We are now located on the Lower Level in Morgantown Market. A 90 dealer co-op that is just amazing!!
Open every day - 10 am to 5 pm
2940 Main Street, Morgantown, PA 19543

Thursday, December 30, 2010


...well, there is glitter, fake snow and dead pine needles in the cracks of the floor, top of cupboards and inside old get the idea...However,  the Christmas fabric is all nicely folded and put aside for next year - the paper chains are taken down but I left the tree up - I love the tree and will fill it with Valentine hearts and little "love notes" !  I apologized to everyone who came in cause the store really looks horrid.  All the display pieces need to be polished and new fabric put down - I have a few snowmen I can leave out for awhile but other then the "hearts" I am working on, the shelves are quite bare.  Hoping our "artist gals" are over Christmas and ready to create for Valentine's Day.....and  A much needed shopping trip is on the agenda... everyone knows I LOVE TO SHOP! 

Today I opened an account for "craft supplies" for the Make-Do Room - I am really excited as I ordered the most wonderful "scissors" that we will sell - everyone who has taken our classes falls in love with - and lots of other great items.   I am hoping it won't take too long to get everything.  I have no patience...sigh!

Wednesday, December 29, 2010


That is how I feel about the Christmas decor still hanging in the has to GO!   Wish I could enjoy Christmas after the fact but just not that kind of gal.   I cleared the back porch today and removed all the fresh (dead) greens from the porch posts - Miss Holly Wintertree has gone to visit other friends as it was just too cold and windy here for her.....wouldn't be so bad if the wind wasn't blowing and making it feel like zero degrees.   (complain- complain) !!!  Now to get to the inside.....I hesitate cause I know the store will look so "boring" once the Christmas is in the "off" time I am sewing and stuffing beautiful Valentine hearts...some in red velvet with cotton stuffing - so vintage looking and some deep dark brown rich and snobby looking....(saving one for you Miss Connie....not a "snobby" one though) ...big hearts, little hearts, homespun hearts and paper hearts..all yet to be made...!!!
I worked on the Make-Do room a bit today...tweaking....I think I will be "tweaking" for quite awhile till I get it right!

Tuesday, December 28, 2010


...of the Make-Do Room......I took lots of pictures but  (laughing at myself) it looks so "empty" !!  I have lots and lots of  "ideas" to fill this room - it is just going to take a bit of "time"  (and money) !!  Surely it will grow and grow and we hope you will stop in often to see it!

Back to work tomorrow - it has been a nice vacation....I moved the candles, notecards and lampshades....rearranged the "Tattered Pages" section and got everything "redone" upstairs except the antique/garden room. That room is still a bit under the weather - once the Christmas is all away I will get it spic and span!!! 

Everything will keep "evolving" as I find little "nuisances" that I will have to change!  But for now it is okay...and exciting to have a new project to work on....

Just looked at all the does look like a shopping trip is due soon.....Trade Shows are coming up so all those empty spaces will be filled up soon!!

Sunday, December 26, 2010


Here are pics of the room I am taking apart and none of this will be back in this room - well maybe a cupboard and the old Singer treadle table and the shelves on top of it....but that is all !
 Looking in from the doorway (this is a small room on the left of a larger room that you walk into when coming up the stairs)
Walking in and turning left ...a barn wood wall that I can hang stuff on...
...the right of this picture is the wall facing the back parking lot... has two windows  and the wall is all stone  (hard to hang on there...:)
 This is the wall to the right of the doorway (barn wood - yeah...I can hang stuff on it)  - must not have gotten a picture of the far wall but you can see it in the first picture - also stone with a window.
 ...and looking back out the door way !!  It is a small room but I think what we want to do in here it will be just the right size.

