We are now located on the Lower Level in Morgantown Market. A 90 dealer co-op that is just amazing!!
Open every day - 10 am to 5 pm
2940 Main Street, Morgantown, PA 19543

Friday, May 29, 2009

GOING ONCE, GOING TWICE....SOLD !!! THE CINNAMON least that is what I hope happens at auction tomorrow when Tony goes. It has been "antique week" at the store all week....and it looks alittle empty (Tony says move it all around)....not going to work - he needs to find me some good stuff quick! That isn't a very easy job anymore - maybe I need to take a trip to Holly Hills, Michigan.....sounds like Dawn hit the mother lode!!!! Good for her.....maybe her good luck will find it's way to PA !!!
Many times I am asked how I can sell some of the things that we do.....well....I WANT TO EAT!...LOL!! I must admit every once in awhile we find something that tugs at my heart and I have a hard time giving it up...just happened this week. We had two wonderful olde cast iron and wood stools....most likely from an ice cream parlor or tavern. They fastened to the floor with 4 screws.... the seat even spun around..Most likely late 1800's or very early 1900.. I loved them and what great plant stands they would have made. The seat was small..only the size of a dinner plate. I wish I had gotten a picture...oh well....they both found great homes so I should just let it go. Maybe tomorrow Tony will get something more special and my "longing" will be gone. I will tell you that I CAN keep anything I want ( I am married to Mr. Nice Guy) and many times I do !!! (big smile) !!!
On a happier was good to be busy the past two business has been "iffy" these past two weeks ! So I should just stop whining and put that smile back on my face....!!!

Thursday, May 28, 2009


Did you ever write a word and think ???? that it doesn't look right??? Well, that is how I felt about the word "asparagus" - thank goodness for spell check! The picture is of an olde "asparagus buncher" that farm wives used years ago. There isn't any date and on the bottom it just reads "Philadelphia Buncher" - cool huh ! It opens up with a trigger on the side where you see what looks like a handle. It is fastened to the olde wood and would have set flat on the kitchen work table. I love unique antiques.....I don't have to have the best but I sure do love the unusual. I have this in the store for sale.

Wednesday, May 27, 2009


Seems like I haven't been to the store in a few days...but in reality it is only two days and I am anxious to get back to work. The last few days have been busy doing "???????" alittle bit of everything. I am slowly feeling the pressure of "falling behind"....there is so much to do and as we get older it seems to take us three times longer to accomplish anything. !! (smiling but telling the truth) !
Our weather is CRAZY - Sunday it was 85 degrees yesterday and today in the 50's...what the heck !! On a happy note the wild rose bushes and honeysuckle are in full bloom scenting the air with a heavy fragrance that tickles the senses. The wild rose bushes is where we get the small rosehip sprigs. I have a source that picks, bundles and delivers them to the store - just in time for Christmas decorating. OUCH!! If you ever picked them then you know how "dangerous" that activity is. Last year, because of the weather, the rosehips were not good and we had none to sell....hopefully this year they will be abundant....if you look along our roadsides it sure does seem they will be.
(I don't believe I mentioned the word CHRISTMAS)....

Saturday, May 23, 2009


I enjoy putting "unusual" items in the garden - our gourd ladyes who watch over our gardens - are so cute but they need to shed their winter clothing - on my "to do" list for tomorrow. Of course we have Alfred our resident gnome and an olde wallpaper hanger's table leg that we made a sign out of...a bathtub, a tin cat named "Catnip", the usual beeskeps, a vintage gravesite wreath holder (actually have two of them) iron circle from a piece of olde farm equipment (the vinca is covering it much to my dismay)....and chicken feeders. We are getting ready to fill olde agate bowls with dirt so we can plant some herbs and flowers in them and set around the yard...I am lucky to have outside water at the store cause there is always lots of watering.
Today I brought to the store a vintage croquet holder and mallets. I painted the names of herbs on each mallet and Herb Garden down the front of the holder....Tony pointed each end of the mallets so you can put them in the dirt easily. This one is for sale - $35. but now I think I would like one for me.....on the hunt this week!!

Friday, May 22, 2009


Stockings made from Antique Gauze Bunting $12.
I have been thinking about selling from an "Etsy" account for awhile.....I do find some good stuff there for ME...and as things are "up and down" at the store, I decided I would try my hand at ETSY !! I tried once before on one of the "group shops" but didn't do that well...maybe when I have control I will like it more. We shall can check it out....(nothing to check out yet..LOL!!) at - I don't get alot of time to make things but when I do I will sell them from there. AND I really don't understand all about "Etsy" but I am sure I will learn....any help is much appreciated!!! Yesterday I made a "Fairy in a Jar" (we did a class on this last year) and I thought it would be fun to sell some on Etsy. The pictures I take are never as good as it looks in person - so I worry about that -we shall see how it goes.
We are going to have another beautiful day here in PA - cool mornings and wonderfully warm should be a good weekend for Memorial Day parades and picnics....

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

....and the winner is

drum roll please -

KRIS !!!

I think I will end this streak right here and leave quietly.....

What is that noise...oh my....FIREWORKS !!!

Yes Gail LIFE IS GREAT !!!
and Janet....a few more moments with your beloved Danny....!!!! What an awesome show tonight!!!


