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Sunday, August 30, 2009

GREY SKIES UP ABOVE.... rain in the forecast and the humidity is suppose to be low...if you don't live on the East Coast then you can't relate to a "humid" day and how it just wipes you out! Today we are going to try and rearrange the porches. I have a couple pieces of furniture (herb table) that we have to find a place to store. Yegads, I have too much stuff! The herb table is slanted and holds trays of herbs when we sell them in the spring. I keep it on the front porch but now want to change it around. We have some cool ideas for our '"WITCH'S EVENT"' and I need room!!!!! The store next to me and I share the front porch - so we try to coordinate some of our decorating. Kay doesn't have a porch in the back - just alittle corner - but we have some cool ideas for that space too. Hopefully we can get the cornstalks up and the hay bales situated today and then maybe I can go to Lancaster in search of PUMPKINS tomorrow. I am wondering how the pumpkin crop has fared this year????? I know many of the gardeners complained about their tomatoes getting the "blight" !! Let's hope the pumpkins have fared better !!

SOME BROOM MAGIC - When using a broom for the first time, make a wish and it will come true!

Friday, August 28, 2009


Don't you just fall in love with the little "Theatres" for Halloween~ made from old boxes, covered in vintage paper with all kinds of vintage do-dads, ribbons, buttons, buckles and some things I don't even know what they are!!! I will have to post pics of the others later - they are all made locally by Mona (doesn't it stink when you can't think of someone's last name..yiyiyi)
The star and crow is another fun decoration - made by Sharon of Vintage Threads!! ( I do remember her last name...Nolan...LOL!!)
It rained off and on all day today and was actually cool outside - The store has such a "warmth" about it when the skies are grey. The walls are all stone and together with front and back porches - it makes it dark inside the store...lots of candle lights brighten corners and windowsills.....real candles flickering, giving off a cinnamony scent, help with the ambiance of making the store look like a country store of yesteryear. Baskets hanging from the ceiling, olde barrels, rug beaters and all those olde jars - can stir the imagination and you can pretend you are a storekeeper from another time !!! BUT back to reality...too much work to do to "daydream" for very long. Pricing takes so much time....maybe cause I am obsessed with price tags...or maybe I am slow.....or maybe I have too much stock.....or maybe.....I talk too much inbetween everything else. It seemed all I finished today was some pricing of items - I had pumpkins to stuff...didn't get done...pillows to stuff....didn't get done!! I did have some customers who were happy to find fall and Halloween treasures for sale - (that was good as it was a quiet week so far) !! I was getting worried customers were not in the fall mood yet! Sigh of relief!!!

Thursday, August 27, 2009


Well......they arrived yesterday and I can't even explain how wonderful these girls are (fully dressed of course) ! Sad is that you really NEED to see Barb's folkart ( ) in person to really appreciate the workmanship and handstitched details on each and every piece of work. There was alot more in that big olde box that that big brown truck delivered.....!!! I am quite anxious to decorated the store FULLY!!
Not sure if I posted this picture before or not...but if you look on her left hand and see that "black dot" is a RING !!!! The band is handstitching with a black antique button! This picture does her NO justice - am I a lucky storekeeper to have such a talented wonderful friend who makes our store so SPECIAL !! I still have to name this "good little witch" who carries her pumpkin with her everywhere she goes so no one will make "pumpkin pie" with it! I've played around too much this to the store to make some $$$ !!

Wednesday, August 26, 2009


It is 66 degrees right now in my little part of PA...what a "reprieve" from the "HEAT WAVE" we have been experiencing. I have to admit as I grow older the heat slows me down...and I don't like it! It is very still here this morning...even the birds are quiet. I have been "up and at 'em" since early morning....before sunshine....(big smile) stuffing pillows and cutting out those adorable "Fairy Witch" ornaments. They are a bit "tough" to cut and tend to leave an indentation on my finger from the scissors - (last week it was a blister) so I can only do a couple at a time! I love them though and they look great on our Halloween Tree !
It will be fun filling the store today since it feels more like fall.....I bought great fabric (Walmart) to wrap around the bottom of the tree - the tree sits in a Christmas tree stand (Tony's idea instead of cementing it in) and no matter what I put around it I was not happy.....I found black fabric with cobwebs all over it...I am pretty sure it will please me. (and it will fit right in with the cobwebs I just can't seem to keep up with in the store) !!
UPS should be bringing me some fun boxes to play with today - I love when that big brown truck pulls in the parking lot.
The picture is of a Witch make-do on an olde bobbin - raw sheep wool for her hair - vintage ribbon and bias tape - slightly aged green fabric face - she will be looking for a new home come September 9th !

