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Sunday, July 12, 2009


Sorry that I am so boring...but right now I have fingernails....strange topic???...well not for me...I NEVER have fingernails above the tips of my fingers. They look nice ...well they would look nice...if they weren't stained with paint, stain, coffee and brown dye! My hands are NOT pretty...I sometimes think what is that customer thinking when I am writing out her invoice !!! (shaking my head in embarrassment!!) A hazard of the trade I suppose, but I am not dainty and jewelry is non-existent other than earrings (when I remember to put them on.) DO NOT SUGGEST WEARING GLOVES....can't work with them! So if you visit the store and happen to look at my hands...KNOW that they are the hands of a who won't wear gloves...and one who if you come right down to it - can live with her "ugly" hands.
I have been busy working on fall and Halloween and starting to get a nice little pile together. BUT I am still looking - searching - to find that GREAT NEW ITEM THAT HASN'T BEEN DONE YET... wondering if it is out there...???? I get my ideas from everyone else....I see something in a magazine or internet and think...."hey I could do something like that"...rarely.....very I use a pattern...I make my own and then it is my own....maybe not my own idea but my own work ! There are so many gals out in cyber space with so much creativity and so many wonderful ideas...and best of all they love to share...BOY AM I GLAD TO BE BACK ONLINE !!!

I have to figure out a face for these off I go searching......Have a beautiful Sunday !!


Janet - underthewillow said...

Hello Judy!....I used to have pretty hands with long nails I always kept painted but when I started my business three years ago that all went to you know where in a hand basket, LOL....dealing with boxes and shipping and receiving doesn't do anything for one's hands so I'm with ya! Janet

kim said...

I make these from a pattern from Sassafras Hill Primitives. They get a simple X for eyes and a straight or crooked long stitch for the mouth.
take care Kim

Christine said...

Boy, do I know how you feel! If I even touch a tea bag, my fingers are stained! I too, hate wearing gloves- but I couldn't stand it anymore. I broke down and bought a box of latex free gloves and wear them whenever I have to touch something that will stain. My finger prints were always stained and I hated looking like I had just been 'booked' ! LOL I love the pics of your shop- wish I lived close enough to come visit :o)