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Wednesday, June 17, 2009


UPS came first thing this morning....with a great big box full of wonderful dolls, cats and pillows....It was Christmas morning all over again!! Kay (from Homespun - the store next to mine) came in to "help" me check everything out....(she grabbed a cat and would not let it go) !!Again my pictures DO NOT do these treasures justice but I wanted to share with you....All handmade with tons of "extra details" that you do not see...from Barbara at Turkey Hollow Folkart - HUGS BARBARA...LOTS OF HUGS...!!
Meet "Betsy Ross Franklin"....a decedent of the first Betsy Ross...(check out her "bloomers" ) !!!
"Lydia Anne" is next - so demure - just a sweetie pie...She has a tiny basket necklace and a most wonderful bonnet.
"Mary Cooper Jones" is carrying a wooly pouch with some extra special spices in it....She is just a plain and simple doll with so much attitude!!! favorite of all "Sarah Jane" - "the gatherer"...She has filled her sack with sunflower seeds and will plant them hither and tither - where ever she may go!

Each doll is signed and if you have ever purchased a doll from Turkey Hollow then you know each one has a very special message on the "derriere" (to put it kindly)! If you would like any info or better pictures just email me and I will be happy to oblige. I'll save the "kitties" for tomorrow!!


Tomatoe Creek Prims said...

Oh, I love each and primtastic! I'll be waiting to see the kitty's next:)

Holly Hills Primitives said...

Oh Judy, can't wait to see the cats! Those dolls are just fantastic, you lucky girl! I'll be watching for more pictures tomorrow. Dawn

Janet - underthewillow said...

Well Judy I think you already know that I have quite a number of handmade dolls and the ones that have come from Turkey Hollow are most definately among my favorites!....I love the ones you've posted and if I came to your store I wouldn't know which to choose!....I love the kitties too and can't wait to see them! Janet

Crystal said...

These are great dolls!