It looks COMPLETELY different now.....Tony and I emptied the room - can't wait to show you the new "MAKE-DO ROOM"  (of course in doing that EVERYTHING ELSE HAS TO BE COMPLETELY REDONE TOO!!!!) 
I love changing things around and so far what I visioned is turning out....(well a few little "it's" had to be tweaked but nothing major YET) !!!
(it is snowing here and I am not happy about that - it could be a major storm and that will just stop me in my tracks and I am on such a roll - sigh)

Saturday, December 25, 2010


This is what Christmas is all about for us...
 My son's family....Anthony, Grayden(Champ) Kennedy and Blakely  and "one due July 31st"!!!
 My daughter's family - Evan, Breck, Cullen and Crew (no more coming!!!)
(thought I should explain....Merry CLIFFmas ( the Phillies just resigned Cliff Lee - my daughter's last name is now LOTZ and of course HALLADAY does not need any intros if you are a Philly fan!!!!)

 I love that brother and sister are close and do things a "surprise" gift to the cousins are tickets to go to a Sixers basketball game together...
...and this is what they will be wearing.  The cousins have much fun together and and the oldest Anthony keeps them in "tow" !!! (he has a new shirt too - just didn't hold it up...teenagers!!)

Hope your Christmas was as perfect as ours.....!!!

Friday, December 24, 2010

Thursday, December 23, 2010


Thanks to everyone who gave me such wonderful suggestions... I know that it is hard not knowing my personality and especially those who have never been to the store.   BUT I HAVE A WINNER....!!!

I just came up to the computer late (cooking potatoes to make potato salad ...desperately trying to find my Cheese Pie recipe among other morning duties) so I am in a bit of hurry but wanted to check in to see if any "new" ideas came my way.....AND as soon as I read it (*and she gave me lots to choose from) I found the PERFECT name for this new room!!!  The 'MAKE-DO" is perfect....just perfect.....easy to say (and so so so much in our store is "make-do" - Tony is an expert at that) and it describes how this room will be to the "T" !!!   Now I am SO excited to get started on it....(I already started taking the lampshades from that room)  I am such an impatient silly nilly!!!  AND I have already changed where the candles are going to be....(for almost 44 years Tony has put up with this from me - poor guy) !!!

Oh yeah forgot (big smile)....SHARON  from is the winner ...and since she is close enough to visit the store (New Jersey) our reward to her is a $25. Gift Certficate !!!  Sharon yours is "one of those blogs" that I can't get on so I will send you an email for your address!!!   Gonna go change the name on my PT right now...I am very happy girlfriends - thank you!!!

Wednesday, December 22, 2010


I NEED SOME HELP!!  After the holidays we are changing a room around on the second floor that now has our candles and stationery  - candle holders, tart warmers etc....and making it into (....this is the best description I can give right now):

***A mixture of "modern vintage" wares for you to create one of a kind treasures! We will have ribbons, buttons, trinkets (old and new) and specialty fabrics not available locally.  All the items we use to "create" some of our one of a kind wares and in our classes!

This room will grow gradually as we discover what best suits our customers needs...we have opened many doors to sell many things so come let us know what you would be interested in!!

NOW WHAT DO I CALL THIS ROOM????  I am someone who names EVERYTHING....AND I started to call it the "ARTIST NOOK" - however, Susan from Henny Penny's Country Store ( visited today (what a special treat that was - I talked her head off and wouldn't let her leave) !! and thought the name was "misleading" and now I have to agree with her.    So where else to go when the brain is empty???? my blog friends....any good ideas....????? Please list them here...if I choose yours...something special could come your way!!

The room is smallish and will most likely fill up with small flea market finds (game pieces, emphera, music sheets) to use in crafting and new/vintage ribbons and fabric, distress inks, scissors, rubber stamps!!   H * E * L * P  !!!!!

Tuesday, December 21, 2010

I DID IT...!!!

Vintage Postcard from The Graphics Fairy..

I am all ready....all the gifts are bought, wrapped and ready to deliver!   What a great feeling.....Now I can play!   Of course I have food to make but that isn't till Thursday  for Christmas Eve (and every ingredient is in my kitchen - no running out at the last minute) !!

