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Wednesday, October 28, 2009


It was a very, very rainy day in Hereford today....damp and just very grey. Customers were few so I was very busy working on some Christmas goodies for our open house. The Attic Workshop looks like there was an explosion of "glitter" ! I do love lots of "glitz" at Christmas - I can make "glitz" look prim !!! Vintage peat pots were painted white and stained nice and prim with a wire handle added (all by Tony) and I have vintage postcard pics glued to the front and all around the outside I made a frame of glitter - some red, some green and gold ! They are my colors for Christmas this year...although there is some "silver" thrown in for good measure! Did I mention that I LOVE tinsel too!!! Can't wait to do my "tree" this year - hopefully it will turn out as visioned. I ran it by Lisa of Homethrown Pottery and she didn't "gasp" when I told her - I visited a blog where their Christmas colors were white, black and red....I am way too olde fashion and traditional for that - but I bet she will do it beautifully! (can you tell I am getting anxious to do the changeover to Christmas!!)
We will be closed this coming Sunday so Tony and I can move furniture around...I have this NEED to have the store look completely different than it does for fall. Not an easy task as I have two large display pieces that can't be moved nor can our cash/wrap counter.... the first floor room is only 25' x 25' - always a challenge trying to make everything fit and still look like there is lots of room!
I have been listening to "Martha Steward's Spooky Halloween Sounds" since September 9th and I am "quite" ready to listen to Christmas Carols!!


Pots 'n Prims said...

Oh believe me, dear friend, I was gasping!!:) I was totally envisioning how wonderful your "tree" is going to look ~ and I KNOW it will be! You have that knack! I can't wait to see all the wonderful pics! And I hope the tree is still up when I come up in December!::big smiles::
Wishing you sunny skies & tons of sales!

Janene said...

Just stole your blog from I can't get enough!
Off to read more of your earlier posts!
Have a great weekend!

Karen/My Colonial Home said...

Judy, what a better time to craft than on a rainy day.
We spent several days in PA this past week and it rained all but Sunday and Monday. We drove out in rain - got there in rain - a shopped in rain and left for home in rain! arghhhhh.