We are now located on the Lower Level in Morgantown Market. A 90 dealer co-op that is just amazing!!
Open every day - 10 am to 5 pm
2940 Main Street, Morgantown, PA 19543

Friday, July 31, 2009


We are going on a family "mini" vacation with Tad/Wendy, Shannon/Jeff and the I will be "missing in action" for a few days. Sharon is going to work the store for me. Looks like the weather is going to cooperate...(fingers crossed) - bad weather with 8 little ones can be - to say the least - "trying" !!! LOL!!
When I come back I will post the "GIVE-AWAY" gift and after that the WINNER - so keep commenting to be added !!
Now I must go pack!!!!

Thursday, July 30, 2009


The girls that make handmade treasures for our store - NEVER - disappoint me...NEVER! I can't even explain how talented they are - the workmanship and detail on their creations are undeniably the best. AND, to top it off they give me reasonable prices that make their goodies available for everyone to purchase.
These gals are true artists...sometimes they make one of a kind and sometimes two of a kinds...LOL!!! Rarely do they remake something they have already done in the past. (unless I beg) !! For the past two years Barbara Young of Turkey Hollow Folkart has come "east" (from Washington State) on vacation and has blessed us with a day of "Frolic" where she has graciously signed her folkart for all who would come - always the busiest day of our Harvest Thyme! This year Barb is not sure when she is coming "east" (but she IS coming - woohoo) as she would like to visit some of the prim shows that are going on later in the season. I would too, however I must work and work and work ! My point is - I never displayed Barb's folkart until the "Autumn Frolic" but this year it will be available for our Harvest Thyme open house September 9th. Barb likes to tease me and sends me pictures of "naked bodies"... these came a couple days ago...
This morning my email had this picture in it.....Ta-Da !!
I immediately named her "Trixie"...she just made me smile - and I can see she is wearing her "country finest" for her trip to THE CINNAMON STICK !!! I just had to share - We may not be one of the BIG named stores...but our customers know exemplary workmanship and they know just where to find it - they also know that they are not going to find the treasures we sell in all the other stores.....that is why I am BLESSED !! So be sure to mark your calendars for our Harvest Thyme Open House !!!

Wednesday, July 29, 2009


(my kitchen table is always full of work in progress ie. the little witchy hats)
I can't wait to get started making something special with the new fabrics I found yesterday. It was crazy busy in the fabric store as there is a "Quilt Show" in Hershey, PA starting today and all the ladies standing in line (with their carts filled to the brim with bolts of fabric), were from - Indiana, Illinois, Florida - and that was just in my line!! I am not a patience nor do I have that gift of putting just the right colors together...but it was fun to talk to them and look into all their carts to see what they were purchasing. (and when they asked if I was a quilter I said no I WAS A FOLK ARTIST - wasn't that "snobby" of me...!!!LOL!!!)
I particularly LOVE the deep purple print...haven't a clue what I will do with it but it looks so eerie-ly Halloweeny!!! Also, the plain print on the other end is an "aged" muslin...a nice heavy weight and will be fun to make Halloween sacks with. Oh I just have to stop typing and get busy...

Tuesday, July 28, 2009


(a very good witch in the making who visited us last year) all the sweet comments and emails I have gotten...thank you everyone....The give-away is going to go on for a little while so keep your comments/emails coming. I will enter you for each comment.
I have been "worrying" over an eye problem all last week waiting for my eye doctors appointment yesterday - all is okay - but will now have to wear glasses full time....Seems I have a floater..a big one....(I always do everything big so a friend told me yesterday - XO Barb)...BUT this is just an annoyance and not anything to fret about. Thank you GOD ! We have "macular degeneration" in the family and of course I was thinking the worse. BUT I can keep creating and sewing and being the "Happy Storekeeper" Life is Good !!!
Today Sharon and I are off to find some GREAT we hope. Do I dare say my "stash" is running low.....LOL!! Of course it isn't but I need some "new" to work with - some wonderful fall colors. All morning I have (I get up very early) been working on some witchy hat ornies for our Halloween tree...I LOVE HALLOWEEN !!!

Sunday, July 26, 2009


Oh my goodness......I told myself (as the followers list kept growing) that if I reached "100" people who were interested somewhat in my ramblings.....THAT FOR SURE I WOULD HAVE A GIVE-AWAY... that is exactly what has happened....So that is exactly what I will do...Leave a comment....and I will enter your name in the "tin" !! OR just email me at and I will enter your name. I am quite flattered that anyone wants to read my blog let alone admit to it !!! Big hugs to all of you! to find just the right "gift"....will post a picture soon...I think it should be alot of gifts don't you ??? cut off date as yet....have to think about it...However I will put your name in with each comment you leave. LET THE FUN BEGIN !!!!

