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Tuesday, April 13, 2010


I did go up in the attic.....pushed and shoved a few boxes and then said...NAH!!  Not today..the sun was shining and who wanted to be holed up in a dusty old attic...NOT ME!!  That was Monday...and Tuesday (today) it was going to rain so I saved that work for today.....NAH!!!.....who wants to be in a dusty old attic when it is so dark and gloomy outside... NOT ME !!  Hmmmm...maybe I just don't want to go up in the attic...!!!
I did get a bit of sewing done - I love to transfer images on muslin and make pillows - so I got quite a few transferred and sewn...a couple stuffed ...Some birds will be flying into the store tomorrow too....just need to make finishing touches on then.  Some will be make-do's others will find an "unusual" place to nest.
We did not get many sign-ups for our Garden Banner class so I am going to cancel it and work on some to sell - with great garden GROW, BLOOM, HERBS etc.  I will have fun!! Our "Herb Faire" is coming up and I want to have the store filled to capacity with great garden treasures for everyone.   I need to spend some time working on the menu for the "garden fairies" so they know what to prepare.  Dill is the Herb of the Year and since it is a favorite of mine I do think there will be lots of "dill" flavored goodies!  (Susan if you are checking in ( ) I need some culinary lavender- for the Lavender Egg Salad...that was the best egg salad I ever had!!)
This is Sweet Annie...she has been a "helper" in the store for many, many years - (and she never seems to age one bit)!!   I think she is arriving tomorrow to start helping me get the store in shape!  A couple boxes arrived from The Bolton Peddler (the neatest tole painted tin garden wares)....and I am pretty sure my "twig lights" from Prims by Kathy will be in.  If you haven't seen these yet - pop in here tomorrow for some pictures....they are the neatest!  I have bundles of "birch" branches all ready to display them...I love seeing that big brown truck pull in the parking lots...woohoo!!!


basketsnprims said...

Sounds so fun with yummy food to boot. Cucumber sandwiches are always a hit at our house & they have a sprinkle of fresh or dried dill on top.

The Brickhouse said...

Oh I want to come and visit! I love Sweet Annie. I am anxious to see the Twig Lights...may have to get some for my SHop..speaking of my shop..last Saturday about 12 women came into the Shop..they were in the area because their men were playing in a bowling tournament. I asked them where they were from..ALLENTOWN area, so I asked them if they were ever at The Cinnamon Stick.. almost all of them knew of your woman lives like 5 mins from your shop and they all talked about your Shop.
Will you be going to Gettysburg on Wed? If so, I would love to meet you...have a great week.

ctlogcabin said...

Miss Judy ~~ LOL so you didnt get the attic done.....Ha we shall leave it to the kids to sort it all out when we are gone. Pay Back is what I say. :-) Miss you & hope to be walking in your door soon, and get a real Hug & soak up all the Wonders of The Cinnamon Stick....and then be on my way with some Treasures. Hugs ~ me xox

Karen/My Colonial Home said...

Your posts always leave me wanting to visit you and your of these days...maybe in June when I come out there I will get my husband to drive me there, or if he doesn't come with me out there I'll drive up alone. You said there's lots to see and do in your neck of the woods, right?

Do you have anything special happening at the store around June 7, 8th?