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Monday, December 14, 2009


I am just filled to the top with has taken a bit to get me here ! I think I have been working non-stop on Christmas for the store that I wasn't doing any Christmas for me!! That was over on Saturday when Tony and I started our Christmas shopping - AT THE MALL ! As much as I am not a mall person it was wonderful...lots of beautiful Christmas decorations, gorgeous red and white poinsettias, lively Christmas music and people! I love the crowds and everyone seemed very festive! We had a nice dinner and then shopped from store to store. Today I go back to finish up - I love to buy presents and don't make it hard on myself....I can usually find the "perfect" gift - (in my minds eye anyway) !! (Aren't "gift receipts" wonderful!!!) It is so much fun buying for the grandchildren (even if I don't know what I am buying...X-box and Wii games are beyond my mental capacity)!!! But they will get just what they are asking for whether I know what I am giving or not.....THEN the real fun begins as I go looking for the "special" presents that they aren't expecting! Tony likes to remind me I was "cutting down" this year.....but just shakes his head and lets me be me!!!
The pictures are of a corner of our living room - the bags of gifts are for our son's 4 children - they are "hiding" them at our home....My DIL Wendy is coming over today to "start" wrapping - so Tony pushed everything to the side and set up a table for her - we brought all packages from the storage porch to the living room so she can just wrap and go whenever she can steal some minutes away. They only live 5 min. from us! There's alot of wrapping to do....oh my!!!! I LOVE CHRISTMASTHYME!!!
Have a very "merry" day...


Lisa said...

Wow! Lucky grands. :) You actually make me (almost!) want to go to the mall shopping. hehe

Holly Hills Primitives said...

Oh Judy, I just know we would get along if we ever get the chance to meet. I'm supposed to be "cutting down" this year too. I'm about half done shopping and plan to go again today. Haven't wrapped a thing or baked a cookie, but us shopkeepers work wonders under pressure???!!! Have a fun day! Dawn

lilmamasprimitives said...

Well..You are showing me what I need to get into. i have all my items hiding and I just had a realization of what I need to do.>Wrap. But I still need to figure out what santa is giving versus what we are giving. It's wonderful to christmas shop when you are in the right frame of mind..To take in all the beauties around you. Really makes it magical!
Have a great prim day
XOXO Stephanie XOXO

Karen/My Colonial Home said...

LOL Judy, this could be me writing this! lol
We were so busy we didn't get to do ME THINGS either and now it's our turn...tonight we are going shopping with our daughter in-law for the grandchildren's gifts. We find it's easier that way becuase like you said...we buy what they want even though we don't know WHAT WE ARE BUYING!

Merry Christmas

UPON A HILL said...

It is so fun, when you have children to buy for. I look forward to the grandchildren & buying for mine someday.