Saturday, July 25, 2009


(click on picture to enlarge)
We have a date !!! Two dates matter of fact !! The picture is of our fall "announcement" - instead of putting a flyer in everyone's bag I thought I would make a tag with all the info on it and tie it on each purchase !! You know how I love to tie everything UP !!! I know you can hardly read it - the color is a nice deep orange - I stamped the little acorn next to the "Fall Date" and although I have a little witch stamp - I left it home and had to use my Martha Stewart witch punch and glue every witch on....duh !! Of course I also had to cut each tag out...LOL!!

Here's what it says -

59 Star Road, Hereford, PA 18056 - 215-541-7907
Join us for our HARVEST THYME event
beginning - Sept. 9th - 13th
(open the 9th till 8 pm)
and for our "new" event'
October 2nd - 3rd
Friday evening - 6 pm - 9 pm
Saturday - 10 am - 5 pm
We will be closed Friday, October 2nd during the day as we have LOTS OF SURPRISES FOR THIS SPECIAL EVENT !! Kay from Homespun (store next to us) is going to "play" with us and I am sure it will be "bewitching" !!! EVERYONE'S INVITED !!!

Friday, July 24, 2009


Past Halloween image...

Sorry to be so boring but this is a really "dull" time right now. The store is quiet even though I have a tendency to make alot of noise no matter what project I am into. Seems that I run up to the attic where I have herbs drying and then down to the basement to sew up a witch's hat then back to the get the idea ! Uusally as soon as I get to the attic the bell to the door rings and I am all the way back down would THINK I would be THIN !! Not the case! LOL!!
I have way too many projects started and no matter what room -home or store- I walk into I get into something that is started but not finished...and then off I go into another room and see another project and start on that one - never ending and even though my "posts" might be boring I am never bored !!
Now I have to make our Fall Harvest flyer so I can start handing them out....toodle-loo !! Judy

Tuesday, July 21, 2009


...almost got done today what I had planned for my days off - I was on a "merry-go-round" that never stopped all day - (didn't know I still had it in me)....!!! Although I didn't get to the trade show but that was on the bottom of the list of things to do. I did get some great fall florals, candle rings and birch branches and wreaths !! The bittersweet (that I like) was on order - the other stuff was too "fake" looking. I even purchased some Christmas candle rings as they were so REAL looking and I was afraid that they would be gone when I went "Christmas" shopping for the store. AND - 15% off my whole order - now that was a good deal!
I finished up some owls for the "Halloween tree" and some pumpkin and cat bowl fillers. Got all the "faces" on those little pumpkin witches and now I just have to put together my witch make-dos -
I am hoping that motor on the "merry-go-round has lots of oil cause there is so much more to do !
(pictures are some of last year's goodies)...

Monday, July 20, 2009


That was my day today..."upside - down" and it was just so relaxing and fun! I didn't do anything I had on my list...instead I played and created!! (I didn't get showered and dressed till lunch....I was so busy playing). Boy was I ever "into" Halloween - Some days are just about having fun all by oneself !!
Tomorrow I will have to work double overtime to make up for today - and hopefully everything will be right-side up !!! (big smile)

Sunday, July 19, 2009


Monday and Tuesday the store is closed and tomorrow is the beginning of my weekend...lots and lots and lots to cram into those two days. Tomorrow a trip to my favorite wholesale floral store is on the agenda - I need lots of fall garlands, wreaths, candle rings etc.....and they always have something I can't live without. Last year I couldn't find any real looking bittersweet so I am hoping by going in JULY I will find some - Marge the owner is so sweet I just love going there. The Philadelphia Gift Show also started today - but I don't think I will make it until Tuesday. This is a more "gifty" than "country" type show but I always manage to find something new and exciting. Tony and Sharon are both working so I will have to go by myself....:( !!
I have been very busy "creating" some new fall treasures for the store....and yesterday I was able to get some WONDERFUL black blanket weight wool for $3.50 a yard - it will make great Halloween pillows....oh so much I want to do!!!!
The store has not been very busy....'tis July (sigh) I have had lots of time to create! I can't believe how some people can say they are bored......!!!! NEVER ENOUGH THYME !!!
The picture is of a "Witch's Hat & Hat Box"..made by Brenda Bobbin last year....I love the altered art/mixed media goodies I get from her !

Friday, July 17, 2009

BOOM - BANG - boomboomboom !!!

Did you guess...??? We are having very LOUD thunderstorms this was so humid today you just KNEW a storm was brewing.... ( I probably shouldn't be on the computer but it is not lightning that I can see)...!!!
Today I spent the day pondering (and talking to Lisa of Homethrown Pottery) what I was going to do for our fall open house. I seem to always do the same olde, same olde and have convinced myself that when you get it right you probably shouldn't change anything....(or maybe I am just lazy!!) LOL!! We (Kay (the owner of the store attached to ours) Sharon (my right hand, artist and my mind when I lose it) and I have been brainstorming on our October event....we really want it to be a very special ....This will be a FIRST time event and we are so excited....not going to spill the beans just yet...but oh is it going to be fun!!!
Our HARVEST THYME OPEN HOUSE begins September 9th and it will be here before you know it....wish time would slow down alittle bit...I am enjoying our summery days.