Tomorrow supplies are arriving at the store for our "new room"...the Artist Nook - I will tell you all about it as we start work on it.....lots of moving furniture and redoing one room means you REDO two others !!  I am excited though...change is always good and new adventures are even better....!!!

Hope you can "Brag" along with me and have everything ready for Christmas morn!
Be Merry!!!

Monday, December 20, 2010


Thought I would share a picture of my antique goose feather has lost it's top branch (so Tony made me a star - many years ago) and the composition berries are almost all gone - but it still adds lots of JOY to our kitchen windowsill.  This year I decided to dress it in lots of the little Santa's that I have collected...most of these are from the early 80's...all are hand made and some by a friend who has passed on.  I cherish every folkart piece I have from her.
I have to admit to being "decorated out" and haven't really decorated much - my visions are redoing the store next week - I am one of those...when Christmas is over it is OVER...I so enjoy the build-up, the shopping and even the wrapping - (which didn't get done today for reasons beyond my control) No Paper...No Car...tomorrow is another day...not panicking yet...(big smile)!!!

Sunday, December 19, 2010


This picture says it all.....The Angel Chair found a new home...and she didn't even know I had a blog....(big smile) friend Joanne and I just stood there with these big "surprised" eyes when Malissa said she had to have that chair!!!  (Joanne had been on the blog earlier this morning and saw my post...) Too funny !  Hmmmmm...what else has been around for awhile - I should post a picture here!!!  (devilish smile)

I have to share with you the wonderful Christmas gifts I received from Joanne today....I was so surprised when she came into the store "bearing gifts"....Knowing I would LOVE this wonderful old stool (I love it so much) she decided to gift it to me instead of keeping it (a yard sale find this summer while she was on her daily walk) (the story is too long to tell here...LOL!!)

Not only that - look what she hooked to go on top (Joanne...I LOVE LOVE LOVE IT).... a "stool" pad ! ( red is much darker than what it shows....more like the next picture) - I love the hand-dyed wools she used!
 and not only that...she gave me a gingerbread boy (made by Teresa - Seamstress of Blackstone )- to add to my gingerbread collection !!

Needless to say, today was a really fun day - (and the store was busy too!!)  
Now I have two days off to get everything ready for Christmas Eve...that is when we celebrate with my kids and their in-laws - one big family celebration !!!   Having all the little grands we let them open their gifts from us Christmas Eve...takes some of the hassle out of Christmas Day (when we all just have a day where we visit family - to see what "Santa" brought and no big dinners to fuss over) AND the little ones get some of the excitement of "present opening" that night too.
Hoping you are ready...tomorrow I wrap and wrap and wrap and wrap .......


No one has purchased this wonderful old child's is one of my favorite things in the store and I have had lots of fun changing the displays on it....but still - I wonder why no one sees all the charm I see in it ????
Angels seem to have "fallen" out of grace lately (sad face) - Santa's are making a bit of a comeback but Snowmen have certainly reigned for being the most popular holiday decoration here at THE CINNAMON STICK  for the past few years.
I have many, many angels...I love all kinds...and am especially attracted to the wings.  Did you ever notice that angel "wings" of the "handmade" kind - come in all different shapes, sizes and materials!  I have angels with tin wings, wooden wings, fabric wings in cheesecloth, muslin, homespun and wool.....wings that are made of wire and even paper wings.   Every year I find Christmas angels with "new" wings to add to my collection.   I do hope "angels" make a HUGE comeback...I believe we need as many angels in our life as we can get!  I know some real live angels too....I call them friends....Merry Christmas to all the "angels" out there!

Thursday, December 16, 2010


How are you?

Your blog hasn't been updated in awhile, so I thought I would drop you a note and let you know you are on my mind.
I hope your holidays are full of warmth and love!