Tuesday, August 25, 2009


The past couple days have been sad for me as my dearest friend's Mother passed away. Barbara's of Turkey Hollow Folkart. She has left for California where her Mother lived. Then I heard about Ruth Rochelle of Primitive Homeplace. I did not know Barb's Mother (just funny stories from Barb) nor Ruth....(only thru her website). What I do know is the pain of losing a loved one - and how death brings us back to our own immortality and what is really, really important in life. I fret over such silly things....that really are not very important at all. Family and Friends are who make up our life and who we are. I have made so many new friends with the use of the internet...some come and some go....but all have touched my life and I hope have helped me to be a better person. I love my family, friends - those I get to hug and those I don't....Prayers are with Barb and Ruth's families...

Saturday, August 22, 2009


The store is starting to really look like AUTUMN...just the outside is still very "summery" !! We have cornstalks ready to put on the porch posts but they got "soaked" with all the storms we have been having so now they need to dry out and hopefully will not be all "mildewy" ! ( I make up words and feel very at home doing so) !!
Black wax scented gourds fill this olde wooden wheelbarrow - while a stack of handmade pumpkins sits in front....Halloween tags to use as ornaments on your Halloween Tree (everyone does put up a Halloween Tree don't they?) OR they can be used as a cool gift tag. I am a Halloween fruitcake...I LOVE IT ALL... and a Halloween Tree is a must!
So I peek on Facebook every now and then to see what my kids are up to - and see that my son and daughter-in-law ran a race today (hot and humid and they are crazy) BUT look they both won their age group!! Congrats Tad and Wendy!And then I check my daughter's Facebook...looks like they have been partying!!! May be they are celebrating their son's and my Grandson's awesome soccer game today!! Way to go EVAN !!

Thursday, August 20, 2009


Well...I must say I have a pretty good handle on the "changing of the season" in the store. It is really looking quite "fallish" !! There is always lots to do but I am certainly in the "spirit" of things! The "pumpkin patch" is fully grown....oh my so many pumpkins in every shade of orange and every shape you can imagine! I can't wait to fully decorate and show you all the wonderful treasures we are getting in. Leah Webb...(chief pumpkin maker) brought me 7 new pumpkins today....Here are two of them...quite jolly don't you think? It was "black cat" day for me as I stuffed woolly black cats in between customers. I also put the "black tree" up and started to decorate it with the mercury glass ornies we just got in. I didn't have time to finish it so this is the "before" picture! We have really cool glass beads in Halloween colors to put on this tree - among other goodies...wool ornies from The Wool Peddlar and some little owl ornaments too!Don't you love the orange metal bin (from olde country hardware store) in front of the tree!! I have two of them so one is for sale....they will sit three different ways or you can hang on the wall....great display piece!
This wicked looking witch is just the "opposite" of "wicked.....although I must admit she is not very handsome of face but her "attitude" is wonderful as you can tell by her orange and black striped stockings!! I don't think she has any intentions of putting that crow in the olde iron cauldron do you ??? !!!!!

Wednesday, August 19, 2009


Lots of goodies are being sent to THE CINNAMON STICK today from Washington state....Barb Young from Turkey Hollow Folkart is sending me Halloween treasures for our Open House...and these will be in the box....woohoo!!!

Fall and Halloween are so much fun!!! It just feels like my BIRTHDAY everyday at THE CINNAMON STICK !! BUT, of course I don't get any older !!!! Off to keep filling up the store with lots of "good treasures" !!!

