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Tuesday, August 11, 2009

BUSY HANDS.... how do you get use to wearing glasses??? My poor neck keeps trying to find the "right" spot to peek thru....I KNOW that isn't what I am suppose to do - but never having worn anything more than "over the counter cheaters" I am at a loss on how to operate these things...!!!
Progressive lenses....they tell me I will love them...keep them on and you will get use to them...HUH???? Okay...I can follow orders but you should have seen me trying to thread a needle and cut out a witch ornie...oh my!!
That brings me to this wonderful image that Lisa from found and told me about (thank you Lisa). Don't you just love her??? I purchased 4 different witches and am making ornies for our Halloween tree from them - they are two sided and that is where the challenge comes in and the cutting out, gluing together - matching side by side and to top it off using NEW GLASSES!!!I made one and sent it along with an Etsy order - it was my "first" try....I might have to revert back to my "cheaters" for that close cutting out...!!!!
It is way too hot here in PA today!


Carmen C. said...

Lol...Had to laugh when I read this because I have a pair of $4oo. glasses with progressive lenses laying around here somewhere...They told me I needed them and I TRIED wearing them and was blind as a bat! I do better without mine, its just a shame I spent the money:( That would have bought a whole lotta crafting supplies!!!

Janet - underthewillow said...

Hi Judy!....I'm supposed to wear those progressive lens glasses too but am too chicken to spend that much money on something that I might hate! LOL....having to look through certain areas for certain functions sounds like too much to get used to! an update as to if and when you get used to them, will ya? Janet

Mad Red Hare said...

I have a pair of progressive lenses and I love them! My prescription needs to be stronger now. I have had them for 2 years now and am really blind as a bat without them. You can get used to them, eventually.


Thank you Michelle for the words of encouragement....I am going to do my best - and JANET you will certainly get an UPDATE...oh gosh you know me I tell all!!! I am "looking" forward to NOT wearing those things around my neck...and am so afraid I am going to throw the "new" glasses clear across the room forgetting they are NOT tied around my neck!!! Wish me luck! Judy

Kathy (woolfind) said...

Love your witch cutout Judy. I think once your wear your progressive lenses, you'll get used to them. Just takes time.
It was really nice meeting you last Friday in your shop when I was there with Joanne. Your shop is just wonderful. I hope to get back there again sometime. Just not right around the corner for me lol. Enjoy making your Halloween things. I know Joanne will be in to see all your Fall things! Hope your cold has gone away by now..

The Brickhouse said...

Hi Judy, Last year I got my progressives and I hated them..I thought that I would never get used to wearing them..I got dizzy and I was ready to throw them out..everyone kept telling me that I would get used to them..WELL...I did and I love them..sometimes I even forget that I am wearing them...What I once hated I now LOVE. Hang in there.

Bit said...

There are several types of Progressive lenses. The first pair I had tortured me for nearly 2 years then I got an "upgrade" (stronger RX) and was very concerned that now it would be worse. The new lenses are Zeiss brand lenses ( which have been wonderful! In my 35 years of wearing glasses, I've never seen so well! However having said that, I still have to remove my glasses to thread a needle and I'm a quilter, I sew every day! Most shops will replace the lenses for up to 6 weeks until you are satisfied with your vision. Good luck

Tomatoe Creek Prims said...

Hi Judy,
I have bi focels and have a hard time with them if I'm on the computer seems I have to tilt my head back so I can see to read, so I wear one of three cheaters that I have.LOL