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Monday, March 22, 2010


Thank goodness all this rain we are having is NOT snow...We didn't have the "onion" snow here in my neck of the woods - (you can't plant your onions till after the "onion snow") - hmmmm - thinking Mother Nature might just spare us this year -  so go ahead....PLANT THOSE ONIONS !!
Today Tony and I went antiquing at The Olde Factory in Hummelstown....we had our arms full before we even walked down the ramp - (they display items right as you walk in the door) !   Found -  some much needed -  zinc canning jar lids - (can you believe "someone" has two of our lids that they took off of the olde jars and put the jars behind the others in the cupboard???) 
 It was a good day shopping - lots of treasures were found!  It rained and rained all the way to and from though - over 1 1/2 hours one way - but certainly worth the drive.   The disappointment was,  there are so many "crafty" booths.....imports....and that is disturbing when you are thinking it is an antique mall.   NOW I love BOTH....and our store is filled with both - antiques and gifts - but I think if an antique mall wants to have craft booths then they should be altogether in one area.  Just my opinion - (it won't keep me from shopping there but still disappointing to see so much of it)   Rent is rent I suppose.

On page 137 of Flea Market Style the picture of an old bedspring hanging on the wall and used to display photos....don't ask me why....but I want one.  There was one "similiar" at the antique mall, but of course NFS (I wouldn't sell it either) !!!  That one was even a bit cooler as it was made of very thin wire springs...really neat!  
With these warmer days and the rain...the woods are starting to have hints of green and the red bud trees are ready to bloom.   Spring....glorious spring!   


The Brickhouse said...

Judy, You were in my neck of the woods and you DIDN'T stop by to visit? LOL...I am about 3o miles from olde factory..NEXT time you need to stop by The Brickhouse! I have to take my MIL to Hershey tomorrow..hmmm?... maybe I need to stop by the olde factory. Too bad you had a rainy day but like you least it wasn't snow!

Robin said...

Love that bedspring idea! That would be pretty neat hanging up. Have a blessed evening.(Millstone Mercantile)

Karen/My Colonial Home said...

Next time I'm in PA I'm going to The Olde Factory - I've heard so much about it....have to look up just where Hummelstown is from lancaster....possibly will be able to visit your shop too!

What a unique spring idea...never question what you think you want or's just what we crafty women do! lol


ctlogcabin said...

Miss Judy....I was happy it was raining back couldn't take another sunny day. lol I spent two straight days doing Spring clean-up and am I ever paying for it. Sounds like a neat place you & Tony visited glad you got some goodies. Cant believe people come in your shop & steal from you ..... and the things they take are some times so bizarre. Miss Ya ~~
Love & Hugs ~~ Connie xox