Monday, August 17, 2009


Above is a picture of this year's Halloween tree....almost naked - !! I know it is hard to see (JUST WAIT TILL IT IS ALL DECORATED) and that dumb fire extinguisher HAS to be there.....I get in trouble every time they (fire marshal) comes in to check I always put something in front of ithe extinguisher and it has to stay where everyone can see it in case of a fire....yeah right....a fire and we are all headed out the doors !!! I have a fire extinguisher on each floor....basement and attic....(those I don't have to hide) - a necessary nuisance! Anyway, I will do something so it isn't sticking out like a sore thumb....hmmmmm maybe alittle witchy dress and hat !!! I was busy all week (making messes) putting the fall fabric on tables and benches etc. and I even started to put out some fall/Halloween treats. The store is certainly taking shape and I will continue all this week. It is fun to redo and I have such great goodies to sell!
Look who came for a visit Sunday - Lisa and Dave of Homethrown Pottery in North Carolina.
They certainly found lots of goodies to take back with them...the back seat of the truck was jammed solid with good finds too (and they were doing Lancaster Monday) !!! Where oh where they were going to put anything I do not know ! We had a really nice visit - Lisa and Dave are lots of fun and full of exciting NEWS but I will not spill the beans before they have a chance to tell!! Congratulations Lisa and Dave !!
It is so hot here in PA - the heat index was 103 today ! We don't have central air in this olde house - just fans - and I think hubby will be putting the air conditioner in the bedroom window tonight! We really haven't needed them - UNTIL NOW !!

Thursday, August 13, 2009


( We put these tiny hay bales on the steps leading to the second floor)
First - the glasses....well I kept them on all day Wednesday....besides looking over the top of them constantly (I know customers thought "how odd" ) I managed to keep them on and "try" to learn how to operate them! Today it was different...they were off and on, off and on - but I will go for it again tomorrow !
Second - I started...what a mess I have in the store. I deleted it of all fabric resembling summer (except the bathroom) and have started the process of removing all dust and "it's" ! If you don't have STONE walls to deal with and seven deep windowsills (yes I love them, however !!!!) the it's are the pieces of cement "pointing" that falls onto the windowsills and floors CONSTANTLY...and onto everything that is on that windowsill - we sit very close to a very busy road and the olde building does a bit of a "dance" when the big ole' trucks come flying by. AND THE COBWEBS .....for some reason there is NOT a spider to be who could be making all those cobwebs?????
It felt good to put my nose to the grindstone and finally start....My friend Kathy (who just happens to own the very best candy store 10 minutes from us) stopped in today - and just smiled. She came in last week and was surprised that I hadn't changed to fall yet....she has her store all decorated (well she said she is still tweaking here and there) and told me I better get busy. I said NO NO NO ...not until the end of today when she visited she was quite "smug" !!! She knew I couldn't wait to start the changeover. BUT WHAT A MESS.....!!! Hopefully tomorrow I can get it at least "passable" for the weekend.
I am off early tomorrow morning to pick up fake "bittersweet garlands" that I ordered and the owner told me that they have 140 NEW items in the wholesale showroom....Luckily they open at 9 am and I can go to the store, get it all opened, and then head for the showroom and be back by 10 am. So much to do.....I love being busy - just wish this cold would go away !!!

Wednesday, August 12, 2009


Every customer and I mean every one of them.....came in thinking the store would be "ready" for fall - well maybe not Carol who was still looking for goodies for her garden (and found a nice little bench to put some pots on) !!! BUT everyone else - the big question - "when are you going to put out fall and Halloween?" So I handed them one of those little orange tags with all the info on them and watched them "pout". Then I admitted that starting this week we are going to take away the strawberries and herb signs (well we really move them to the second floor cause they are wonderful and customers will still NEED them) and put away the summer fabric covering tables, boxes and benches - DUST - real good - remove all the cobwebs that appear right before my eyes - and start putting some "fall" into the store. have no idea how much work this involves so I figured I better get started!!
Tony found me a wonderful "tree" for Halloween and now he has to cement it in a pot! (I really am excited about changing the store around - hard to be patient!) Here are a few pics of past Halloween can only see the back of the Curly Willow tree....oh well...