The above was from my dear friend Carolyn - she lives in NJ and I never get to see her enough!
I was just getting to write on here when her email arrived.....good timing!   Can you believe I have had nothing of consequence to say???  Me...nothing to say!!!  It is all that last minute stuff taking up too much space in my head - LOL!!
I have a bunch of friends on a retail blog (from all over the country) and one of the California gals tells us Eastern girls to "Embrace Winter" that is what I am trying to do....but baby it is cold outside!!!  Philly is getting snow right now but it's not suppose to reach the northern suburbs (where I am) - Now Sunday may be a different story.  More snow on the way...I don't hate snow just STOPS me from what I need to do - guess I will be finishing up the shopping tomorrow evening !!
****We do have Newsy News for the New Year....but I will save that for when the items come in!
Finally have decided on the Holiday Hours for the store..."

We will be open Friday, December 24th from 10 am to 2 pm and
                 closed - Sat. and Sunday, December 25th and 26th.....and ready to
                reopen - Wednesday, December 29th - we will be open regular hours that week  - except closed New Year's Day.

We don't do any kind of Christmas sales so it sort of made it easier to close on the 26th as we are only open from 12 to 4 pm.   (yippee...a nice long vacation)....Most likely I will be in the store putting ALL the Christmas away...I am a "before" the fact person and when it is "over" it is OVER !!   Thinking Valentine thoughts already (that is what is filling up my head!!  (big smile)

Of course, thinking holidays,  we are having another Wool Feather Tree Class on January 15th (no snow please!)  these trees are so much fun you can make one for Valentine's Day, Easter, Halloween.....this class is filled already....but Joanne is willing (aren't you Joanne?) to keep them coming!!!

Neat old metal carrier with vintage black paint....!!!
and really beautiful Christmas fill with all kinds of treasures!  The graphics are vintage and so much fun!

Sunday, December 12, 2010


Have you started?  Are you finished?  I make homemade cookies for the store for open house...kept it up until after Thanksgiving and then I was "cookie making out" !!   I need to make pumpkin rolls yet ( I bought one at Walmart and it was delicious) I dare..???  LOL!!  
We just got in the best jams from Castle Creek Farms....we sell their dips and spreads and they are really one of the best on the market.   The jams I got are Cinnamon Apple (of course cinnamon anything) and Cranberry Rosemary.   THEY ARE BOTH DELISH!!   Sprinkled over a block of cream cheese...instant appetizer...served on buttercrisp crackers....festive and tasty!!!
....these make a great gift too...tied with a Christmas ribbon (we have lovely ribbon for sale along with vintage looking gift tags)

....great stocking stuffers....each of the packets has a single serving of "cocoa"  inside - fill gift baskets, stockings or  wrap up a few to give your bank teller, postal server, newspaper carrier.....etc.  $1.50 per packet and one that is fun to receive!
The tea cup is filled with "Christmas Tea" (cinnamon of course) - 75 cents a packet - too cute!!!

.....we also have old-fashioned,  hand dyed muslin sacks with vintage doily to fill with treats!
I think we are a bit "famous" for still carrying "candy sticks" (with the kids and grown-ups)!! - lots of flavors to choose from.  Also in the store, are undyed muslin bags with vintage Christmas transfers on fill with goodies!

These are all - fun - nice - different - inexpensive "I just want you to know I am thinking about you at Christmas" gifts....stop in as we have lots more to offer you!

Thursday, December 9, 2010


I really do love to go "blog hopping" and can lose so many "minutes" (meant to type hours) !!! (big smile) when I get on a roll.....and I find the neatest ideas when I do.....sadly though, my computer will not let me open some blogs that I would visit all the time and some new ones....a friend told me she thought it was the 'BACKGROUNDS" that everyone is downloading on their blogs.....some that I couldn't get into I now can and others I can't (frowning) !!  I suppose it is the protection programs I have on my computer - so if you don't get a "comment" from me - know that I just can't get to read but I will KEEP TRYING! 
Does anyone else have this trouble????


