We are now located on the Lower Level in Morgantown Market. A 90 dealer co-op that is just amazing!!
Open every day - 10 am to 5 pm
2940 Main Street, Morgantown, PA 19543

Saturday, January 30, 2010


Cherry flavored Chocolate covered Pretzels.... these are addicting and oh so pretty !! What a nice gift for your sweeties - young and old!!
It is bitter cold in PA....BUT we didn't get the snow that was coming stayed south of us...and I am very happy about that.
Tomorrow morning, very early, I go to see my two grandsons Evan - 9 and Grayden - 8 play Lacrosse - they will be playing against each other.....yikes.....guess I can stand right in the middle....!!! I don't ususally get to see the games as the weekends I am working and only Tony can go...but this game is early and I don't open till noon - and I get to see them both in ACTION !!
The store was a bit quiet for a Saturday....hoping it was the cold weather that had something to do with it....BUT those that did come....bought Valentines and spring sprigs!! Never too soon for SPRING !!!

Friday, January 29, 2010


The sun is cheerful and bright this morning but quite deceiving, as when I walked outside....BRRRRRRRR - it is so very cold !! All I can think of is that heater never turning off. Our store is in a wonderful olde building with all stone walls, olde wooden floors and lots of windows...BUT no insulation....!!!! Many little cracks and crevices for that cold wind to find. Shivering as I think about it!
Not sure if you can decipher what the Love Tokens are.....Brenda (altered art artist) made these for the store. When we had our "ornament exchange" on Martin Luther King's birthday (we have it then every year as we are too busy before Christmas)...(also I couldn't go as it was my brothers funeral)... off track sorry....Well...Brenda hosts the exchange at her home and always make a delicious lunch and each person gets a place setting gift. This is what she made us only with a silver heart. For Valentine's Day she made them with red glitter... crowns and wings - the base is a very olde drawer pull. They are in the store now for sale fro $12......and they fit perfectly under our little cloches (the cloches are exclusive to The Cinnamon Stick) !!
Best be on my way to brave the cold......have a nice day everyone !!!

Thursday, January 28, 2010


Guess this is what I get for putting those pretty "posies" in the store yesterday....YI YI YI ....!!!
It is so-o-o-o cold and WET !! Still snowing as I type, but I don't think it will be anything major. So off to work soon I will go (to put more "posies" in ) Oh how I love to tempt fate !!! Have a good day - I am going to play all day (many boxes arrived yesterday and lots of work to do) !!

PS - I also put all the snowmen and winter related goodies into hibernation till next this is my own fault !

Tuesday, January 26, 2010

EARLY SPRING .... read that is going to be an "Early Spring" at THE CINNAMON STICK. The store looks very barren and really needs to get some "sparkle" the only way I know how to do that is to "Welcome Spring".....if we can't have it outside at least we can enjoy it inside!!
Today I picked up some really nice candle rings and wreaths, twig baskets and birch wreaths from a local floral warehouse. I know my floral order from the Phila. Trade Show will be delivered tomorrow at the store....the shipment of French Lavender arrived last I am thinking displaying all this will help my "mood" in the store! Don't worry....there are lots of Valentine gifts yet to purchase - I will just make one big display with them.
On my way home I stopped at my favorite candy store in Pennsburg - Gardner's Candies. I just adore Kathy the owner - she is NEVER down and always so much fun to talk with. Her store is awesome and filled with lots of LOVE !!! Valentine's Day is a big day in the candy store. I purchased some peanut butter hearts and jelly hearts....(her jelly hearts are the absolute best) ...and Kathy's packaging is really "heartspun" !!

Saturday, January 23, 2010


Above is a picture of two of the girls that came for our Valentine Workshop today...They decorated the front and backs of their "take-home" bag. (I think the girls have as much fun decorating the bags as they do making the projects) I didn't get enough pictures of all the "treasures" the girls in the class were making - first I forgot to bring my camera up to the Attic Studio and then the class just ran long.....(just took longer than I expected) so I had to "relieve" my worker (Tony) as the girls "embellished their handcrafts! If you go to our PT you will see all the pictures I did get to take.
Paper art is messy....but oh so much fun !!!
Thinking of doing another class if anyone is interested....just email me!!!