Tuesday, August 11, 2009

BUSY HANDS.... how do you get use to wearing glasses??? My poor neck keeps trying to find the "right" spot to peek thru....I KNOW that isn't what I am suppose to do - but never having worn anything more than "over the counter cheaters" I am at a loss on how to operate these things...!!!
Progressive lenses....they tell me I will love them...keep them on and you will get use to them...HUH???? Okay...I can follow orders but you should have seen me trying to thread a needle and cut out a witch ornie...oh my!!
That brings me to this wonderful image that Lisa from found and told me about (thank you Lisa). Don't you just love her??? I purchased 4 different witches and am making ornies for our Halloween tree from them - they are two sided and that is where the challenge comes in and the cutting out, gluing together - matching side by side and to top it off using NEW GLASSES!!!I made one and sent it along with an Etsy order - it was my "first" try....I might have to revert back to my "cheaters" for that close cutting out...!!!!
It is way too hot here in PA today!

Sunday, August 9, 2009


Some fun from last year's "Autumn Frolic" !!
I got hit with a summer cold that has just about wiped me I do feel better - not fun!!!
I get "grumpy" when I don't feel well and hubby (poor hubby) does all he can to make me happy - and then he just gives up and stays away...LOL!!
I can hardly believe in less than a week it will be the middle of August and time to start the "Great Changeover" to fall.....I am ready mentally - this has been a very strange summer weather wise and not sure what September is going to bring ??? I am still debating on putting up a Halloween tree. I have one of those "brown" Christmas trees that always looks cool with Autumn colors....but I have it in my head I just wanted "branches" in a pot. We did that about 5 years ago with "curly willow" but there was NO PLACE to store it and the weather got to it and it didn't last more than two years. HOWEVER I have this idea in my head and want to try another one. Then I used Christmas tinsel to "jazz" it up and this year I have ordered lots of the orange tinsel garland from Lancaster is really cool looking and thought it would make for a great garland. Guess I will have my mind made up by next way or another.
It is pouring down rain here in sending Tony out to find me a branch might be out of the question today...maybe after it clears up !!!

Thursday, August 6, 2009


Rondell of Tomatoe Creek Prims is the winner of our 100th Follower Give-away....Congratulations I need your full name and address so I can put it on the label and get it in the mail ASAP !!! You can email me with the info at !!

This was fun - I want to thank everyone who commented - I am keeping all those little bits of papers with names on them cause maybe I will be in the giving mood one day and pick a name out just for fun !!! I wish I could send everyone a token of friendship.....XO to all, Judy

PS - All that "sniffing" "coughing" and a-a-achooing in the other post was due to a summer cold that I am suffering with right now....bah humbug!! Oops - wrong holiday...oh well you get the way I feel right now!!


...going to be put on this address label????????? The bewitching hour is soon to come - (sniff,sniff) Just waiting (sniff,sniff) for the hubby to come home from his meeting, (cough, sniff) and I will have him pull the name from my olde candy tin....(a-a-achoo) Stay on board just alittle bit (sniff) longer!!!

Wednesday, August 5, 2009


...a 100% wool pillow with an appliqued pumpkin - all in wool ???
...and a pillow with a transfer of a Halloween message exclusive to THE CINNAMON STICK???....
....and an owl perched in front of a moon to hang on a wreath or sprig of sticks....??? Interested??? Then you have one more chance to leave your comments - The winner will be chosen tomorrow evening - I just want to THANK everyone for leaving such nice comments and sending such nice emails....good luck to everyone - LET THE FUN BEGIN...

Tuesday, August 4, 2009


...unless you are spending time with your grandbabies then you NEVER want to come home !!
Although it is good to be home and back to "reality"... our mini-vacation was perfect ! We left home in a horrid rainstorm and by the time we arrived at Knoebel's Grove Amusement Park the sun was shining and it was a beautiful day. The weather couldn't have been more perfect for our visit. The "Park" is in a wooded setting and there is lots of shade, bathrooms and places to eat or drink! The IDEAL place for young children...(of all ages - including those who are now considered "senior citizens") !! These kids are "FEARLESS" - there are wooden roller coasters...HUGE ..if they met the height requirement they were on every ride...the 3 year old is as brave as can be...nothing frightens them....the faster the better....THEY DO NOT GET THIS FROM THERE GRANDMOM !!!
I have LOTS to catch up on...will post a picture of our GIVE-AWAY tomorrow (it is at the store) and then we will have one of the little neighbor boys pick out a name or maybe two !!