I really enjoy making pillows....they go fast and can be in the store for sale in a blink!  I also love to decorate with pillows tucked here and there in baskets, boxes, on shelves and in the most unusual places - they always brighten up a spot wherever you put them.  No matter if they are big or small, long or squatty - pillows just work for a "reasonable" and fun decorating accessory!  Here are some I did the other day -


Most are made from vintage postcards transferred onto muslin - except of course the forever "white on white" wool snowman favorite this year!
Now I KNOW I have to start working on Valentine's Day....quietly the store will be ready to "redo" in January....this month is going faster than all the rest (slow down December)-  I delight in all the frills of December - bright, shiny Christmas trees, the squeals of grandchildren when they open their presents, the COOKIES and visits with family and friends - I LOVE CHRISTMAS!

Sunday, December 5, 2010


Terri's old and worn angel in a beautiful "velvet" of a kind - and it is for sale at THE CINNAMON STICK!

one potato, two potato, three potato, four...

A grand day yesterday for our "Hot Pocket Day" during our Sleigh Ride Event!   It is so comforting at the end of the day - tired...spent (from yakking so much)...but a real feeling of "comfort and joy" knowing it was a fun day for everyone....just look at Miss Molly Landis-

Now tell me that doesn't say it all....decked out in her Christmas finery to join the party!  Too sweet !  Her two borthers are black labs and wouldn't get dressed up so they couldn't come!!
It was bitter cold outside but that never seems to stop anyone from enjoying their Hot Pockets or cocoa!  I stayed inside where it was toasty warm and let my handsome "elf" deal with the wind and cold!   He is "too sweet" too!!! XO
(coming in from the cold....)

Today is the last day of our if you haven't gotten that "sleigh" stamped - hurry in so you can enter our drawings!   The store is filled with Christmas treasures just waiting for you......

Friday, December 3, 2010


Today was the first day of our Sleigh Ride Event...and it was fun....lots of new faces always makes me happy!  Our special is 10% off all ornaments - along with the chance to win one of 5 gift certificates!!  Tomorrow is our HOT POCKETS DAY....when Mr. Tony entertains you with his charm - his wonderful HOT POCKETS...and some hot cocoa to keep you warm (it is going to be a high of 41 degrees tomorrow....brrrrrrr)!!  Here he is two years ago  (haven't a clue where last year's pictures could be??) This is the back porch but we switched to the front last year....more room to socialize!

and I got him a NEW hat!!!
The term HOT POCKETS comes from an old English tradition in the 1800's, where street vendors would walk the shopping district shouting "HOT POCKETS"....they would be selling "hot baked potatoes" that customers would purchase and put in their pockets to keep their hands warm while shopping....well - I promise to have the store "warm and cozy" for you - Tony promises a delicious baked potato with all the "trimmings" and a nice hot cup of cocoa!  COME JOIN THE FUN!!!

ps.   This will be the first time I ever used the "timer delay" on my oven.....or else I have to get up at 4:30 am....wish me luck that it all goes well !!!

Thursday, December 2, 2010


Some flash mobs are wonderful!!!
I received this in an email this morning...Click and enjoy!!

If this doesn't make your heart sing...nothing will !!!  XOXOXO

Wednesday, December 1, 2010

DECEMBER 1, 2010

Hard to believe this year has only 30 more days in it !!  I just got use to writing 2010 - and soon that will change....(sigh!)  
It rained most of the day today...horrid winds and sidewards rain - gives me a chill just thinking about it.  The evergreens were blowing all over the parking lot - the OPEN flags had to be taken down in fear of "spearing" someone - but the twinkle lights, inside and out, gave a warm, cozy feeling to the store.  I made some warm orange tea for customers and served some Christmas cookies (Archway was the baker) !  Nice friendly talks with those that braved the weather.
I spent most of the day making messes...(I am great at that)...preparing for our Sleigh Ride this weekend.  I started to think about Valentine's Day and quickly dismissed that from my mind....I have to-do lists as long as my arm...with wish lists even longer...but my reality is slowly creeping up on me making me realize that I either have to "shorten" my lists or clone oneself!  YIKES!!  Can you imagine two of me....LOL!!!
Finally Tony took the cornstalks down (pumpkins are stilled lined up though)....hopefully the weather will let him put the spotlights and wreaths up whole neighborhood looks beautiful and then US with nothing shiny or bright outside....(I always have candles in each window so that doesn't count) !
Cheerful new items....
Horace Twinkletoes -- an elf in training!  $29.

