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Thursday, October 29, 2009


I have to admit time is going faster than I can think right now. Lots of work to do before I can celebrate our open house - and I am just ready to lock the doors and get started. YIKES...can't do that!!
Today I finished "decorating" our bathroom...and that gets my creative juices flowing, as the Christmas Potporri in there smells just like a real Christmas tree with all the trimming of oranges, apples and cinnamon amongst the pine scent! I WANT TO PLAY CHRISTMAS CAROLS ALL DAY LONG !!
I pulled all the Halloween and fall fabric from tables, benches and all those little "itsy" places that I insist need to have a piece of fabric. I know tomorrow I will keep finding more but the "most" of it is done. I am excited for Sunday when I can rearrange the display pieces and get some kind of plan in my head. We have mostly smalls for Christmas this year....lots of ornaments and to be honest...NONE of the gals have brought me ANY of their goodies I don't have a clue what they are making. I know Dianne is making Santas and Snowmen with her trademark paper mache heads - can't wait to see them. Last year she made the snowman, Santa and Angel paper mache heads on an antique spring...this year they will have "bodies" !!! We have some Angels left and maybe a Santa or two from our reorder last year as we sold out quickly.
Sadly Sharon will not be making for the store this holiday season as she is working a fulltime job (sad face) but Amy Mutter might be working on some rughooked snowman pins and a snow angel or two! So we will have lots of great handmades for sale. Barb from Turkey Hollow American Folkart is busy busy busy stitching stitching stitching too.....she just returned home from a 6 week jaunt across country but promised some great "one of a kind" Christmas treasures for THE CINNAMON STICK !!! So you can understand why I am getting so excited to start our Christmas season....!!! SIX MORE DAYS!!!


Meadowbrook Cabin Primitives said...

Hi Judy,

How I wish I could stop by your warm and cozy store during the holidays !

Please come and sign up for our holiday open house giveaway during November at tdipt ..


TeresaM said...

Sounds like so much fun getting ready!! Looking forward to seeing pictures.

big city prims said...

oh goodie! Looking forward to seeing you and the shop next weekend! Can't wait for my trip to Hereford again!!!!!!!