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Tuesday, June 2, 2009


My Mom use to say that to us everytime we would come home from "somewhere" !! Tony and I repeated it to our kids and we still say it to each other....olde habits - treasured moments.
I am home from my ALL DAY shopping trip with Sharon. We haven't done this for quite sometime and it was so nice to spend the day just talking and shopping - having a nice lunch and just enjoying each other's company. We visited the "new" store I was told about is on Route 322 in Ephrata....called SPLINTERS.....quite an eclectic inventory. I could have purchased many things but (empty pockets) I did find a table that I couldn't leave without (Barbara it was MY GREEN)..!!! Needs alittle Tony magic but then I will most likely put it in the store for sale. There were some really unique pieces I could have used for in particular is haunting me already. This is a store I will visit often !! Visiting some other stores was an experience - OH MY !! THE PRICES.....alot of nice items but they were way out of my price range. We did visit a store in Lititz called "The Olde Curiosity Shop" which was fun. The owner has only been open two months and is full of enthusiam - what a unique, one of a kind place. I bought two beehive wicker something or others.....not sure what they were used for (food covers)....??? I thought they were pretty cool.....another something for the store. (I think I will use them to cover some goodies during our Fairy Garden Class on Saturday) !!!
(....and that is a look at the table I couldn't leave without!!)
She also makes her own greeting cards and shared the info on how to do them with us. Sweet - this is one of the MANY cards she makes....(I love the verse) !!!

I think I NEEDED that day away from work and home (although when I go away I am always working )....guess work is what I love to do the most!


Tomatoe Creek Prims said...

What a neat day you had:)

gail said...

i'm really missing coming to the Cinnamonstick & spending the money i used to have on all of your wonderful finds!!!!!
glad you are having fun!

Karen said...

Good evening Judy...
Well I'm in your neck of the woods right now...we're in Lancaster and will be doing some wonderful shopping as well.
I'm going to find the store you mentioned in Ephrata - sounds like a fun shop.
And the new one in Lititz...THE OLD CURIOSITY SHOP...I know the owner Mark...they used to own WHITE CHIMNEYS in Gap, PA - a very Colonial shop and I heard his new one is very unique and Colonial...can't wait to get there tomorrow!!!!

I'm going to meet Grace from the Amish View Inn tomorrow as well and secure our room for the GATHERING OF FRIENDS....I do hope you are still considering coming to join us for a day of shopping and meeting each other!

Hugs, Karen

Susan Burd said...

Judy - so glad you had such a fun time you are coming to Lititz, let me know and I'll meet you! The lady who owns the Olde Curiosity Shop is so nice!!! That shop used to be Weave Got Class where I taught folk art painting! Haven't found the new antique shop Splinters have to check it out. See you Saturday!


Meadowbrook Cabin Primitives said...

Hi Judy,

What a wonderful day you had ! It's so nice to get out with friends and visit those neat little shops !.. Wish I had those shoppes in my neck of PA.

This area is so lacking in those quaint , one of a kind , shoppes.

I love real wood painted tables ! Those food covers are unique !