Rughooked snowball ornie - $8.

Christmas applique by Terri Leamer...this is so beautiful....colors are amazing and so is the workmanship!

Tuesday, November 30, 2010


...CAUSE it was a "fun" shopping day!!  Which made TUESDAY a very busy workday!  Today I unloaded all the goodies from the van and carried everything to the basement of the store....unboxed and unwrapped lots of new items to start December with a store filled with wonderful new treasures!!!  I finally was able to get the rusty Seraphim angels  (in 3 sizes)...
 ....and the glittered rosehips are back.....we sold out of these and I didn't think I could get more - but here they are....oh so Christmasy!!
 ...and something new (for me anyway)....this window wreath and taper holder.....I am in LOVE with these!!  There is a hook at the top to hang a wreath on - perfect for all the time display!!!
 ....and tin angel stakes....with a pocket to fill with evergreens etc...- I filled this one with angel vine and a wooden candy cane!
There is lots more - so hopefully you will come out this weekend...Friday, Saturday or Sunday for our 5th Annual Sleigh Ride (pretend of course) thru Zionsville and Hereford....details are on our picture trail (click on the snowmen on sidebar) !!   I am just filled to the brim with Christmas spirit  - "I've got "spirit - how about you!!!

Sunday, November 28, 2010


Hey ...just found out that three of these guys will be arriving this coming Thursday, December 2nd.....oh what fun!!   Our Frosty has been quite lonely for such a long time and will just be so surprised when  a couple of his "cousins" pay him a visit....they will be here looking for new homes!   Our Frosty is 5 feet tall, made of tin roofing, handcut, handpainted and sealed !  He has been with us for a very long time and now the "creators" have 3 more for us to find new homes for.    Not exactly sure yet what side of the family these "cousins" resemble but I am sure they will be just adorable.
...there must have been some magic in that old top hat we found.....(always alittle "magic" happening at THE CINNAMON STICK)!!!


...these past few days have been.   Thank you to everyone who came to THE CINNAMON STICK to find some goodies to take home.   We have been at our present location for 11 years and I do believe this is the best "Black Friday" weekend we have ever enjoyed.   Tony and I worked very hard to find the best country wares and decor items we could find at the most reasonable price.   I overheard one of the customers Friday say (about what she was purchasing).."Affordable Quality"....I loved hearing that. (big smile) !!
We have a great selection available of Christmas decor and home goods in the store so you have lots to choose from.   New items are arriving next Wednesday to replace those that sold out - so be sure to stop in often - you never know what treasures you will find.

Our Thanksgiving was very nice, shared with family and in-laws....and all those grandkids....and a BIG announcement was made by Blakely (my son's 6 year old)...she said I have a secret.....MY MOM IS PREGNANT....!!!!!  Oh my - their # 5 will be here in July  -  and our total to 12 !!!  the more the merrier!!!
...the "secret" teller !!!

Wednesday, November 24, 2010


This morning great new treasures came in from Terri, Vicki and Brenda......I didn't get pictures of all the goodies but here are a few to tempt you!!! 
 Paper Trees by Vicki... come in a package of three on old wooden spools!

 Brenda's famous SNOW BOTTLES...
 Brenda's vintage bobbin with trees, angel and snowballs...lots of ephemera and detail !!!
 Vicki's paper angel sitting on a decorated Xmas ball with "angel" feathers...and lots and lots of detail!!

 We sold out of Brenda's vintage Santa boot but she was able to make us three more....
 Wool Angel by Terri Leamer with a rug hooked face..aged music wings and a sprinkling of glitter!!
More from Terri...."simple angels"  Terri uses the most unique fabrics and ages them to perfection!

Hope we have enticed  you to visit the store this weekend....  Our wreaths arrived and are wonderful....we are now taking orders for them.