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Friday, May 1, 2009


Not a very nice May Day here in my part of Pennsylvania.....looks like the clouds are going to "BURST" open any minute....although it is in the 60's !! May is a beautiful month....and a very busy month - all the planting of herbs and flowers...mowing the grass twice a week...(not me ...Tony)!!...and then the Herb Faire - Americana displays....and finding great garden art!! Busy Busy....wouldn't have it any other way! (although I will admit it takes me quite a bit longer to FINISH things!)
This is what I was busy busy busy this morning doing.....sugaring some johnny-jump-ups for our Lavender Beeskep serve at our Herb Faire. The johnnies take a few days to air dry so I have to get my rear in gear and get them finished.....They will look so pretty on top the of cupcakes...still have more to do tonight...(after awhile you just get tired of doing them...a bit tedious as the petals have to be "painted" with egg whites and then sugared)!!
Also, a picture of one of the Herb Dolls that Helen Voytilla made for us....isn't she quite the garden gal. In the pockets of her apron are some seed packets and her ever present friend "Sycamore"....She has some dried "Sweet Annie" that she will just sprinkle the seed heads at the far end of the yard so it doesn't "take over" the other plants....we love "Sweet Annie" and don't want to ever consider her a "nuisance"
Wishing you a wonderful May Day....I hope this month goes slowly so we can enjoy every minute of it!!


the primitive country bug said...

How fun to add little johnnie jump ups to your cupcakes. I didn't know they were edible!
Sweet Annie is adorable and no, she's never a nuisance. :)
Blessings~ Birgit

Holly Hills Primitives said...

Oh my gosh! I love that doll, what a cutie pie! Sure wish I could be there for your upcoming Herb Faire, those cupcakes will be adorable. Just love all of your ideas. It's so much fun to read your blog, it give me inspiration. Hope the sun comes out there soon. We have a little sun this morning, but it is supposed to rain AGAIN this afternoon. It rained all day yesterday too. Have a Happy May Day, Dawn

Karen said...

Morning Judy,
I see this on the web all the time with the sugared Jonny Jumpups but NEVER have had one! Now I need to find something with them on...possibly a good bakery shop would have them.
LOVE THE DOLL...I wante to click on the picture to make it larger but this wouldn't do it this time - but I got a good look at her anyway....thanks for sharing.

basketsnprims said...

Happy May Day. I love that doll, the artit did a fantastic job with so many details. What a great idea with the johnny jump ups. Have a wonderful weekend.

City.Girl.Em said...

ooh, those pansies look so pretty. I have never tasted them. I wish I was there to try them out.

I love yor primitive dolls in the shop. They are so sweet.

I'm glad to see you got to meet Terri and Teresa. They'e cool, aren't they? I love them!