We are now located on the Lower Level in Morgantown Market. A 90 dealer co-op that is just amazing!!
Open every day - 10 am to 5 pm
2940 Main Street, Morgantown, PA 19543

Monday, November 30, 2009


The picture is the "JUNK BAG" I won over at FRIDAY FLEA MARKET.... click on the link to get there and check them out !! - (fun site) !!The bag is reversible and I can't wait to get it....I was in the NEED of a new Junk Bag - the holiday "fairies" must have known that too!!!
I spent the day cleaning the second floor of the store....and of course I can never just clean - I started changing furniture around and the next thing you know the whole upstairs looks different...I spent 6 1/2 hours and only did two rooms....I will go back tomorrow to finish the little room and one cupboard that didn't get dusted or rearranged....!! I am hurting though....I had furniture from one end of the room to the other, in doorways, stacked on top of each other etc. and my foot got tangled in the vacuum cord and down I went....OUCH !! Right smack on my left shoulder. I know it will double hurt in the morning....just carelessness....I am lucky I didn't break anything..
On a happier note - I am getting ready for our Sleigh Ride Event....went shopping on my way home from the store for tablecloths and POTATOES, marshmellows and hot cocoa... I love a good party!!!

Saturday, November 28, 2009


What fun you ask....why the Sleigh Ride thru Zionsville and Hereford of course !!! Coming this weekend December 4, 5 and 6th, three other stores join us with a pretend Sleigh Ride Event...(if you knew how many times I have been asked what do we do if we don't have snow???) Yikes.....I am embarrassed to explain it is ALL PRETEND !! However, this is our fourth annual Sleigh Ride Event where we hand out flyers with a printed sleigh - each store must be visited and your "sleigh" stamped - when all 4 stamps are had you leave the sleigh in whatever store is your last visited to go into a big old pot for a drawing to win one of 6 gift certificates - $100., $50. and four $25. certificates. If you win you can choose any one of the stores to spend your gift in !! Each store does something special - Friday and Sunday we will have special treats - Christmas cookies, soup and dips BUT on Saturday Mr. Elf Tony will don his "Santa's cap" and prepare "Hot Pockets" for everyone!
Hot Pockets"An olde English tradition of keeping your hands warm while Christmas shopping in the early 1800's. In merry olde England street vendors would sell "potatoes", well baked, to passing shoppers - shouting "hot pockets"~~~Customers would purchase the potatoes placing them in their pockets thus keeping their hands warm while they shopped..
Of course our "potatoes" will come with all the trimmings - sour cream, chives, cheese and lots of butter !! Tony will have the Popcorn machine popping away and Hot Cocoa with marshmellows, if you so desire, will be at the ready!
This is a fun weekend of partying - Miss Holly Wintertree will be joining us...I must take a picture when she arrives.....
The picture is of Mr. Elf Tony last year.....this year we are moving him to the front porch where we will have more room (since we still have that big old feed bin for sale on the back porch)... I even have a new "velvet" Santa hat for him...shhhhh it is a surprise!
Oh and I have to tell you!!! store mannequin got her "wings".....I am so happy for her..!!!
Toodle - loo

Thursday, November 26, 2009

A POEM....

May your stuffing be tasty,
May your turkey be plump,
May your potatoes and gravy
Have never a lump.
May your yams be delicious
And your pies take the prize,
And may your Thanksgiving dinner
Stay off your thighs!
Happy Thanksgiving Everyone ! (thanks for the poem Betty) !!

The pumpkin pies are done, so is the "filling" (ie stuffing to most) Turkey breast is ready to go in the oven. Pumpkin cake is in the oven and cole slaw was made yesterday morning....I also made some cookies for the store to enjoy Black Friday.
We go to my daughter's house for Thanksgiving....and her MIL does a whole turkey I bring the breast so we all have some goodies to take home. My favorite sandwich is - turkey, filling, cole slaw and cranberry sauce on a good Italian roll - I so look forward to that the day after Thanksgiving !!! I made those already prepared sugar cookies (the ones you just pop in the oven) with a "turkey" in the middle for the I am looking to find a cute little cornecopia box that I saw somewhere to put the cookies in for each I have nothing else to do....(big smile)!!!

Wednesday, November 25, 2009


A drizzly damp day here today but that didn't hurt my "happy" mood as I prepared the store for Black Friday shoppers! Fun new items have arrived today from Joanne and Amy.... We have some fine rughooked and wool items....the top pictures are of the wool "Feather Trees" handmade by Joanne McIllmurry - Joanne is a beautiful rughooker and gives classes on making these wool feather trees. She was kind enough to make some for you to purchase - just amazing to see!! (maybe we can talk her into some classes next year!)