Wednesday, July 15, 2009


Sharon and I had a fun day (we so think alike)...but the "pickings" were few ! I did come home with a couple goodies but I am not doing cartwheels. LUNCH WAS GREAT - at a "tea room along the way !! One of the places we wanted to go to is now closed on Monday and Tuesday....bummer....I suppose with business as quiet as it is they are not paying for help for 7 days. So we came back to my house early and "brainstormed" for our Halloween event !! So many ideas running thru our heads....and we really have to get busy putting it together!
Another "glorious" day here in Pennsylvania - and back to work - work !!

Tuesday, July 14, 2009


Sharon and I are taking the day "off" today to have a fun day - we can put some "miles" on when we get together!!! We are going to an olde Grist Mill where dealers have their antique wares for sale. Right across the street is the home of ' THE SEAMSTRESS FROM BLACKSTONE"...
( ) Her home is wonderful and the grounds are of these days I will get enough nerve to just knock on her door and say "HI" !!!
We will visit a couple "country stores" that are on our way and then have a nice lunch - where depends on how long we are everywhere else.
The sun is shining and it promises to be a beautiful day!!
Yesterday I worked on fall items....(really Halloween) I must get my act together and find some good fall items to make - I do realize that not everyone is "into" Halloween the way I am !! Owls seem to be very big this year....I know we sold every "owl" that we had right away last year - but finding an owl pattern has been hard - and I am again thinking I will have to "make my own"...that takes time and "trial and error"...oh is still only July...not going to panic (just yet) !!!!!....unless someone out there has a PATTERN they would love to tell me about??? (hint hint) !!!
Will tell you the story of our "adventure" when I get home.....hoping to find some good treasures for the store and some "new" ideas too !!!

Monday, July 13, 2009


The picture above is of two "Puzzle Balls" made for us by Leah Webb (one of our very talented artists) !! I have searched long to try and find any "history" of these works of "art" - but have not been able to. I know the "antique ones" go for lots and lots of $$$$'s and no wonder when you see all the work that is involved in making one. Apparently they were made for "fun" - (yes the Amish have FUN too!) and used as pincushions. They look great just sitting around with your other "sewies" !! The two that Leah made are a sample of exquisite workmanship. They are for sale on our PT !!The rainstorm we had Saturday night really "beat down" the gladiolas at the store - Tony staked them up yesterday and brought me in a bouquet - sadly they do not last long once cut. I could have sold the bouquet a few times .. LOL!! I love how they look in front of the double you more "bling" !!! Aren't they the prettiest RED...!!! Gladiolas are a fond memory of my Grandfather. My grandparents owned a Country Inn and Restaurant...THE GREEN GABLES INN...and my Grandfather raised the most prettiest flowers (not that I appreciated them when I was young)...He would take an olde flower basket ( like we think of funeral baskets today) fill them with the Glads and they would be the centerpiece on a table in one of the dining would be huge and beautiful.... MEMORIES ....

Sunday, July 12, 2009


Sorry that I am so boring...but right now I have fingernails....strange topic???...well not for me...I NEVER have fingernails above the tips of my fingers. They look nice ...well they would look nice...if they weren't stained with paint, stain, coffee and brown dye! My hands are NOT pretty...I sometimes think what is that customer thinking when I am writing out her invoice !!! (shaking my head in embarrassment!!) A hazard of the trade I suppose, but I am not dainty and jewelry is non-existent other than earrings (when I remember to put them on.) DO NOT SUGGEST WEARING GLOVES....can't work with them! So if you visit the store and happen to look at my hands...KNOW that they are the hands of a who won't wear gloves...and one who if you come right down to it - can live with her "ugly" hands.
I have been busy working on fall and Halloween and starting to get a nice little pile together. BUT I am still looking - searching - to find that GREAT NEW ITEM THAT HASN'T BEEN DONE YET... wondering if it is out there...???? I get my ideas from everyone else....I see something in a magazine or internet and think...."hey I could do something like that"...rarely.....very I use a pattern...I make my own and then it is my own....maybe not my own idea but my own work ! There are so many gals out in cyber space with so much creativity and so many wonderful ideas...and best of all they love to share...BOY AM I GLAD TO BE BACK ONLINE !!!

I have to figure out a face for these off I go searching......Have a beautiful Sunday !!

