We are now located on the Lower Level in Morgantown Market. A 90 dealer co-op that is just amazing!!
Open every day - 10 am to 5 pm
2940 Main Street, Morgantown, PA 19543

Friday, June 26, 2009


I am at my son's home using their computer - mine is sick....very sick.....I am sad and not sure just what is going to happen right now. On Monday my computer "friend" is coming to save what he can and then clean the whole computer...I will be starting from scratch....Now you know why I am not a happy camper!! I will be back as soon as I can cause I am totally ADDICTED to everyone of you !!! I know you are all sending me "get well" wishes!!! Hope to be back soon...Judy

Tuesday, June 23, 2009


...mainly for inspiration I have spent the morning going thru pictures of our Harvesthyme Open Houses...Halloween ideas...and fall and Halloween patterns. I don't have much for fall.....guess cause we are such Halloween lovers here in PA !!! I definitely MUST get started on making some fall things and have traced some patterns this morning....of course I want to find that one thing that will make us unique and no one else has.....but I am brain dead right now for new ideas. Tomorrow evening I will go to the Heritage Market early buyers Cash and Carry and hopefully will find some new exciting ideas to purchase ! Kay (from Homespun Woolens and Yard Goods - shop next to mine) and I are planning a special Halloween event - I hope we can pull it together as it would be so much fun!!!
Posted a picture of part of our fall display on the back porch - unfortunately (and fortunately) (both feelings at the same time) the olde red thrasher now has a new home at Lisa's store "Homethrown Pottery" in North Carolina ( ) ! Be sure to look to see how she decorated it when you visit her store !!
Okay...back to find more "inspiration".....if you have any to share it would be most welcomed!!!!!

Sunday, June 21, 2009


It was an "off and on" Saturday at the store so inbetween customers and reorganizing my back counter (which is always a mess) I took a few random pics of items in the store. It rained all day yesterday...frustrating to say the least. Not raining YET this morning so Tony is on his way to the store to "mow"....grass and weeds grow fast in this weather.
This is a picture of 6 olde soup bowls and saucers (Made in England)..the color is bright and cheerful and my first reaction to these is what fun "sugar bowls" they would make ( my dishes at home do not match...a mix-mosh of anything) I added an olde silver-plated sugar spoon to each one (they are tarnished but clean)!! This "A" is an olde pattern for making "umbrella" panels. All wood with metal strips going down each side I am supposing to make nice straight cutting lines.
This is an olde "new" store stock whisk broom....I added the label - saw it somewhere on the internet and thought it would be fun to try -

Very primitive cathedral window has been made into a measures (I think) 39 1/2 in. by 33 1/2 in. - the mirror is new and the window is awesome! It fit perfect in one of the rooms between two windows on the second floor! Leah Webb makes us these reproduction "pockets" for the store...using reproduction civil war fabric - the door leads to our attic classroom - remember the olde nursery rhyme "Lucy Locket lost her pocket" ? A sunflower print......won't be long and sunflowers will be stretching their tall heads to find the sun (they will have a hard time here in PA !!) I think sunflowers are one of the most beautiful and useful flowers...they give much pleasure to the eyes - large or small - Feed the birds and feed us too! I am hooked on chocolate covered sunflower seeds! One of Tony's herb dryers.....I am "TRYING" to harvest the herbs but we are just getting too much rain. Over on The Herbal Bouquet blog - Andrea from Crow's Nest Primitive Shoppe ( has the most beautiful potpourri filled with larkspur (Country Crow Potpourri) - so I want to dry my larkspur (as she wrote how pretty it looked sprinkled in a gift basket).....I did manage to cut some..but it looked so pretty in the front garden that I hesitated and now rain rain rain (Are you sick of me talking about the rain!!) sorry!! Hope you enjoyed alittle bit of The Cinnamon Stick.....Happy Father's Day to all of your hubbies and fathers....we will be celebrating when the kids come home from Disney !!!

Friday, June 19, 2009


Guess why !!!! I was busy, busy, busy ....woohoo, horray, yippee !! I don't want to tell you what Wednesday and Thursday were like....boohoo NOT woohoo !!
The sun came in and out all day but the best was NO RAIN !! I even sat outside to have lunch - I am grateful for this day....however torrential rains are forecasted for tomorrow (I won't even listen to the weather - customers told me)
Yesterday, after a crappy day, my transmission seized up as I turned in our driveway....I was sick....The car was towed to the Transmission Shop and all I could see was lots of $$$$$ signs. They fixed was a hose that cracked and threw transmission fluid all over the motor and we are the luckiest people today !!! Some days are just made for happiness !!
My son, Tad, called from his vacation at Disney and said it was sunny and 98 degrees....he was calling from poolside - ahhhhh to be young again!!!

