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Tuesday, January 19, 2010


I am working hard today to catch up with everything that I just "let go" the past few days. ( well not the house cleaning...YUCK!) Saturday is our Valentine class and I had much to do to get ready for it....I am back on track (the printer is printing away...I expect to see it "smoking" any minute....LOL!!)
I went shopping AGAIN at ACMoore Crafts and found the neatest doily just does the edges...just like the paper is a Martha of course!! I love paper doilies...they brighten up no matter where you use them. I have them for every season - and plain ones too. Right now I have red and pink hearts to use on my cookie plates and under a little butter pat holding cinnamon hearts. I am goofy - I know...I just love to play!!!
Are you thinking spring??? I am having a hard time NOT thinking spring but don't want to rush the season or everyone will be tired of it before it gets here.... I am so ready to go purchase some daffodils...or hyacinths ( my Mom's favorite flower)...did you visit QUAINT & PLAIN'S blog....she already has daffies and hyacinths brightening her home. I am jealous. I just might have to copy!!!!
Maybe I need to start working on some peeps !!!


Angie Berry said...

Loving those pocket hearts-- they are adorable! They would be perfect for my holiday tree.

I wish we had ACMoore Crafts store. Sounds like a neat place! I'm a lover of doilies... paper and fabric! I work at Hobby Lobby and we always have them left over after Valentine's Day, so I load up on them! I use them on my cookie trays also. So much fun!

Have a delightful day~

Linda said...

Hi Judy......I read and enjoy your blog all of the time but I must confess I haven't commented yet.
I am anxiously awaiting a surprise from your sweet friend Barbara since I was the lucky winner of her drawing that she had on her Picture Trail.
And, I must tell you that I found her blog through you!
Have a good week!

Holly Hills Primitives said...

You're right, spring will get here in her own good time. I want to do the store all in spring, but I'm really TRYING to pace myself. Have a good ($$$$) week, Dawn

Joanne said...

Ah Spring - can't wait! Isn't fun when something like a "doily stamp" can bring a smile! We need more smiles int he world!

Karen/My Colonial Home said...

I love the heart pockets!
I used to 'stamp' but haven't for a couple years.

Enjoy your class Judy.

P.S. thanks so much for visiting and commenting on my blog...Doug is doing great. Sore but great.


Notes from the Homestead said...

I'm thinkin Spring too! All I've been doing is Spring cleaning and I can't wait to start putting out bunnies and Spring decor! When will your Etsy shop be open? I would love to check out your Valentine wares!!