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Thursday, August 13, 2009


( We put these tiny hay bales on the steps leading to the second floor)
First - the glasses....well I kept them on all day Wednesday....besides looking over the top of them constantly (I know customers thought "how odd" ) I managed to keep them on and "try" to learn how to operate them! Today it was different...they were off and on, off and on - but I will go for it again tomorrow !
Second - I started...what a mess I have in the store. I deleted it of all fabric resembling summer (except the bathroom) and have started the process of removing all dust and "it's" ! If you don't have STONE walls to deal with and seven deep windowsills (yes I love them, however !!!!) the it's are the pieces of cement "pointing" that falls onto the windowsills and floors CONSTANTLY...and onto everything that is on that windowsill - we sit very close to a very busy road and the olde building does a bit of a "dance" when the big ole' trucks come flying by. AND THE COBWEBS .....for some reason there is NOT a spider to be who could be making all those cobwebs?????
It felt good to put my nose to the grindstone and finally start....My friend Kathy (who just happens to own the very best candy store 10 minutes from us) stopped in today - and just smiled. She came in last week and was surprised that I hadn't changed to fall yet....she has her store all decorated (well she said she is still tweaking here and there) and told me I better get busy. I said NO NO NO ...not until the end of today when she visited she was quite "smug" !!! She knew I couldn't wait to start the changeover. BUT WHAT A MESS.....!!! Hopefully tomorrow I can get it at least "passable" for the weekend.
I am off early tomorrow morning to pick up fake "bittersweet garlands" that I ordered and the owner told me that they have 140 NEW items in the wholesale showroom....Luckily they open at 9 am and I can go to the store, get it all opened, and then head for the showroom and be back by 10 am. So much to do.....I love being busy - just wish this cold would go away !!!


Meadowbrook Cabin Primitives said...

Oh, how I wished I lived closer to your area.. with all the history surrounding it ! And the cute shoppes !

I am sure your shoppe will be adorable for fall with all your autumn and halloween decor !

Hugs .. and hoping you get rid of your summer cold ! Have you tried Aleve non drowsy tablets ?


Notes from the Homestead said...

How cute!
The haybales look darling! Wish I was remotely close to PA, I am in Minnesota. And no, I don't talk like I'm from the movie Fargo, hee, hee and I don't make jell-o or casseroles, but I sure do love primitives and your shoppe looks so wonderful. I sat and looked at the picturetrail and was amazed! Good luck getting everything changed over. I'm sure it will look wonderful!