Thursday, January 21, 2010


Today I received a PINK Hyacinth from my friend Cathie (....and a Blueberry Danish) - Cathie passes a wonderful Bakery on her way to visit the store and ALWAYS brings me something "delish" to munch on. She read my blog and decided to cheer me up and make another "wishful" thinking come true....I have the bestest friends!!
The Hyacinth is on the counter next to my "daffies" and it has totally made me THINK SPRING - your mind drinks up the scents and dreams of buds and blossoms and new leaves unfurling on bushes and trees....It actually made me set the date for our Spring/Easter Open House -February 24th !! More on that later - I am still thinking Valentines as we have our class this Saturday and I still have work to do on cleaning the Attic Studio from all the Christmas can't go up there without taking home some "sparkles" !!

Wednesday, January 20, 2010


I GOT DAFFODILS....(well really Narcissus) but Daffies just the same!!! Miss Connie from Log Cabin Primitives paid me a visit today along with her good friend Kathy from American Heritage Shop (they were on their way to the Wholesale Trade Show)...and brought this basket full of spring to me!!! (thank you dear Connie)!! I have been a bit emotional lately and had a hard time holding back those tears! We had a nice visit - Kathy's store was in the olde Judd House in Connecticut and tales of "spirited" friends were exchanged....woohoo!!
Another fun surprised was a visit from Vicki and her daughter Julianne from Farmer's Field....a primitive store about 45 min. from us. I had never met them as our hours are the same - but we have sent customers to each other. Their heat was OFF so while it was being fixed they decided to come meet to share with other storekeepers!
AND then....Laurie from Gatherings in Colorado stopped in too - I hadn't seen her for over a year cause she closed her store....she couldn't stand not having it...reopened in the exact same spot she was in before....I am delighted for her and I know her customers are too! Best to you Laurie!
Gosh I needed this fun filled, sharing day - who would I be without the store???? I hope I never have to find out!!!!!

Tuesday, January 19, 2010


I am working hard today to catch up with everything that I just "let go" the past few days. ( well not the house cleaning...YUCK!) Saturday is our Valentine class and I had much to do to get ready for it....I am back on track (the printer is printing away...I expect to see it "smoking" any minute....LOL!!)
I went shopping AGAIN at ACMoore Crafts and found the neatest doily just does the edges...just like the paper is a Martha of course!! I love paper doilies...they brighten up no matter where you use them. I have them for every season - and plain ones too. Right now I have red and pink hearts to use on my cookie plates and under a little butter pat holding cinnamon hearts. I am goofy - I know...I just love to play!!!
Are you thinking spring??? I am having a hard time NOT thinking spring but don't want to rush the season or everyone will be tired of it before it gets here.... I am so ready to go purchase some daffodils...or hyacinths ( my Mom's favorite flower)...did you visit QUAINT & PLAIN'S blog....she already has daffies and hyacinths brightening her home. I am jealous. I just might have to copy!!!!
Maybe I need to start working on some peeps !!!

Monday, January 18, 2010


XOXOXOXOXOXOXO - thank you guys for all the love and comfort - it was truly heartfelt.
Tony and I went to the Phila. Gift Show yesterday and found some fun new items for the store. Not even gonna tell as we want you to stop in every week just to see what is NEW !!! Totally hard not to spend tons of money and although I tried to be a bit cautious I WAS NOT. Hey you can't sell from empty cupboards - right!
I will spill the beans on new Valentine pretzels that should be in by the end of the week. Cherry flavored and really, really good....(Pumpkin for fall....oh my!!!!)
Although I really despise rushing the seasons....spring cannot come soon enough and it is only the middle of January. (big sigh).....not sure how long I can "hold-out" not putting some "spring in my step" at the store. ...but for right now we have lots of LOVE going on with hearts of all kinds.
Still a few spaces open for our Rock~~Paper~~Scissors Valentine workshop...promises to be fun!

Friday, January 15, 2010


These days are long...just waiting for everything to take it's place. The outpouring of prayers and love from all of you has helped so much. For those of you who are going thru this pain with your own loved ones...know that I am praying for you too.
I am at the age where these "things" start happening....stinks! Finding out a classmate has passed on - or a friends Mother...all part of life but boy is it ever hard.

So for now I am coming here to celebrate LIFE....(my brother insisted on getting buried in his golf clothes - I don't know if I can even stand it...LOL!!) He loved playing golf and won many "amateur" trophies....his wife and children will do his bidding. (we are Irish what can I say)!!

The store has been busy this week....much appreciated...Valentine's Day seems to have "caught" on - the store is filled with hearts and cupids and just cool stuff. New candles scents have arrived and new STAR tart melters....AND new tin Tart Burners !! Some farmhouse prints on canvas, and new baskets too. (if I ever get them priced and displayed) Sunday I go to the Phildadelphia Gift show to see what new goodies I can find....(I need to keep busy)....Kelly will be working the should stop in and say hello !!!

