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Friday, May 29, 2009

GOING ONCE, GOING TWICE....SOLD !!! THE CINNAMON least that is what I hope happens at auction tomorrow when Tony goes. It has been "antique week" at the store all week....and it looks alittle empty (Tony says move it all around)....not going to work - he needs to find me some good stuff quick! That isn't a very easy job anymore - maybe I need to take a trip to Holly Hills, Michigan.....sounds like Dawn hit the mother lode!!!! Good for her.....maybe her good luck will find it's way to PA !!!
Many times I am asked how I can sell some of the things that we do.....well....I WANT TO EAT!...LOL!! I must admit every once in awhile we find something that tugs at my heart and I have a hard time giving it up...just happened this week. We had two wonderful olde cast iron and wood stools....most likely from an ice cream parlor or tavern. They fastened to the floor with 4 screws.... the seat even spun around..Most likely late 1800's or very early 1900.. I loved them and what great plant stands they would have made. The seat was small..only the size of a dinner plate. I wish I had gotten a picture...oh well....they both found great homes so I should just let it go. Maybe tomorrow Tony will get something more special and my "longing" will be gone. I will tell you that I CAN keep anything I want ( I am married to Mr. Nice Guy) and many times I do !!! (big smile) !!!
On a happier was good to be busy the past two business has been "iffy" these past two weeks ! So I should just stop whining and put that smile back on my face....!!!


ctlogcabin said...
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ctlogcabin said...

Hi Miss Judy ~~ You & Tony are Mr. & Mrs Nice...for Real !!
Hope he finds you great new treasures.
Have a Wonderful Week~End !!
Sending Warm Hugs ~ Connie xox

Karen said...

Hi Judy - I know how it is when you get something you really love and know in your heart you REALLY SHOULD SELL IT! I've made so many things over the past few years that I WANT FOR MYSELF but like you - you just have to let go sometimes.

Pots 'n Prims said...

Yippee Judy!! So glad things are pickin' back up! :) And I agree with Connie ~ you & tony ARE Mr. & Mrs. Nice! :)

Tomatoe Creek Prims said...

Your so lucky to see all the antiques he brings home on a daily basis but I think I'd still want to keep it all:)

Hope he brings home something you just adore!

Holly Hills Primitives said...

HOORAY! So glad to hear that we both had a busy day, sure hope it keeps up through the weekend! Can't wait to hear what all Tony finds at auction today. I'm hoping to go pick up some furniture tomorrow or Monday. Maybe we'll find time to talk again this coming week. Have a great weekend!!! Dawn