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Friday, March 19, 2010


(you can you tell I have "spring fever" when I start to "talk" herbally)!!!
Lots on the agenda the last couple days....getting ready for our Easter Bookcover Class tomorrow - getting all the 2009 papers filed away (hopefully forever) and trying to unpack boxes and price the goodies inside - well that didn't happen.   Leah brought us ~~APRONS, BONNETS, SEWING ROLLS AND POCKETS!  All in wonderful browns and creams  !!~~they did all get priced and displayed - did the new floorcloths  -  I love floorcloths and one day I am truly going to learn how to make them!
(don't you love the floorboards on our second floor!!!  Some are 20+ inches wide with cracks that let you look down to the first floor)
Two big boxes came in today from Pinecreek Traditions.....that I didn't get to open....(sad face)...You have to know that my most fun is when the delivery trucks pull into the parking lot and brings me presents (of course I have to pay for these presents but.....still presents right?)   I will admit I much rather have customers keeping me busy and taking my time away from opening those boxes....tomorrow is another day!
I just took a cream cheese pound cake from the oven....our "treat" for tomorrow's class and some springthyme (herb words again) lemonade with a sprig or two of rose geranium floating around!  (even though Tony just about scalped my rose geranium plant last fall, it is looking healthy and beautiful !!)
We are still having our super duper weather here in PA - tomorrow is suppose to be 73 complaints from me!!!


denise said...

sounds like a winner to me!

Joanne said...

Weather is wonderful isn't it! Have fun in class tomorrow! Love those pockets!

Mad Red Hare said...

I love Pine Creek Traditions merchandise. We carry their stuff at the shop and they do a really good job!

moosecraft said...

Oh my! Leah brought some wonderful goodies! Brown, my favorite color! Love the sewie roll! Have a great Spring day!

Angie said...

wonderful goodies~have a wonderful spring day!!!

ruby begonias said...

Judy, Thanks for visiting w/ us about our Romantic Home's article! Love your shop...a little more primitive than us, but I do so love that look. The cute felt eggs & the mom & baby bunny!!!...too wonderful! Keep in touch! and Happy Spring, we are having a snow storm today! UGH!
Monica Ruby Begonia'S