Thursday, January 14, 2010


My brother passed away this morning at 6:06 am....joining the family that I am sure were waiting for him at heaven's door.
I can't express my love for all of you for your care and concern and kind sentiments for my family. It means more than you could ever realize.
When I became a "blogger" it was something I wasn't so sure I would like.....I guess you can tell I love blogging, reading others blogs and finding new ones. The network of friendships I have made are beyond anything "non-bloggers" could ever understand - AND when a kind word or hug is needed, your "friends" certainly are there for you. I wish I could meet everyone of you in person.
It will be a long few days as arrangements get set in motion - my brother has left a wife of 39 years and two wonderful sons....again ...thank you for your love ...Life goes on....Judy

Wednesday, January 13, 2010


My brother has pancreatic cancer...and is in his final moments - he is 60 yrs. olde. I am finding it so very hard to contemplate not having him. I am the oldest of our family of five....Mother and Father have passed and it just doesn't seem right that I am losing my brother. He has put up a good fight and I am so proud of him. Not much in the blogging mood right now....but I will be back - life goes on...Judy

Monday, January 11, 2010


Shopping at the Antique Mall (one mile North of our store) I saw this wonderful olde button (well really it is for "snaps") display tin. I really fell in love with it....don't ask why just some things "hit" you and you just "gotta have it" !! Well - it was alot of money for the condition it was in so I just sort of TRIED to forget about it....I couldn't - and went back the following week and said "if it was still there it was MINE"....and it is MINE !! Tony worked on cleaning it up and making the tin drawers open and close - most are great ...just one giving me alittle trouble but it still works. I am going to fill the drawers with "buttons for sale". I have buttons and more buttons and more buttons - whatever am I to do with them now has been answered....FOR SALE! For years upon years we have purchased olde jars and many are filled with I have many. There are eight drawers and I will color code the buttons in them. I am sorting some in our attic studio everytime I go up there. (I have asked the "spirits" for some help but so far that hasn't happened) The size of the drawers are "slightly" graduated so I have to make "tags" for each drawer - a couple weeks ago I purchased (with my A.C. Moore coupon) a Fiskers Portable cutter - I LOVE IT !! Just like a paper cutter but small and so much easier to use than my big paper cutter...much easier to measure with! Now I want one for home. Maybe today I can buy one as Sharon and I are taking a FUN day out shopping - ALL DAY! If I get one I will take a picture and share so if you don't already have one you might want to invest...$20 and 40% coupon makes it well worth the money!
In the background of the pictures is the "now" infamous candy counter - rightfully named MISS WIGGLESWORTH CANDY COUNTER - patiently waiting for the Valentine candy to arrive this coming week!

Sunday, January 10, 2010


The Paranormal people came last night with their FULL report....some good stuff was "captured" on their recording devices. I have a written report but much was (in their words)
inconclusive - they WANT to come back when they can spend more time (inclement weather -snowstorm- only allowed them to stay for 1 1/2 hours...they like to stay for 4-5 during the wee hours of the morning. Words were heard...I have a disc of the questions asked and RESPONSES....also of a door closing on the first floor (only one door in this room and that is the basement door which has an olde slateboard hanging on it that also bangs when the door is closed..the door is on spring type hinges and closes automatically after being opened )....we did not hear the slateboard banging....the front and back doors have BELLS on them that RING whenever opened or shut! No one was in the store at the time of the door closing (they were in the Hereford Hotel across the street where they also had equipment set up) There are published accounts of the activity that goes on in the Hotel....they are also the owners of our building. thing that I told them was about the drawers on my candy counter - antique card catalog table from a library 9 feet long - with 30 drawers (15 over 15) that I keep candy in for sale. Many mornings when I come into the store some or all the drawers are closed....I keep them open. they set up a video camera but nothing happened. However when they were in the basement (3 women) also 3 men in the attic...then they traded places (I have NEVER had any experiences in the basement and did not know they were going down there - I left a mess) Anyway the men got nothing when they were in the basement.. ..the women got lots of action....heavy breathing (bit it did not record) They had a machine that lit up when forceful energy was there. They asked many questions (all on the disc) and got responses with the lights...but when they asked if this person was the one who closed the drawers on the candy counter the machine really lit up and was can hear the response of the women....all excited saying wasn't till later in the evening that the "door closing" was heard - when no one was in the store... I do think it was one of the candy drawers being shut.....I am going to close one of the drawers when I go to the store to see if that is the same sound. FUN! There is lots more...words - answers to questions - and very distinguishable - very exciting.
After everyone left (Kay from the store next to ours HOMESPUN stayed too to hear)...the store was very dark and I was there did feel a bit "creepy" !!
I have to go to the store now to WORK I will tell you more later. What a unique experience this is!