Thursday, June 18, 2009

M-E-O-W !!!!

Here kitty, kitty, kitty, kitty.....sssppssppsppsppp - Love these litter box, no jumping on my counters and no furr balls.... (sadly no purring either) BUT they listen so intently when you are talking to them....
Rag stuffed kitties with wonderful hand sewn features - the expressions are priceless...!!! Email me for more info !!!
It is raining and quite cool this morning (I have my winter robe on)...hard to believe in three days it will be officially summerthyme...???
I will have to take some pics and share some of the new olde things that have come to the store this week....two really nice olde one piece rolling pins, little boxes that were made into drawers...(anyone who knows me knows how much I love olde wooden boxes and how you can find them all over the store), a school desk...too cute ...wait till you see ...and more... Tony has been busy !!!

Wednesday, June 17, 2009


UPS came first thing this morning....with a great big box full of wonderful dolls, cats and pillows....It was Christmas morning all over again!! Kay (from Homespun - the store next to mine) came in to "help" me check everything out....(she grabbed a cat and would not let it go) !!Again my pictures DO NOT do these treasures justice but I wanted to share with you....All handmade with tons of "extra details" that you do not see...from Barbara at Turkey Hollow Folkart - HUGS BARBARA...LOTS OF HUGS...!!
Meet "Betsy Ross Franklin"....a decedent of the first Betsy Ross...(check out her "bloomers" ) !!!
"Lydia Anne" is next - so demure - just a sweetie pie...She has a tiny basket necklace and a most wonderful bonnet.
"Mary Cooper Jones" is carrying a wooly pouch with some extra special spices in it....She is just a plain and simple doll with so much attitude!!! favorite of all "Sarah Jane" - "the gatherer"...She has filled her sack with sunflower seeds and will plant them hither and tither - where ever she may go!

Each doll is signed and if you have ever purchased a doll from Turkey Hollow then you know each one has a very special message on the "derriere" (to put it kindly)! If you would like any info or better pictures just email me and I will be happy to oblige. I'll save the "kitties" for tomorrow!!

Tuesday, June 16, 2009


The next batch of grandbabies will soon be on their way to Florida to meet up with their cousins. Disney may never be the same...LOL!! I went over to our son's house this afternoon, to give goodbye kisses and hugs, and the kids were eating lunch....I took their picture and then thought....a picture in front of the fireplace like the one I took of their cousins would be they all wiped their mouths and smiled for me!! Anthony 13, Kennedy 8, Grayden 7, and Blakely 4 - This will be their first trip on an airplane and to Disney.....and they are nervously excited. I can hardly wait to hear all the stories when they come home....GODSPEED MY CHILDREN...GODSPEED.

Monday, June 15, 2009


The other part of my life is pictured four grandsons - a gift from my daughter and her husband !! Last evening we went to their house to take them for ice cream BEFORE they leave for Disney World Tuesday morning. We kept them out for about an hour while Mom and Dad took a "break" !! That didn't last long after we got home as you can see....!!! Tomorrow evening I will go to my son's house and show you the other half of the other half of my life!! They are also going to Disney World but they leave on Wednesday. I love that brother and sister and their other halves get along so well and love to vacation and do things together. The "cousins" are all in the same age group and play well together!! I will worry as they are up in an "airplane" and that is my big phobia !!! (or I would be going too!!) GODSPEED MY CHILDREN !!!

Sunday, June 14, 2009


It is always FUN at the store when it is busy with happy customers! Saturday started off very slow and then the RAINS came and so did some friendly buyers. (I promise I was NOT praying for rain!!) Today was even MORE fun as I got to meet Becky from !! And her sweet husband Jim !! That is them in the picture above and the one below is of Becky and one of her most wonderful dolls....her workmanship is amazing - underneath are panteloons, and an underslip all so beautifully sewn - I wish I would have gotten a picture of them. Her handmolded and painted face, arms and legs are just so primitively .................... - I am at a a loss for the right word....but PERFECT will have to do !! We had a really nice visit (I talked their ears off) and found out that they live only "16" miles from the store. What a pleasant surprise their visit was. (they went home with a few treasures too!)Jennifer and her husband - a blog follower from Williamsburg, VA - also stopped in today. They had visited before and are so interesting to talk to. They have family that live close (well sort of close) by and make it a point to visit when they are near. (they also went home with some Cinnamon Stick treasures) !!
I am so thankful that I started blogging as I have met (some in person and others just by mail) the neatest, most interesting and nicest people ever! Life is good in Hereford....

