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Thursday, April 1, 2010


Sorry to say I am closing my blog as I just don't have anything else to say....

APRIL FOOL'S..... me - not have anything to say......HA HA HA !!!
 I got Tony good this morning....woke him up yelling...GET UP !!  we overslept it is 7:30...he jumped out of bed.....FINALLY...I got him!!!
Have a great April lst.....spring is here in PA today !!!


The Brickhouse said...

JUDY JUDY JUDY..That was NOT nice..I was thinking..OH NO!!!
You got me! I just woke up and see glad it isn't true..It would have ruined my day..GIRL you are bad!! LOL :)
April Fools!!!!!

lilmamasprimitives said... got me..Now I am plotting my fools day..Maybe with i am pregnant or'll see..Thanks for the reminder and the "OMG" for the
Have a great day
♥ Stephanie


LOLOLOL>>>good it

Lori said...

you sneaky, cheeky little vixen!!!
ya had me goin' too!!!

hahaha...we'll get ya for that one!

enjoy your spring weather!!!


ctlogcabin said...

LOL I almost spit my Tea at the computer screen...Good One My Friend !!! The sun is shining, I hope it stays. Have a Great
April Fool's Day !!
Love & Hugs ~ Connie xox

Ginny said...

Good One, Happy Spring, Happy Easter.

Kathy (woolfind) said...

Got me for a second there. My husband would have shot me if I did that to him. LOL good one!

Holly Hills Primitives said...

Oh Judy! Just got up, sitting her in my p.j.'s and saw THAT!!! I could have cried. You know what they say. "Paybacks..." Happy April Fool's Day to you, Dawn

Suzie said...

As I was logging on this morning, I thought to myself. .this is April Fool's Day. .remember that. .and then I saw the title of your post, and thought, yup! There's one. .but then those instant doubts kicked in, and I'm thinking it had BETTER be a joke! lol

I'm SO happy that I was right! But like everyone else, you got my adrenaline zooming this morning! :-)

Suzanne-Poplar Street Prims said...

You got me too!! My heart actually sunk!! That was a good one! "Nothing to say"... LMBO

Christine said...

Not funny!!!! hahaha You had me there....I so enjoy your blog!

cathie said...

Ya got me!! But then I thought 'Judy with nothing to say?!?!?!', yea, right.
Paybacks my dear...paybacks.
Enjoy your day! Cathie

moosecraft said...

You STINKER you!!! LOL! Had me there for a second too! :-) Happy April!

Hillcresthome Prims said...

You sure did get me, I was in shock when i read this, you got me girl!!!!!! April fool's back to you!!!

Happy Easter!!
Hugs, Tricia
Hillcrest Home Prims( that' my blog i hooe you can check it out) I joined yours and love it!

ROCK said...

Yikes!!! I was haveing a heart attack. No more inspiration!! That just would not be good at all. But then....I did smile!!!

Karen/My Colonial Home said...

OMGOSH JUDY...I had prickelys on my
And then when I saw just a few words and then NOTHING....I thought what was said and who said it to cause this....LOL, LOL

You got us! Isn't it fun when we can pull something over on someone?