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Sunday, March 28, 2010


If you can call what I do WORK !!  It is work... but I will be the first to admit it is "fun" work!!  I have been trying to plan our 18th Annual Herb Faire!  (that's alot of years for doing the same thing over and over again).....Every year I try to think of something new and more exciting than the year before BUT and is such a good event that I don't think I can make it any better than it already is.   I might give the Garden Fairies a couple different herbal recipes to try, but other than that I think our Herb Faire is just fine the way it is....we hope you can come! 

I pulled out  my herbal books...scoured the pages and finally decided we have the best herbs for sale (thank you Alta and Glenn) I should let well enough alone!  Guess what the "Herb of the Year" guessed....DILL - a very favorite of mine....I have dill growing everywhere.  I let the first crop go to seed and it blows all over and comes up in the wildest places.  (Tony hates that I do that...he really does, but this is one garden thing that I win)...He does MOST of the dirty garden chores so I pretty much let him do his thing....but not the dill ....DON'T touch my dill!!!  AND I am sure he will not let me keep my upside down flower pot border this year..he says it is a pain these past years moving them when he mows and putting them back just so...!!! 
 In the olde bottle is Catnip....(also coming up all over the garden even came up in a crack in the sidewalk)....The catnip is growing like a weed (some might say it is a weed....(smile)  so I am picking it and enjoying some fresh herbs in the store.......I have had to live with these the past two months...
Fake Rosemary and Basil...but fun cause it really does look real!
Tony has been finding some good garden is hard not to put them in the store already.....just might have to after the Easter decorations are put to rest for another year....the store is ready for a "makeover" and I am anxious to redo!


moosecraft said...

Ooooh yah! I love the scents of fresh herbs!! I plant them as fillers between my flowers... About the flower pot border... I've seen something called "rubber mulch". It comes in 12 ft rolls and is about 12" wide. You could edge the garden with that and then place the pots on top of the mulch border. Then they won't need to be moved each time you mow, because the mower will drive right over the mulch strip. It's sold in BJ's and the regular Home Depot and Lowes... Can't wait to start planting!!!

Cathie said...

Good morning Judy!!
I'm anxious for the Herb Faire. When does it begin? I NEED some herbs for my garden. The weather is supposed to be beautiful later this week, that'll get all of us in the mood to be in the garden. Keep the updates coming...I enjoy them.