Wednesday, July 8, 2009


I know it is only the first week of July but when you are a storekeeper you have to always think ahead - these beautiful "posies" are perfect for August decorating...and will take you right up to Christmas by filling crocks and baskets with "life-like" blooms! When fall does arrive a few sprigs of bittersweet will look great amongst the flowers.
It did not feel like July weather today....a really beautiful spring day was more like it. Guess that is because the humidity we usually have was in can stay hid for me !!
The tomato patch has been harvested and we have lots to share with you....just look !!!
..I better get more jars ready for the garden's bounty so we can fill the pantry shelves for those cold winter months...
Hope your garden's are filled with lots of wonderful treasures ~!!!!!

Tuesday, July 7, 2009


Did you ever notice that items in your store go in "spurts" ??? We have (had) really nice olde meat hooks....most of them handwrought....for $5.00 each. All clean and ready to use in your home - I had rows of them hanging from the ceiling (forever) and all of a SUDDEN - GONE ....not a one did that happen? Seems like everyone wanted an olde hook instead of one of the cheaper new ones. Okay with me...however....trying to find more is always a chore as I add another item to the list of "things we need" !!
The picture above is a Baker's Cupboard....most likely from the early 50's....nice, chippy white paint and the dough board is there...woohoo!! All the glass knobs are original to the piece, however the agate top has some serious stains. I am the last person this would bother as they are easily covered (if you feel the need) with a homespun cloth or olde dough board.

Monday, July 6, 2009


I am back online....oh my goodness hallelujah and all that jazz.....what a rig-a-ma-roll it was too. My sweet and very handsome, computer whiz neighbor did the final job. Don't ask me how cause he was configuring and reconfiguring and typing in numbers for over an hour and TA-DA...we got reconnected to the internet. I will be afraid to turn this machine off in case it disappears again!!!!
I can't wait to catch up with everyone - I have half a million emails to answer - a picture trail to update and blogs to read !!!
Keep your fingers crossed that my computer woes are over and all is well in Pennsylvania!!! Now I am off to make sure all my buttons and whistles far so good.....!!!


Thought I would stop in to say HELLO since I have some computer time (mine is still not working)!
The weather here has been very warm.....not complaining.....although as I get older the hot weather bothers me more than it use to. To stay "cool" I am thinking fall and Halloween and without a computer I have been creating up a "witch's pot" full of goodies. Wish I could share some pictures with you....hopefully soon. We do a HUGE Halloween business....and this year (think I mentioned it) we are having a "new" event.....keeping it a surprise for now as we "iron" out all the kinks and wrinkles.
Business has been a roller coaster ride to say the least...although I don't want wish my life "away"...fall can't come too soon.
We are making vacation plans for sometime in August with our children and grandchildren....a yearly vacation when we all get to play together!!! So I have lots to keep me busy while I am "offline" !!! Talk to you I am off to visit some of my favorite blogs !!!

Sunday, July 5, 2009


I am babysitting this evening for Tad and Wendy and have access to the INTERNET... seems that it has been forever and ever and ever that I have had any contact with the "cyber-world" !!! My two grandaughters are on the trampoline with the yard sprayer underneath it - the water squirts up through the trampoline and they are having a ball.....what they won't think of !!!
Computer is so very computer neighbor is far away....but Sharon's very handsome computer intelligent son (can't call him a nerd cause he is just too cute and sweet)...has some kind of program on it right now and is coming back on Tuesday to see if it has worked...if not....I have to do the dreaded and clean it all gosh knows when I will have it back to normal !!! I am really missing checking in on everyone and can hardly stand not knowing what is going on everywhere !!
Please don't forget about me....I SHALL RETURN....XOXOXOXO, thanks for all the good wishes !! Judy

Wednesday, July 1, 2009


Sharon and I always plan a long trip in the fall.....a couple years ago we went to New York but only knew of one store to visit....since then I have found many more and we are planning another trip there .....I am so excited because "MAGPIE PRIMITIVES" is on our list and Mark and Chastity's wonderful store, cafe and Bed and Breakfast has an eight page feature in the summer issue of the Mercantile Gatherings magazine !!! It was so much fun to visit and read about all the history of their home (mansion)...I can't wait to visit in person!!! Chastity was sweet enough (talked to her at the Heritage Market trade show) to tell us of other store's in the off to New York we are going in the fall !!! We usually only do a day trip (4 plus hours to get there) BUT since they have the B & B we are thinking of making it a two day event !!! Hey Miss Connie...we can meet you...and anyone else who might want to "tag" along for all the fun !!!
Oh gosh...just what I needed....something to "boost" my spirit right now !!!!
Hope to be back online soon....(fun coming to my son's though cause I get to see the grandkids!!!)


...a computer....I am suffering from irritability and withdrawal...and complete loneliness...I miss everyone and knowing what is going on...Hopefully soon all will be back as it should be....(pouting), Judy