Friday, June 12, 2009


Oh my are WAY AHEAD of me....the "key word" in my last post title was THINKING....unfortunately not DOING yet. Those pics were from last I wish I was that far ahead....!!!!!! I am just starting to think fall and Halloween.....BUT still working on SUMMER! Scary huh.....I better get moving....LOL !!!
We have a fall open house the beginning of September and are going to have a real fun event the beginning of October....(just in the planning stages right now but I know some folks who are "jazzing" up their broomsticks in anticipation ) - woohoo!!!
Well now you know what I am thinking but this is what I am doing....decorating for summer....The berry garlands were made by Sharon of Vintage Threads....and new dollies are on their way from Turkey Hollow....THEN I suppose we all shall start working on Halloween. We are truly a HALLOWEEN STORE !! The artists that make things for us are so "into" Halloween....they truly give us the best treasures....and we love it all !!!!!


Wednesday, June 10, 2009


taking pictures...maybe I need to look into some "photography lessons"....oh doesn't seem like I have a very good picture of the medicine cupboard I brought to the store today but it's the best I could do.....duh !!!The mirror is not perfect - it has the dull olde mirrored look - (and it doesn't make me look fat)....Do you know what I some olde mirrors make you look "squatty" !!! The one in our bedroom (olde oak dresser) makes me look that way. I love olde mirrors though and just deal with it....LOL!! (maybe I should admit I am a bit "squatty" ) !! I worked on pillows today...I found the most wonderful olde quilt - machine sewn and string tied - made from amazing blue and brown homespuns...with some "shirting" fabric thrown in. It is a cutter but I am managing to find some pretty good patches for pillows. When I get a bunch done I will post a picture. I love olde homespun...and it is always a treasure to find some. There is a large brown homespun patch on the back that I am going to send to Miss Barbara at Turkey Hollow as I know she will make something wonderful with it. Here is a picture of some of the patches...and the big brown one...


Meet Blakely Mel Doyle - 4 years olde....she belongs to my son Tad and his wife Wendy.....and owns part of my heart!
After her "Little Kickers" class (soccer) she spent the afternoon with me so her Mom could go to a school function for her "big" sister - Kennedy. We made sandcastles with some leftover sand that we found in an olde agate basin....and picked pretty bouquets of flowers. Whenever she comes she wants "buttered noodles" that is what she had for lunch and we both had an "icy pop" - (disqusting - how kids can eat them I do not know) !! But she thought I should have one too - so of course I did! LOL!!
I am off to the store this morning...I have not been there for two days and need to go get my "store" in order... A wonderful olde medicine cupboard is going in is BIG and I have to "rearrange" ?somewhere? to put it off I go...Hope everyone is having a super day....

Monday, June 8, 2009


We found this sweet little chair when we were shopping yesterday....I am pretty sure it is a "Salesman's Sample" it is made exactly like the "big" one I have in the store for sale. The bolts are oversized which I assume was to show the "buyer" how well they were constructed! The chair is very sturdy - most likely to take alot of handling and traveling from town to town! I visualize an olde make-do pincushion sitting on the seat...I better be careful or I won't be able to sell it...LOL!!
I didn't accomplish much today....just couldn't get started...I hate those kind of wasted days...tomorrow is another day and hopefully I will get motivated!! Now I am going to go watch "Jillian" make out with all those "boys" on the Bachelorette !!!

Sunday, June 7, 2009


Isn't that a great bench......!!! The bench is made of olde barnwood and the back is the headboard of an olde iron crib.....all bolted together quite firmly. A great piece for the porch or garden. Tony and I went early to the flea market this morning and it was filled to the brim with sellers and buyers. We managed to spend all the money we took with us (leaving a few dollars for breakfast!)

The green farmhouse worktable made it into the store today too....sadly not many customers did.....(wrinkling my nose in dismay) !!! It was just too pretty of a day - perfect for a picnic or ride in the country (hey I am in the country....maybe everyone decided to have a picnic) !! Monday and Tuesday is MY weekend and I have lots of catching up to do - housework, sewing and picturetrail has been neglected too....NEVER ENOUGH THYME !!!

Saturday, June 6, 2009


What a great day we had...the weather was perfect - just perfect !!! I think everyone had a good time making their gardens - I found some new items to use as some of the gals are repeat "garden makers" and I needed to "surprise" them with something. I have as much fun as they do giving the class. I think I just love to play!!!! I should have gotten more pictures but I get involved with "talking" and getting lunch ready and forget. I am working on another garden class but not a fairy garden.....will just have to see if I can pull it together. The store was busy too.....Sharon worked the counter but had time have lunch with us. I love fun and busy days!!

