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Tuesday, January 5, 2010


Back to work tomorrow - sitting here wondering what I did on my "weekend" days off! I did sew many, many hearts...stuffed about 6 and then ran out of fiber-fill..(replaced that today for stuffing in the morning) I went and bought wayyyyy too much fabric - but when you can't make up your mind which designs you want - you just have to buy it all! I have spent two days, off and on, working on a goodies for a Valentine Workshop - almost ready to take the pictures to put in our Class Schedule Album.
I love Valentine's is a day filled with lots of love and sweetness. A day where you can let ANYONE know that you care about them - with just alittle piece of paper - and to some that might mean more than you know. Of course "CHOCOLATES" says something too !!!!
Do you have a Valentine Tree??? Just take a branch from outside, stick it in a pot and decorate it with olde fashion Valentines...or better yet make your own...or BETTER yet - come to THE CINNAMON STICK for lots of goodies to hang on your tree !! We have handmade paper heart garlands, vintage Valentines and if you take our Valentine Workshop you will have some fun things to put on your tree or give as tokens of love or appreciation!!!


Barbara said...

Lord Have Mercy Judy! I always think of warm things when I think of Valentines, but it's soooo cold here, I can't think of anything but a frozen 'heartcicle'...BRRRR
Stay warm...Blessings

Holly Hills Primitives said...

Oh Judy, can't wait to see what you have up your sleeve this time! Dawn

Ginny said...

Keep us posted on the classes, sounds like a good idea, I have never been into decorating for Valentine's Day, but you just never know!!

Angie Berry said...

Why, yes... I do have a Valentine tree! It's my year round holiday tree. I'm getting ready to decorate it soon. I wish I lived closer so I could check out your paper heart garlands and vintage valentines! I have been searching for vintage valentines, but they are always so expensive. I think I finally found some on a website that Martha Stewart uses for her vintage craft supplies!! I would so love to check out yours, though.