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Monday, May 4, 2009


Not going to happen says the Weatherman....It has rained all day ...never stopped! The decision has been made to set up the HERBS on the porches again. Wednesday they are calling for showers and 70 degrees...BUT Thursday and Friday....(and possibly into the weekend) ...MORE RAIN. We are not going to take the chance and I will have to get creative tomorrow setting up the porches. No one wants to be walking in the wet grass. I am not wearing a sad face....started out that way this morning...BUT then the littliest thing can "make my day" !! I ordered some new stamps and they came...and I played!! I know this is silly to some - but instead of getting "fancy" napkins for our affairs I hand stamp white ones...the nice ones - and I AM JUST IN LOVE WITH THESE NEW STAMPS !! Woohoo!
Here is a picture of our Bee Charmer doll made by Helen Voytilla....she talks to the bumblebees and the honeybees....and makes sure there are lots of "sweet" flowers for them to drink from.

I think the "fairies" are hiding out too....I haven't seen any fairy dust around. I was hoping they would leave me a "bit" to share with the customers - I wanted everyone to be able to sprinkle some on the herbs they purchased.... Fairy Dust is so "magical".....we'll just have see if they leave me some...fingers crossed !!!


Holly Hills Primitives said...

Can you believe the rain this year? I'm hoping against hope that we don't have rain Friday night for our Ladies Night out either, but it looks like we might. It will sure put a damper on things! I just love your dolls! I'm so glad you have porches to put your herbs on, wish we did! What a great idea to stamp your napkins, you always come up with unique things for your events - love it! Good luck with your Herb Faire! Dawn

Tomatoe Creek Prims said...

I hope it stops too, I'm really tired of it...rained all day today!

Love the bea charmer doll and the idea of stamps is so neat!

Have a great evening!

Karen said...

Good morning Judy....sorry you are getting all that rain - I know how frustrating it is when you have ideas and plans....but look how everything will grow.
Love your little Bee Charmer doll!
You must have so many hand-mades in your wonderful

Holly Hills Primitives said...

Thank you for the nice comments about Ashley's shower. Don't know what I'd do without my "kids"! Ashley and Kim are going to help out on Ladies Night Out - thank goodness! Today is cleaning day at the shop. I hope to get the whole thing mopped, dusted and most things in order. I have so much to finish sewing before Friday night! (And to get the food in order!) I'm sure you get the picture!!! Hope we both get big crowds for these events, Dawn