The Snow Girls are made by Amy Mutter.....their faces are hooked in wool and their bodies are made of osnaburg - both are wearing the prettiest Christmas dresses! Amy is another beautiful rughooker and has made "snowman face" pins that are also for sale!
Having a country store has opened a treasure chest of friends I would never have met - I still have customers who came to my home when the store was there.....26 years ago....for that I am so thankful. All of my customers have touched my life in one way or another....some became forever friends (love you Barbara) even when they live so very far away (yippee for free long distance) !! Some are young and some older than me...(yeah they are real old)!!! Some come weekly, some monthly and some only for special goings on...but I am so thankful for every visit. I am thankful that I can do what I love every day, thankful for my family and neighbors, thankful for my good health and loving husband, my two beautiful children and 8 MAGNIFICIENT grandchildren, thankful for old friends and new friends and so thankful for all those that "put up" with me whenever, wherever and hopefully forever.
I am thankful for all of you who enjoy this blog and leave comments telling me so....may God Bless everyone this Thanksgiving wish is for all to have lots of family and friends to celebrate this holiday season 2009!

Tuesday, November 24, 2009


Although some of the "Tucker" family had to go family members will be arriving for Thanksgiving - you can meet them on Black Friday at THE CINNAMON STICK....I am sure they will "tuck" themselves here and there and will be happy to say "Hello" !! This side of the family was a bit hard to please - they wanted "top hats" instead of "caps" and some wanted red wool scarfs, some wanted white....yi yi yi....they ALL wanted holly in their hats!!! (Leah Webb makes the snowpeople and I dress them) !!
It is a rainy morning here in Pennsylvania - not real cold just damp and dreary. I have tons of work to do in the creating department and the "cleaning" department....(my poor kitchen - can't cook in it till I get it spic and span)...Our house is small and I have projects going in every room - Christmas decorations ALL over the living room...stuffing and bits of fabric pieces on the kitchen table and floor - the breakfast counter is filled with projects drying - coffee stained countertops and the microwave....yegads !!! Tony was busy stamping invoices and putting jingle bells on glittery pipe cleaners for our bag ties all morning...until....Tad (our son) needed him to work and he was very happy to leave me with all my messes.
I'm behind because yesterday Tony took me out for a FUN day - antiquing !! We didn't find trillions but what we did purchase will be great in the store. He has the "eye" for the unusual - and amazes me with his ingenious ideas! It is fun living here....(except for that mess in the kitchen) !!! We stopped for breakfast and I had PUMPKIN PANCAKES with cinnamon butter.....a short stake but they were so BIG I needed a "doggy bag" and had them again this morning....delish!!!!!

Saturday, November 21, 2009


Beautiful weather....really nice customers...some olde and some new...with a good mixture of Christmas and antiques going out the door !! Felt like olde times!!! Everyone seems to be in the Christmas spirit - having fun shopping with friends, taste testing the dips and "believing" me when I tell them the "orange tea" I am serving is Turkey Hills's orange iced tea in the gallon container heated up! (Turkey Hill is a chain mini market here in PA) It really is good but everyone thinks I do something "special" to make it taste so good.....I DON'T !!
Gingerbread boys from Turkey Hollow arrived today but I forgot to take a picture :( They are so sweet and smell wonderful! We are on our last "hurrah" of getting new Christmas items in the store - cross-stitched pillows from Susan, Santa ornies from Connie and some BLING bottles from Brenda are still coming in and then it will be time to sell what is there. I could keep buying and buying but (I don't believe I am saying this) but I have to think Valentine's Day soon !!!
( I just looked over on my sewing machine and I see FIVE red wool stars that need to be sewn...??) I am never done with Christmas....
Our next event is our "Sleigh Ride"...with three other stores...December 4,5 & 6 - info will be posted on our PT if you are local (or not) check out this fun event....our resident "Elf" Mr. Tony, serves "hot pockets" on Saturday, Dec. 5th....(an olde English tradition and quite yummy!)

Thursday, November 19, 2009


comes to the store it was total "chaos".....Every display I made with my Turkey Hollow Folkart treasures,that arrived yesterday,were taken apart...SOLD....and all had to be put back together again...lucky for me I had some goodies "stashed" for Black Friday. New dips (the absolute best made) and soups from Castle Creek Farm are now fully stocked just in time for hurry in this weekend and be sure to try our Herbal Cranberry Spread which we will be serving! #1 Seller !!!
I have always collected olde country store jars....and sell many in the store...AND I am always sad when they sell - I am just a silly olde storekeeper who would love to keep everything -HOWEVER, I do have the bestest customers and know all our countrywares are going to good homes where they will be loved. Such a rewarding feeling!
Here is a picture of some olde quilt pillows from Turkey Hollow - Barb either cross-stitched or stitched on each one...still available....


