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Tuesday, October 13, 2009


...that is what my mind did all night long ! I haven't come up with any super duper ideas for Christmas displays and time is getting very close to open house! Do I want a tree?? Do I NOT want a tree. I am different than some stores as I don't fill the store with lots of trees (no room). Whenever I visit a store at Christmas I LOVE all the trees they set up - it looks so festive - but that is just not THE CINNAMON STICK. I love tinsel....but tinsel on a FAKE tree is just not right - (my opinion only)! I have had real trees in the past but they seem to not quite make it past Thanksgiving and then I am sad :-( .... you do realize I am talking to myself as I type trying to figure this all out (big smile)!! I am in a primitive "glitzy" mode of thinking ! Sort of crazy huh?
I will keep "whirling and twirling" and hopefully the light bulb will go ON and I can get on with everything else !!! Be Merrie !!


Holly Hills Primitives said...

I know what you mean about your mind twirling and whirling! You always have to be 10 steps ahead of each season. I plan on doing the "redo" the 1st and 2nd of November. Starting to come up with some ideas - finally. Have a great week, Dawn

mommynoodles said...

LOL! The light bulb came on for Halloween.So i'm sure it will come on for CHRISTmas!! lol


Joanne said...

Maybe you need one of your witches do a "whirl and twirl" spell for you! I'm 100% positive something wonderful will come out of all that thinking!

gail said...

LOVE the "S.N.O.W." bottles!!!!

Notes from the Homestead said...

Hi there,
I have a cool suggestion to your tree dilema. We have a shop here in Minnesota that does this every year. She does not like fake trees, and cannot keep the real ones watered and happy for the season, so... she cuts large birch branches and "plants" them in sap buckets painted up prim in mustards, reds, and stencils things on them. Stars, fun sayings like "Believe" and "Ho, Ho, Ho". She hangs everything from handmade ornaments to garland. She does one all up in prim grungy stars and another one with all colonial/primitive pineapples and clove studded oranges tied with twine. It looks awesome! Just a thought for your dilema. I'm sure your shop will look magical no matter what you come up with! Take care!
~Kim at notesfromthehomestead@blogspot

Justina said...

How bout a charlie brown tree?

Duck Creek Primitives said...

Hi solution here for your whirling and twirling mind, but I'm sure whatever you come up with be those cute snow bottles, they are just the best. We are suppose to come up to PA this weekend..sure hope the weather is at least fair, I have heard its been rather cold up there. Hugs, Marsha

UPON A HILL said...

Very cute bottles. You will come up with something I am sure that is different.

ctlogcabin said...

Hi Ya Honey ... No Ideas here, sorry but I know once you start you will be a Merrie Elf and everything will look Truly Wonderful like it
does every year.
If I get a few minutes in the next few days...I will give you a call. Miss Ya ~~ Hugs ~ Connie xox