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Monday, July 13, 2009


The picture above is of two "Puzzle Balls" made for us by Leah Webb (one of our very talented artists) !! I have searched long to try and find any "history" of these works of "art" - but have not been able to. I know the "antique ones" go for lots and lots of $$$$'s and no wonder when you see all the work that is involved in making one. Apparently they were made for "fun" - (yes the Amish have FUN too!) and used as pincushions. They look great just sitting around with your other "sewies" !! The two that Leah made are a sample of exquisite workmanship. They are for sale on our PT !!The rainstorm we had Saturday night really "beat down" the gladiolas at the store - Tony staked them up yesterday and brought me in a bouquet - sadly they do not last long once cut. I could have sold the bouquet a few times .. LOL!! I love how they look in front of the double you more "bling" !!! Aren't they the prettiest RED...!!! Gladiolas are a fond memory of my Grandfather. My grandparents owned a Country Inn and Restaurant...THE GREEN GABLES INN...and my Grandfather raised the most prettiest flowers (not that I appreciated them when I was young)...He would take an olde flower basket ( like we think of funeral baskets today) fill them with the Glads and they would be the centerpiece on a table in one of the dining would be huge and beautiful.... MEMORIES ....

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ctlogcabin said...

Morning Judy ~~ Love the name of your Grandfathers place..and a large basket of Glads, oh my how wonderful that must have looked. Thanks for sharing your memories with us. And I dont think I have ever looked at your hands...too busy laughing, talking and looking at your beautiful smile.
Hugs ~ Connie xox