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Sunday, June 21, 2009


It was an "off and on" Saturday at the store so inbetween customers and reorganizing my back counter (which is always a mess) I took a few random pics of items in the store. It rained all day yesterday...frustrating to say the least. Not raining YET this morning so Tony is on his way to the store to "mow"....grass and weeds grow fast in this weather.
This is a picture of 6 olde soup bowls and saucers (Made in England)..the color is bright and cheerful and my first reaction to these is what fun "sugar bowls" they would make ( my dishes at home do not match...a mix-mosh of anything) I added an olde silver-plated sugar spoon to each one (they are tarnished but clean)!! This "A" is an olde pattern for making "umbrella" panels. All wood with metal strips going down each side I am supposing to make nice straight cutting lines.
This is an olde "new" store stock whisk broom....I added the label - saw it somewhere on the internet and thought it would be fun to try -

Very primitive cathedral window has been made into a measures (I think) 39 1/2 in. by 33 1/2 in. - the mirror is new and the window is awesome! It fit perfect in one of the rooms between two windows on the second floor! Leah Webb makes us these reproduction "pockets" for the store...using reproduction civil war fabric - the door leads to our attic classroom - remember the olde nursery rhyme "Lucy Locket lost her pocket" ? A sunflower print......won't be long and sunflowers will be stretching their tall heads to find the sun (they will have a hard time here in PA !!) I think sunflowers are one of the most beautiful and useful flowers...they give much pleasure to the eyes - large or small - Feed the birds and feed us too! I am hooked on chocolate covered sunflower seeds! One of Tony's herb dryers.....I am "TRYING" to harvest the herbs but we are just getting too much rain. Over on The Herbal Bouquet blog - Andrea from Crow's Nest Primitive Shoppe ( has the most beautiful potpourri filled with larkspur (Country Crow Potpourri) - so I want to dry my larkspur (as she wrote how pretty it looked sprinkled in a gift basket).....I did manage to cut some..but it looked so pretty in the front garden that I hesitated and now rain rain rain (Are you sick of me talking about the rain!!) sorry!! Hope you enjoyed alittle bit of The Cinnamon Stick.....Happy Father's Day to all of your hubbies and fathers....we will be celebrating when the kids come home from Disney !!!


Tomatoe Creek Prims said...

Thanks for the pictures of your store, love seeing them and I know what you mean about the rain...I'm sick of it too!

pammyjo said...

I love seeing your store. It's so awesome. The pockets are darling. I have an old whisk broom and I have some labels I got off Etsy. Thanks for sharing, awesome idea.
Thanks for the great visit. :)

Janet - underthewillow said...

You've got some really cool and unique things Judy! Tony's herb dryer!....just remember that the rain is good for the trees and for people's wells! LOL Janet

Holly Hills Primitives said...

SO MUCH FUN TO SEE THE STORE!!! Those green dishes are adorable, but my favorite has to be the "A"! I want to come shop SO bad! Off to the nursing home for a little Father's Day picnic. Talk to you soon, Dawn

the primitive country bug said...

We're getting dumped on with rain too.
Thanks for the directions for your pot lady and your newsletters. They surprised me in my mail last week. I could smell the lovely fairy dust before I even opened the envelope. The smell of heaven in a bag! LOL!
I enjoyed looking into your shop today. I do so love your store!
Hugs~ Birgit

Holly Hills Primitives said...

Okay Kiddo, you're in the drawing! Guess what? Ashley's water broke and she is on the way to the hospital! Hooray, won't be long now, Dawn P.S. Love your new header!