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Saturday, May 23, 2009


I enjoy putting "unusual" items in the garden - our gourd ladyes who watch over our gardens - are so cute but they need to shed their winter clothing - on my "to do" list for tomorrow. Of course we have Alfred our resident gnome and an olde wallpaper hanger's table leg that we made a sign out of...a bathtub, a tin cat named "Catnip", the usual beeskeps, a vintage gravesite wreath holder (actually have two of them) iron circle from a piece of olde farm equipment (the vinca is covering it much to my dismay)....and chicken feeders. We are getting ready to fill olde agate bowls with dirt so we can plant some herbs and flowers in them and set around the yard...I am lucky to have outside water at the store cause there is always lots of watering.
Today I brought to the store a vintage croquet holder and mallets. I painted the names of herbs on each mallet and Herb Garden down the front of the holder....Tony pointed each end of the mallets so you can put them in the dirt easily. This one is for sale - $35. but now I think I would like one for me.....on the hunt this week!!


Robby said...

Love this one Judy!!! Very clever. xxxRobby

pammyjo said...

Very prim creative. Luv it!

Pots 'n Prims said...

Cute cute cute!! Luv it dear friend!

Tomatoe Creek Prims said...

Neat always have great ones!

Holly Hills Primitives said...

Oh Judy, what a great idea! I've got an old croquet set on my back porch - think I might "steal" your idea for my own yard! I also would like to pass the idea on to my friend in TN. You are truly an inspiration.
Also, thank you so much for the kind words for our family. Dad's recovery is taking TINY baby steps. The prognosis isn't good, but at least I can be with him right now. Your friendship is a blessing.
Have a great holiday weekend, Dawn

ctlogcabin said...

Miss Judy ~~
You & Mr Tony are just too clever,
love your croquet set !! I also love your idea of us hitting the trail in the camper....but NO WAY could I ever pull that behind a truck. lol Would need a big lottey win so we could hire a driver that would take us any where we wanted to go, any time we wanted
to go. :-) Hugs ~ Connie xox