Thursday, June 4, 2009


ARTISTS in the whole world !! Oh maybe they are not all "big names"...but they are EXCELLENT at their craft and most create just for us. I am so blessed!! The workmanship and detail to every little thing is just amazing to me. I emailed one of our crafters about something someone wanted and sort of hinted that we could use more of this and that.....
This is how she signed her reply -
- typing with a thimble on,Terri
That really made me smile !!!
It is still raining 3 - and now they are calling for day 4 and the possibility of flooding and heavy rain. Although they are saying Saturday will be cloudy in the morning but sunshiny in the afternoon...since our Fairy Class is 11am to 1pm...we are going to have a great day. (the fairies told me) !!!!
It is cool here too.....high of 60 degrees tomorrow....what the heck???

Wednesday, June 3, 2009


Okay...going to "blow my own horn".....June 1st was THE CINNAMON STICK'S 19th anniversary....and my 26th anniversary of being a storekeeper. ( 7 years as Doyle's Country Porch) Some of the very first customers are STILL coming to the store.....does one's heart good!! I have been around long enough to see Moms shop with their young daughters...those daughters get married and come shop with their young daughters (yegads I am olde!!) We have weathered many storms (the biggest happening now)...but our love for creating and meeting new and olde friends - who love what we do - keeps us working hard to bring you the best we can find. I will be forever "young" at heart !!! Country is alive and well in Hereford...!!! Love to all, Judy

Tuesday, June 2, 2009


My Mom use to say that to us everytime we would come home from "somewhere" !! Tony and I repeated it to our kids and we still say it to each other....olde habits - treasured moments.
I am home from my ALL DAY shopping trip with Sharon. We haven't done this for quite sometime and it was so nice to spend the day just talking and shopping - having a nice lunch and just enjoying each other's company. We visited the "new" store I was told about is on Route 322 in Ephrata....called SPLINTERS.....quite an eclectic inventory. I could have purchased many things but (empty pockets) I did find a table that I couldn't leave without (Barbara it was MY GREEN)..!!! Needs alittle Tony magic but then I will most likely put it in the store for sale. There were some really unique pieces I could have used for in particular is haunting me already. This is a store I will visit often !! Visiting some other stores was an experience - OH MY !! THE PRICES.....alot of nice items but they were way out of my price range. We did visit a store in Lititz called "The Olde Curiosity Shop" which was fun. The owner has only been open two months and is full of enthusiam - what a unique, one of a kind place. I bought two beehive wicker something or others.....not sure what they were used for (food covers)....??? I thought they were pretty cool.....another something for the store. (I think I will use them to cover some goodies during our Fairy Garden Class on Saturday) !!!
(....and that is a look at the table I couldn't leave without!!)
She also makes her own greeting cards and shared the info on how to do them with us. Sweet - this is one of the MANY cards she makes....(I love the verse) !!!

I think I NEEDED that day away from work and home (although when I go away I am always working )....guess work is what I love to do the most!

Monday, June 1, 2009


This olde barn ladder was another good find on Sunday. It is handmade from a tree - cut thru the center...and is as straight as the tree once was.....LOL!! I took it to the store today and thought where in the world will it fit. Thank goodness the ceilings on the first floor are high! I have it all tied up at the top so it will not fall (if Tony could see my secure job he would roll his eyes for sure) !! I have it all safe and sound with the use of lots of string and nails...!!!
We also got these other waterpails on Sunday along with the little #4 ! The one in the middle has great olde light green paint. ...and isn't this red metal tool box a perfect planter !!! Tony planted some thyme, peppermint and a marigold (a very favorite flower of mine) in olde Maxwell House coffee tins. He put holes in the bottom for drainage....container gardening is fun! Sharon and I are taking off together tomorrow to pick up the herbs and have a "play date" !! We are hoping to go to Lititz and then to a NEW antique store I just heard about.....woohoo!!!


Tony had great finds at the local flea market. He usually doesn't go on Saturday but he found some cool things - not tons mind you, but enough to make me happy !! He found this neat olde #4 watering can - with this large red "sprinkler" that I am sure is a "marriage" - it looks quite unique! The olde sprinklers are so very hard to find to fit the olde watering cans especially the "hard to find" #2 and #4 cans!!!Sunday was another good day for some unusual finds. The sun is shining and it is a bit cooler this morning which makes for a nice "work outside day" refinishing and cleaning. I don't think customers realized how much work goes into bringing an item to the store. We are "particular" in that all items are as clean and house ready as we can do them. I realize not everyone wants items that way...but that is "who" our store is. (once it sits in the store it just MIGHT get alittle "dusty" but we give that away FREE!)
I have a busy week getting ready for the Fairy Garden Class on Saturday...the tent is up and today I will finish filling the "Fairy Supplies" sacks, fill the bags with mulch and pebbles, and figure out my menu for our "gourmet lunch" !! I have already started "chanting" for a beautiful day weatherwise. It should be a good week - tomorrow is a fun day picking up the herbs for the fairy gardens and I think I will just make a "play day" out of it !!!