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Wednesday, February 17, 2010


I just had to take a picture of the icicles hanging from the building....this is the rear entrance from the parking lot....the front looks the same but we are tooooooo close to the street to take a safe picture with the snow drifts! Every morning I have to knock the icicles down from hanging over the porch where you come in - or someone might just get "zonked". On a "brighter" spring ribbons arrived this morning and up popped some potted tulips...welcoming spring to THE CINNAMON STICK!!
I have felt "out of sorts" these last couple weeks....taking tests for a mystery pain....doing all the doctorly things that I always put off ....eye doctor appointments to follow up those silly floaters....etc....and I am HAPPY to report....everything is A-OK and that silly mystery annoyance is just a pulled muscle! Guess I should have expected that with all the shoving and pushing and lifting I do in this business. (4 heavy boxes of candles carried to the second floor today)...yeah that kind of stuff !! So being reminded today I am not in my 20's, or 30's, or 40's....anymore... alright...or my 50's....that I have to be more thoughtful of the way I lift and stretch and all that kind of stuff.....boring huh!!
On another "brighter" note - lots of boxes arrived today with wonderful treasures for Spring Open House - I am excited to share with you all the wonderful finds and handmade goodies we have gathered! (and I emptied them little by little and carried them to the basement shelves). (that was after the boxes of candles went upstairs... yi yi yi - I may never learn)


Carmen The Olde FarmHouse Road said...

The icicles are absoluetly beautiful! But yes I would hate for some one to get zonked by one of those, OMG!!Dangerous..but Lovely pics!

Janet - underthewillow said...

Hi Judy!....the icicles look awesome but not good for the head!....even though I am not anxious for the seasons to change, I must admit that it's fun to get new things in the shoppe.

It's good to hear that your pain is nothing more than muscle pain....just take it a little slower with the heavy stuff!


Liz Revit said...

Love the potted tulips. If only spring would arrive soon!

Carmen C. said...

Those tulips look WONDERFUL following those icicles! I'm in NW Pa and ours are that long too...UGH!

cathie said...

So good to hear about your clean bill of health! Maybe your overworked muscle is suggesting you slow down...just a tiny bit? Perhaps some delicious goodies from the bakery, with coffee, could tempt you to pause?...if only for a second?
Thanks for the Springthyme pics.

Karen/My Colonial Home said...

Oh fun, fun, fun! I love getting packages from vendors I ordered from...sometimes I can't remember what I bought so it's a surprise to me when I open it.

Great gathering of icicles there kiddo....very cold looking too.