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Wednesday, May 6, 2009


...paid us a visit last evening and left me a bucket full of fairy dust. I sprinkled the fairy dust on all the herbs that were puchased today.....the scent in the store was just wonderful....and no one has any excuses for their herbs not growing spectacularly...!!!
It was a fun day inspite of the weather. The customers reassured me they love the herbs on the porches!! Lots of herbs were sold and the treats were enjoyed by everyone. Sharon made Lemon Rosemary mini muffins with a lemon glaze and Cornmeal Thyme cookies with currants.....
Here's a picture of the table - (the Radish & Chive is suppose to say Spread at the end.....LOL!! I did fix it but after the picture was taken....oops!)

There was fresh lemon balm on the plates and some johnnies....I wanted to get the pictures taken before the customers came...and look at my napkins....My NEW stamp...I love it and I am a stamping fool right now...!!! ( a bit hard to see sorry) !!


Tomatoe Creek Prims said...

Everything looks so good:) Love the stamper on your napkins, glad everyone had fun.

Olde Dame Penniwig said...

Give me the bee skep cupcakes and nobody gets hurt!!!

OH! THEY ARE ADORABLE! The whole spread looks wonderful.

Glad the fairies spared you some of their magic dust for the herbs!

big city prims said...

Hey Judy -- I think I'm coming up to the store tomorrow!! My girlfriend and I took the day off so we're planning on it! Looking forward to meeting you and seeing all your great stuff! ~Terry

Holly Hills Primitives said...

Wow! What great food! Everything looks so great, your presentation is wonderful with the old blackboard in the background. I love the stamped napkins too, what a great stamp! I so wish I could be there! I told my friend in TN to look at your blog and she wondered how long it would take us to drive to your shop! Today is a busy day in Holly too, lots of finish up before our Ladies Night Out tomorrow. Hope you are busy like a bee today! Dawn

The Country Nest said...

Good Morning Judy,
Everything looks great, wish I were closer I would love to pop in and get some herbs and see your treats. Love the stamped napkins, nice stamp too. The old chalkboard is really quaint. Enjoy the sunshine! Thanks for sending it to Mass, it just hit this morning~
Happy Mothers Day