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Monday, December 28, 2009


Creak, ugh, crackle, pop!, ahhhhh, eeekkk, sigh-h-h-h-h- .....Those noises you just "heard" were my "bones" screaming as I sat down to the computer!!! I spent the day at the store "undoing" the rest of Christmas and moving furniture - two big pieces were a perfect fit just where I put them.....but the others....well, let's just say I moved some pieces 4-5 times before I left at 4 pm. I think I am too olde for this!!! (chuckling and rolling my eyes at the same time)... It will be a FULL day of displaying and redisplaying counters (front and back) are piled sky high and so is the candy counter. The store is VOID of Christmas - inside and out - and looking quite "pale"without the clutter.
I ironed some "blue" fabric for the "Winter Blues" theme and lots of fabric pieces for Valentine's Day.... ( I enjoy having pieces of fabric on benchs, tabletops, shelving..etc...puts some softness and color in the store) Now I have to get some goodies to put on the benches, tabletops, shelving etc....!!! I have been working on some "hearts" and a new little "make-do" I am excited about. Otherwise.....the store will look alittle empty for a bit. Can't let that happen too long! I will add new pictures to the PT when things look better.
A small section for "Abe and George" has to be done too....this should get us by till we start our spring and Easter decorating.....(I need to think spring as it is going down to 5 degrees this night)!!!!!
Off to get some IBProfen.....(big smile)!!!


Karen/My Colonial Home said...

Evening Judy!
Sound like my body when I work even part of a day on my feet/moving things and the's no fun is it?

Your store will be so pretty when all finished though...just think that thought.


Holly Hills Primitives said...

Good morning Miss Judy. My old bones are creaking this morning too. I did the same thing yesterday - moved all the Christmas to one area to put on sale and redid the rest of the shop. Most people don't have any idea how much work this is - do they? Got some great new prim pieces over the weekend to add in, now I've got to get going on the handmades. Enjoy the new year, Dawn