse we have visited a couple of times and they have fairie gardens for sale. They are very expensive. Check out their site at www.thistledowngreenhouse.
I love the music cone. What a great idea.

ctlogcabin said...

Love the picture of the kids in the pool....what a set up they have in the yard. Lots of Great Cousin Time Memories
will be made there. :-)
Sweet Hat & Fairy Garden!! xox

Karen/My Colonial Home said...

Well, I was going to comment on the first part of your post till I came to the pool and that's all she wrote....HOW BEAUTIFUL!!!! And how lucky to have it!
What fun....

Holly Hills Primitives said...

Looks like you had a blast this weekend! Today is "sewing day" for the shop, hope to get lots done. Your fairy garden is adorable, but I LOVE the "old pots"! Enjoy your week, Dawn