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Sunday, January 3, 2010


(feathers came from Turkey Hollow - Barb collects and shares)
Monday and Tuesday has been my weekend days for longer than I can remember. Rarely do I take off on a Saturday or Sunday - I see more customers then and like to be at the store to greet new ones and catch up with the regulars! One of the perks of being a storekeeper - people! So what am I going to do with my weekend?? Design a Valentine on hearts and more hearts for the to purchase fabric in Morgantown, PA where there are so many choices ! Maybe stop in the antique mall next to where the olde store was and see what is happening there since I will be in the area - that should take care of Monday what to do in the afternoon.....(only kidding) !! It will just feel good to be home without having to be somewhere else if you know what I mean. Back to a "normal" routine !!
I belong to an ornament exchange with 6 other girls ( 5 of them make items for the store) that we wait till Martin Luther King's birthday to have....we are ALL so busy creating and working before the holidays that we can have fun creating something NEW afterwards (we each make 6 of the same ornies and give each gal one) We have it at Brenda's house (she is the only one who will keep her Christmas up till then - and what a wonderfully decorated house to have our exchange (she also makes the bestest lunch) - Brenda is a collector of EVERYTHING in all shades of can see some of her house in these pictures from last year...

I am not sure exactly what I am going to make yet.....gotta go "surfing" for some good ideas.... Hope your weekend was fine.....thinking mine is going to be very busy...!!


Janet - underthewillow said...

Have fun with your weekend doing whatever it is you decide to do!


Linda* ~ TheKeepingroom said...

I know what you mean your weekend. My shop is open Sat and Sun too, so I look forward to Mon and Tues as well....sometimes I have to remind myself that it's not really the weekend. Kinda nice to be out and about when others are at work, much less traffic and fewer crowds!

Tomatoe Creek Prims said...

Enjoy your weekend...I worked yesterday and today so will enjoy being off until Thursday:)

denise said...

that sounds like so much fun! lucky you. enjoy!!!

Judy said...

What fun you gals have! I love the dollies they are holding up in the picture. Is there a pattern for those?
Many Blessings~Judy

Angie Berry said...

I really wish I lived closer to your store! I am an Abe fan. In fact, my whole family is. So this is the year I am turning my living room into a primitive patriotic room with an Abe tribute. I'm really excited to get going on it and have already purchased quite a few things for it. I love the pillows! Very neat idea!