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Sunday, December 27, 2009

GOODBYE 2009 !!

Hello 2010 !! Christmas was delightful....busy and fun....grandchildren still small enough to be in awe of EVERYTHING!! Memories being made every moment! BUT......2010 beckons and lots of work has to be done. Yesterday in the store I just couldn't stand it....I had to start pulling all the (very) dead greens from shelves and tables and nooks and crannies...that led to undoing the tree (what a mess with all that "sprayed" on snow...LOL!!) Tinsel everywhere and I still have to OPEN today. It was not very busy yesterday (rained the entire day) but the sun is shining today and I am going to open the doors to a MESS! I dread the store looking "bare" and really need to get my rear in gear to fill those empty shelves! Putting the Christmas to sleep for another year is bittersweet....I am anxious to "redo" but not sure what to do! Valentine's of course and a bit of the "Winter Blues"....Barb from Turkey Hollow and I (along with our sweet husbands) met in Maryland one weekend - we toured the country stores and antique shops where in one we saw a glass case filled with ALL blue items and a sign that said "Winter Blues"....since then I have always done the "Winter Blues" to start the New Year..."blue" seems to be coming back after losing favor for a few years - and it's getting hard to find the real true oldetime blue items. I am off early this morning to stop in an antique mall to see what I can find - I have been so busy with Christmas that I haven't had time to go shopping for the store. I am anxious to go out and find some good treasures.
PS..I have not heard from the "Paranormal" people yet....bad weather and the holidays have gotten in the way....however things happened after they left...unscrewed overhead lightbulbs...remember my ghost at Halloween??? A picture of her was in the attic and half of it is "wet" and has stayed wet since last Sunday when I found will be interesting to see if they saw or heard anything!!! I will let you know!!!
Have a good day today....we are going to ANOTHER Christmas gathering this evening.....seeing friends from Virginia - always fun to get together...!!


Janet - underthewillow said...

Here's hoping that the New Year is better for many!


Barbara said...

I know what you mean about moving on to prepare for the New Year..tired of looking at decorations and really tired of turkey! LOL Can't wait to see what sort of things you plan for 2010...HAPPY NEW YEAR! Barb in NC