Angels are singing all over the store.....bringing you Christmas cheer and well wishes. There was a time when I couldn't get enough angels to sell....and for some reason they are not the biggest sellers anymore. ???? !! The ones flying above are made by Dianne Galloway and are just too sweet! Stuffed with cotton they have the feel of long ago....I can't imagine anyone not wanting to hug one!
The next photos are of Terri's (The Olde Button Tin) snowflakes....made from vintage doilies with handworked snowmen in the center....the back has a circle of wool covering the tiny stitches. Always coming up with something unique, Terri likes to use vintage "everything" in all her this olde perfume bottle as a "make-do" mitten base....tiny flecks of glitter and a tag that reads "Snowy Days"...makes it so special !It is a "dreary" morning here in PA and I think I heard another Nor'easter was headed our way...glad it is NOT SNOW!! I do not have any kind of "relationship" with snow...I know it is "olde age"...but it is what it is!! (Tony's favorite saying to me) !!!

Tuesday, November 17, 2009

ALSO ...

For Ginny - these are the pillows from Terri of The Olde Button Tin - made from Vintage feedsacks. The MERRY CHRISTMAS and PEACE, along with the "straight lines", are stencilled on. The other one is called the "Christmas Rose" and is done in "penny rug" style right onto the feedsack top - in hand dyed wools. All are stuffed with cotton for that oldetime softness. ENJOY !!
PS...not as dark as picture shows on the penny rug one!
The backs -


Just an observation - I don't sell many "stockings" at Christmas ???????????????????? Not sure why...I have many, many, many in my Christmas collections at home. Fabric ones from olde quilts, feedsacks, wool - wooden ones from 2 inches to 2 feet - even some vintage red flannel ones from long ago. Some are handpainted, some stenciled and some just plain. I display them in make-do "garlands" - all sizes and shapes - on my beams in the living room. I always have plenty in the store - slowly - year by year - they sell - ?????

Monday, November 16, 2009


GLITTER today...and did I ever find some cool stuff....Martha of course. She has "tinsel" glitter and I couldn't wait to get home and play with it. (make messes is more like it) Tony is away for a couple days so I can make all the messes I want - !!! I really shouldn't be playing I SHOULD BE CLEANING...BUT..................there's always tomorrow to do that !!!
Terri Leamer, and olde friend and artist, stopped at the store yesterday bringing me some Christmas cheer. A Santa, an angel, a Christmas pinkeep, 3 really cool pillows (she works with vintage feedsacks) a couple embrodiered doilies...(she has the best ideas) cute little stockings that will make a sweet gift sack - I know there was more but my mind is blank right now. Dianne made us 6 little primitive angels - cotton stuffed with ticking wings too... everything will be for sale Wednesday when we reopen....along with my TURKEY HOLLOW GOODIES!! Can't wait to get that box - it should arrive on Wednesday. I love when the store gets restocked each week....honestly, it is almost daily that new goods are arriving. There is only one cross stitched pillow left by Susan Hoover but she promised to work hard (gosh you can't cross stitch fast) and get some new ones to us. These make wonderful gifts - she stitches her own primitive designs and these are new to the store.
I am seeing so much of the "OLDE" crafts becoming popular again...stenciling, cross stitch, embrodiery - I wonder what statement is being made ???????????

Arriving from Turkey Hollow, Washington Wednesday !!

Saturday, November 14, 2009


This time of the year I am a "wanna-be Candy Store owner" - there are not many left around us. I do have a favorite....Gardner's Candy not 10 minutes from the store. Every Christmas since I moved to Hereford, I played "candy store".... EXCEPT this year....and it saddens me. DARN ECONOMY - made me make a decision that is NOT fun! Yesterday I just HAD to make a "candy display" though - so above are the "before bad economy" picture and after ! The candy that I purchased always sold well but was very "pricy"...really yummy!!! This year I decided to forego the $$$$'s that normally would be spent on "gourmet goodies" in fear that customers would not be in the mood to spend frivolously. I think it was the right decision but can't wait till everything gets back on track for everyone...!!!
Oh and the rain yesterday.....NEVER HAPPENED ! But it was windy all day...and yes I was running thru the parking lot picking up greens!!!!

