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Monday, March 8, 2010


My store 10 years ago was in a little town called Morgantown, PA. The store was connected to The Mill Property Antique Mall.....we were at the end of the building and it was a tiny little room with an office that I used as a workshop.    I really loved it there and met so many wonderful friends in that tiny room.  Many still shop with us - and some I have become bestest friends with.   You know how they say you can't go back home.....well I go back home often...and today was one of those days.  Sharon and I went antiquing at the antique mall.   Found some good treasures to take to the store this week too.  BUT - geez....when I go into the room where our old store was...( they now have closed off the outside entrance and broke thru the wall so you can walk in from the antique mall...when we were there we had our own entrance.)  Anyway....what memories flooded me today when I visited that is SO VERY HARD to believe our store was is so small...but back then I thought it was BIG !!  I stood in the room and remembered how horrid it was when we rented it and how hard Tony and I worked to make it great....and you know....I do think it was great.   Nine years we did business there until we knew we needed to grow.   I tried to keep both stores open...(that lasted 9 months) - dear me that was not fun at all!  I will admit I was a bit homesick for a minute or two with so many wonderful memories tugging at me.  
Today was a fun day...we had a nice lunch at a nearby tea room...and then went to Michael's ....I HAVE TO STAY OUT OF THAT PLACE !!!!


Holly Hills Primitives said...

Hi Judy. I know what you mean! I started out in a TINY little building, but I thought it was the greatest little building ever. Sometimes I miss that too. Can't wait to see pictures of your finds, Dawn

Joanne said...

I remember the Cinnamon Stick in Morgantown! Used to shop there all the time!Must have looked really different to you now!

Barbara said...

Oh Judy, I sure remember your little shop in Morgantown. I didn't get to go as often as I wouldn've liked, but when I went, I loved it. And I certainly enjoyed my visits with you. Blessings

Karen/My Colonial Home said...

Memories are good Judy...they also make us appreciate what we had and what WE NOW HAVE...
Glad you get to go back and see the place.

Janet - underthewillow said...

a stroll down memory lane is bittersweet indeed....sounds like you had a really nice day!


Tomatoe Creek Prims said...

Memories are great aren't they? Sure wish I could visit your store that you have now...what a treat that would be:)