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Tuesday, September 22, 2009


I have been a busy bee the last couple days and just now finding some time to relax....(for a minute or two anyway) !!! Cup of coffee in hand (my energy pill....caffeine!!) and a chocolate cupcake (more caffeine) - sounds good doesn't it ?????
I have been having fun watching the decorations for the Witches Nite Out come is a "joint" effort between Tony and I - each doing their part and now it seems we are on the last leg. Of course next Friday (we will be closed all day till 6 pm.) will be another story as we keep our fingers crossed ALL decorating plans we made as are as easy as we keep telling ourselves they will be. Now just to get our "witchy" clothes together and do some grocery shopping and some cooking and all will be ready.....we wish everyone could are ALL invited!!!
Today I put the final touches on our ROCK~PAPER~SCISSORS class that will be this Saturday. There is still room if anyone wants to join us....!!!
I use to have this wonderful olde mannequin "Miss Prim" - that I sold to the store next to me....after I sold it I was sad :( ....I use to keep the attic open with "attic goods" in it for sale and she was a display piece. When we decided to use the attic for a workshop and then classes she needed to find a new up she went for sale. (she lives next door so I can visit her whenever I want)..
HOWEVER, a few weeks ago I found another mannequin (dress form) and she will be making her "debut" at the store sometime this week...I will be sure to post a picture of her....(still looking for the "right" hat!)
Break is over ...time to get back to work...!!!


Teresa @ Grammy Girlfriend said...

you have the cutest bog....I love it....Just blog hopping and enjoyed yours.....Hope you will stop by my new Christmas blog...There is a GREAT GIVEAWAY drawing on OCT 1st

OleCrowsNestJournal_Nan said...

Wish I could be there for your open house! I bet your store will look just the essence of halloween!

Karen/My Colonial Home said...

Morning Judy - I'm thinking that 'caffine' boost sounds quite normal to me...especially the chocolate cupcake. Nothing wrong with that.

I'm just amazed at the different events you all have in your shop/town....incredibl. You must be worn out by the time Christmas arrives.



No town Karen....we are definitely a "destination" store out in the country!! But YES I do have lots of events because they are fun...and a good way to keep customers coming back! Hope one day you can make one!! Hugs, Judy

Joanne said...

sounds like you are very busy! I saw have TWO cupcakes!

Anonymous said...
This is a link to a share your Halloween spirit photo contest. Thought some of you might like to enter it.