Friday, November 13, 2009


It is so windy here - all night and this morning (and I am grateful I do not live at the Jersey shore right now)...what a mess it is on the news. Another Nor'easter is upon us - no rain yet but so much wind ! I am afraid to see what the wind has done to all the outside greens that were sprinkled here and there at the store - I picture myself running thru the parking lot gathering evergreens and bows!! IN THE RAIN !! Ahhhh the life of a storekeeper!
New handcrafted pics arrived from sweet...I just love her work and what a wonderful gift - UNIQUE ! Tiny pieces of fabric scraps make up the picture with embroidered features. I just don't take good pictures as I don't know how to focus the lighting so you just have to believe me when I say they are great. (pictured above) The one with the children building the snowman - in the snow are his nose, hat, scarf and all the little pieces of coal that will bring him to life - artistic imagination at it's best!
Tony is keeping me busy with all the neat antique finds he is cleaning up and giving me for the store. I keep making new displays and it is fun...although yesterday I took apart a wall upstairs and didn't get it back together until 4 pm....hammer, nails all sitting right out in the open for customers to see! yi yi yi !!

Wednesday, November 11, 2009


I have been searching for the past month to find some really cool Thanksgiving goodies for the store but to no avail . Everything is always just a bit too "cutesy" for my liking or way to "ga ga" for the store ! However, Helen Voytilla has come to our rescue and made us some of the sweetest prim gobblers - I put them in the store today - how neat they would look in a nest of angel vine and rosehips - think I will display one that way tomorrow !!! Stop in and see !!

Tuesday, November 10, 2009


A whole family of snow people to "tuck" here and there. In baskets, tins, olde carriers and totes. Made of aged muslin, sprinkled with glitter and wearing wool caps, these jolly good fellows will look special anywhere you please.
I spent most of the day today at the store redoing and then making more messes. I must AGAIN go in very early to clean up before we open. I left it all sit as I promised myself (after eating fast food and not cooking for the entire week) that I would make a nice meal this evening for Tony.
Bunches of fresh rosehips will be for sale tomorrow - nicely bundled - but the "thorns" are still there. A sign stating "OUCH" will be prominently displayed. If you ever picked rosehips and were pricked by one of those thorns they "hurt" and are very hard to get out - like a splinter. I was "pricked" many times putting them in the olde scale scoop and agate bowl. OUCH !! Here is one of the "Tuckers" in an olde advertising dustpan from Reading, PA !!

Monday, November 9, 2009


Haven't even counted all those scoops - Tony had a great day at the market. This had to be someone's collection of many years. He found lots of olde treasures soon to be in the store for sale. Lots of vintage glass Christmas balls and ornaments, a great olde carpenter's box that will hang on the wall as a shelf, cutest little milking stool, wire baskets and more. Of course everything needs his "magic" touch to make it just perfect to put right into your home.
Snowmen, turkeys and new pillows and prints are also arriving Wednesday when we reopen. It is so hard to find "country" Thanksgiving goodies...but Helen Voytilla has made some "stuffed" gobblers for us - they are too sweet! I have been bad about taking pictures but hopefully will get some to share tomorrow.

Sunday, November 8, 2009


That is the weather report...not my status...(big smile) !! Must say I am winding down and will look forward to "try" and get back into "the regular" routine! Open House week is always a week of eating fast food, running the washing machine at midnight (so you have clean underwear for the next day), and overlooking the "dust bunnies"....(more like jack rabbits right now) !! I look forward to Monday to get everything back in order....AND then Tuesday will do the same for the store. Tony is off to auction this morning and hopefully finding some good replacements for what was sold. Next week promises to have lots of new folkart too. Dianne is bringing new Santas and snowmen, Amy is bringing Snowgal angels and Barbara is sending me my box of goodies on ?.. I am replacing pillows and framed prints so the store should be all new next week! Brenda is off celebrating her "50th" birthday so when she comes back hopefully she will do some replacing too. Brenda does most of the altered art goodies for the store using olde bottles, vintage papers and "BLING"!!....she is so clever! Pictured are some goodies on their way to Hereford from Washington....

Saturday, November 7, 2009



l bag Snyder's Mini Pretzels
1 bag of Rollo candies
1 bad of Pecan halves

Heat oven to 250 degrees. On an ungreased cookie sheet make a single layer of the mini pretzels. Unwrap and place a "Rollo" candy on top of each in oven for 4 minutes.
Remove from oven and "squish" a pecan halve on each Rollo... (no need to hurry hurry - just quickly) !! Let stand for 20 min. and then refrigerate for 20 min. Remove from sheet and store . I use a plastic container with foil in between layers. ENJOY!!!!
You might as well purchase two bags of Rollos because there is only 60 in a bag and you will want to make more and more~ Also....if you have a Walmart close the pecans are much cheaper there and were in better condition than our grocery store.