Thursday, January 7, 2010


Above is a picture of the four projects we will be making in our next class for Valentine's Day..
Rock - Embellishments
Paper - Substance
Scissors - Tools
Made from paper with stickers, lace and paper hearts....this "door-knob" hanger is perfect to hang on a loved ones door filled to the brim with candy or treats.

A paper basket with pretty embellishments with more sweets - a nice gift for someone special.

"Truffle Box"....we will make this octagon shaped box to fill with delicious "truffles" !! Yummy!!

...and Valentine's Day is not complete with out a Valentine Card.....we will make the card and the envelope to put it in.....there are many different papers and colors so creativity is on the menu! We even have a surprise project to make with our "scraps" !!! Check our Class Schedule Album at for date and costs. I promise you will have fun if you join us~~~~

Wednesday, January 6, 2010


The store was VERY quiet today and I truly spent the day "playing" in the attic studio...making all the samples for our next class. Hoping to get pictures taken tomorrow (I need to find some truffles) and then I will post them in our Class Schedule Album on our PT (and maybe here too) !! Valentine's Day is a "fru-fru" holiday - all lacy and ribbony - and lots of fun!!

Tuesday, January 5, 2010


Back to work tomorrow - sitting here wondering what I did on my "weekend" days off! I did sew many, many hearts...stuffed about 6 and then ran out of fiber-fill..(replaced that today for stuffing in the morning) I went and bought wayyyyy too much fabric - but when you can't make up your mind which designs you want - you just have to buy it all! I have spent two days, off and on, working on a goodies for a Valentine Workshop - almost ready to take the pictures to put in our Class Schedule Album.
I love Valentine's is a day filled with lots of love and sweetness. A day where you can let ANYONE know that you care about them - with just alittle piece of paper - and to some that might mean more than you know. Of course "CHOCOLATES" says something too !!!!
Do you have a Valentine Tree??? Just take a branch from outside, stick it in a pot and decorate it with olde fashion Valentines...or better yet make your own...or BETTER yet - come to THE CINNAMON STICK for lots of goodies to hang on your tree !! We have handmade paper heart garlands, vintage Valentines and if you take our Valentine Workshop you will have some fun things to put on your tree or give as tokens of love or appreciation!!!

Sunday, January 3, 2010


(feathers came from Turkey Hollow - Barb collects and shares)
Monday and Tuesday has been my weekend days for longer than I can remember. Rarely do I take off on a Saturday or Sunday - I see more customers then and like to be at the store to greet new ones and catch up with the regulars! One of the perks of being a storekeeper - people! So what am I going to do with my weekend?? Design a Valentine on hearts and more hearts for the to purchase fabric in Morgantown, PA where there are so many choices ! Maybe stop in the antique mall next to where the olde store was and see what is happening there since I will be in the area - that should take care of Monday what to do in the afternoon.....(only kidding) !! It will just feel good to be home without having to be somewhere else if you know what I mean. Back to a "normal" routine !!
I belong to an ornament exchange with 6 other girls ( 5 of them make items for the store) that we wait till Martin Luther King's birthday to have....we are ALL so busy creating and working before the holidays that we can have fun creating something NEW afterwards (we each make 6 of the same ornies and give each gal one) We have it at Brenda's house (she is the only one who will keep her Christmas up till then - and what a wonderfully decorated house to have our exchange (she also makes the bestest lunch) - Brenda is a collector of EVERYTHING in all shades of can see some of her house in these pictures from last year...

I am not sure exactly what I am going to make yet.....gotta go "surfing" for some good ideas.... Hope your weekend was fine.....thinking mine is going to be very busy...!!

Friday, January 1, 2010


New to the store 1/2/10
#1 - To be nice and not gossip!
#2 - To THINK before I speak! (gosh that is hard as I am someone who "wears" my feelings on the outside!)
#3 - To clean the windows in the store (that one is for you Barb!) (private joke) !!
#4 - To be better organized with everything!
#5 - To advertise the store more and make a bigger effort to get "new" business!
#6 - To ALWAYS be true to who The Cinnamon Stick is and make it work!
#7 - To make something new for the store every day!
Okay...that is it for now...(I am sure Tony would add a few items to this list but's my list!) I am sure I will find more to add later.
I am trying to clean my whole house before friends come for dinner....and pinnacle (girls against the guys)
Hmmmm.....maybe that should be #8 - Be a better housekeeper........hmmmm...naw - !!!