It is cold here this morning - with a blanket of frost covering the yard and gardens....I'm afraid WINTER is here...on a happy note I am off early to meet Dianne (one of the artists that creates for our store) - she makes tiny pictures from scraps of fabric and embroidery - absolutely minuit and exceptional. Open House week has been going very being "busy" - glitter, tinsel and fake snow flakes are sprinkled everywhere - 'tis the season of fun and folly!!!

Thursday, November 5, 2009


...and too tired to say it!! We had a wonderful open house...and today too. You always worry if customers are REALLY ready for Christmas - they were! First ...honest....everyone who sees our tree IN PERSON loves it...I know the picture looks really bad! Miss Connie from Log Cabin Primitives (Connecticut) stopped in today just to see my tree....(only kidding)....she is on a shopping spree for her store and knew I needed a real hug from her!! BUT she really did say totally nice things about my unique Christmas tree!
I have pictures to post on the PT but just not enough time as I HAVE to make more of those Caramel Pecan Pretzels (we ate all of them first day) yummy! now I have to unwrap all those little gold foiled rollos -
I love my customers....and I need to tell you about my friend Gail (picture with me above). Forever friends are so important to me....they take me for WHO I am and not what they want me to be. Thank you girls you know who you are!! BUT Gail is one of those that never forgets to encourage me or wish me luck. She is the one who found the store in Hereford for us too when we were looking to open a "second" store (that lasted 9 months) (what were we thinking) ??? Anyway....Gail always...always...always leaves a message on my answering machine the first day of every open house...wishing me luck and reassuring me all the work was worth it!!! Thank you Gail for being my forever friend!!

Tuesday, November 3, 2009


I think I am ready. There is some tweaking to do tomorrow in the early morning. One last go round with the vacuum cleaner - set up the punch and goodies - maybe add a few more "fresh" pine and cedar sprigs to an empty spot. Otherwise - to "quote" the man of the house..."IT IS WHAT IT IS" !!! I still have some "bows" to tie outside but that will have to wait - next week when I "redo" and bring out the vintage Christmas decorations. (not enough room in my little store right now) !! Want to see my tree...??? It is SO MUCH BETTER IN PERSON...I can never get good pictures...but here it is in all it's glory!!!There are many silver tinsel icicles and tinsel ornaments that just don't show up...they really make it special - all shiny and glittery. I used a piece of white wool for the tree skirt - tomorrow I will sprinkle the snow all around...(wanted to wait till I vacuumed one more time) The piece to the left of the picture is an olde meat hanger - three tiers and is perfect for the Christmas ornaments to hang from. (Everyday it is used for antique utensils)! When I was taking pictures I found this.....ut oh!!! And I thought I had it all away....another "thing to do"...fill the top of this corner cupboard! Will let you know how tomorrow goes.....we are open till 8pm !


Just finished baking the Russian Tea Cakes for tomorrow...the chocolate fudge was made yesterday and a new recipe "Pecan Caramel Pretzel Candies"finished last easy and so delicious! We will serve a Sparkling Christmas Punch and an Herbal Cranberry Dip from Castle Creek Farms (best seller)! I love to "feed" our customers!! I have been too busy to look for Candy Canes and maybe- just maybe- I can find some today. I love to fill scoops and tins with candy canes tied with a ribbon - always looks so festive and Christmasy!
There is MUCH to do at the store today - Dianne brought me goodies last night and Connie, Susan and Brenda are coming today. All their treasures will have to be priced and displayed. It is going to be a long day as I am still not finished setting up AND then the floors (glitter, glitter, glitter) must be vacuumed and mopped! NEXT YEAR FOUR DAYS TO SET UP !!!!
Off I go...still looking for the fun....I think that will come tomorrow!!!
Oh my tree is so beautiful and different - certainly not for everyone but I LOVE IT!! Will take lots of pictures before I leave tonight...

Monday, November 2, 2009


Every muscle and bone aches in this olde body....some I didn't even know were there - I am chuckling cause if I don't I will whine!! I did accomplish alot yesterday BUT certainly there is much more to do - thank goodness I closed yesterday. I think I moved the same cupboard 4 times...I know I did!! This morning I made "chocolate fudge" (it is cooling) and two batches of Russian Tea Cake cookies (to be baked tonight) ....and now I am off to FIND THAT FUN I WAS TALKING ABOUT !!! (wish me luck)!!!!!