First win -The weather was perfect yesterday (although I have raccoon eyes this morning from my sunglasses- oh well I guess I am a bit strange at times)....
2nd win - YIPPEE OUR CANDIDATE WON FOR DISTRICT JUDGE !!!! His name was Ed Kropp and the headlines this morning read "KROPP DUSTS THE OPPONENTS"...(love it!)
3rd win - SHAWN won Dancing with the Stars.....I was elated as she completely transformed into a beautiful ballroom dancer !!

now.....I am going for the LONG shot and hoping for a win by Kris tonight on Idol.....
(I am hopelessly involved with all the main reality shows) "sigh" !!!
The sun is shining in my part of PA today....hoping the sun is shining for you too !!!

Monday, May 18, 2009


Gosh if this weather doesn't get warm soon and STAY warm the strawberries will never ripen! I loved to pick strawberries when the kids were young. We would go to a local field and they would have cardboard boxes (for free) and we would pick till we couldn't eat another one - that was always a good gauge of when to stop! Now the only strawberries I pick are the ones that our handmaidens make for us! Leah Webb made the two Strawberry Make-do's pictured above. I broke the one candlestick and had to bring it home to redo.....used an olde hogcraper - worked perfectly! (yes I grow onions inside) (big smile)....
I worked on flag stockings and strawberries most of the day today. Although I did take a break to purchase a new coffeepot. We have well water and it seems - no matter how much we white vinegar clean it - they get clogged up with minerals and start taking so l o n g to give me my coffee in the morning ! Not good until I have my coffee !!
My flag stockings are made from olde gauze bunting....I sold yards and yards of it in the store last year but saved just enough to make some stockings this year. I will take pictures when I get the hangers sewn on.
Tomorrow is Election Day here in PA and I am working the polls for a candidate for District is a close race....although MY candidate is the best man for the job! It will be a long day but the weather is suppose to be wonderful....keeping my fingers crossed for the candidate and the weather...!!!
Some of our Strawberry display at the store....

Thursday, May 14, 2009


It is raining this morning....I hope the temp goes up as I don't mind the rain when it isn't bone chilling and damp. A friend and I give each other "daily" weather reports....hers from the west coast and mine from the east.....aren't we silly ! Do you ever stop to think how much we talk or fuss about the weather....I must be getting olde!!!
Yesterday was very, very quiet in the store so what do I do to keep busy...?... move displays around....I started to set up and Americana display only to find out that I don't have as much as I thought.....I need to get busy!! I am always changing things around as boredom sets in easily and I love to play- growing up I always played house! There are big, heavy, fixed pieces in the store that need to be where they are....(the first floor has 7 windows, three doors and a staircase - makes it hard to move display pieces around) I have to work around them. That is not always easy and many times when I start changing it all goes back the way it was.....yi yi yi !!! I am also a "clutterer"....I like to think I have organized clutter...but I might be the ONLY one who thinks so....(big smile)! Having a country store is absolutely the BEST job I could have - fits my personality and "quirks" just perfect!
The picture is of "Hattie the Pot Lady" - I am sure everyone has seen her by now - years ago Barb from Turkey Hollow and I went to a store in Maryland where they had a HUGE pot lady in the garden made with all the very large pots. She was sitting in an olde wooden andirondeck chair just looking after the flowers and herbs. We made a few smaller ones that year and forgot all about her UNTIL I ran across the directions in an olde file folder - Tony made the above Hattie last year and she was a "door prize"....we also sold kits to make her yourself with instructions included...(some may know that we published alittle newsletter called the Seed Box that also instuctions were included).....anyway, I have two kits left and have to "rebox" them as they got a bit "squished" when I moved everything to the basement of the store from the attic. Have you ever made one....???

Monday, May 11, 2009


Every day for the past couple weeks when I would go to the store...the mat on the parking lot would be moved....sometimes alot more than this...

This is a very heavy mat.... about 2 1/2' X 4' in size ! I thought "kids" must be fooling around after hours....but today when I went to the store (to clean and redo)...I saw what was really happening....THE BIRDS.... seems everything "clings" to this mat...especially little "threads" that just fall off my clothing (as I am always filled with threads of some nature)...and they do NOT sweep up easily - I have to bend down (UGH!!) and pick them off...which I do NOT do very often...what the broom gets is what is removed!! However it is "picked" clean of all threads and little pieces of whatever...the birds must be using it for their nests. Not a thread to be found !! Mystery solved ! I will put some "nesting" material out for them on Wednesday when I go to work!!!


The month of May is very busy here in PA for us. Between the events we have and all the "special days"...including Breck turning 6 and Anthony turning - (oh my!) 13 - Mother's Day...lots of friends birthdays - I will be kept quite busy! AND I love to be busy so it is a "merrie" month of May.
I am working on our Fairy Garden Classes....this is "sheer" fun for me. Although this year I am having one heck of a time finding all the little "fairy necessities" I need for the gardens. ????? alittle frustrating as time is quickly approaching for the classes.
We had a great Mother's Day - sharing it with four generations of girls.....(NOT all mother's yet....that fourth generation are only 8 and 4) ... singing Happy Birthday to Breck (6) and Anthony (13) and is hard to believe that Breck and Anthony are "Taurus's" - they are so sweet and - that I believe!!!!
The Herb Faire this week was a storekeeper lots of "encouragement" that the economy may be bouncing back a little. Hopefully we can keep this trend going !!

Linda....always a loyal "herb loving" customer !!!

Saturday, May 9, 2009

OH MY....LOL!!

Sorry Miss Connie - I didn't mention that you and the "big guy" paid a visit to THE CINNAMON STICK yesterday too !! ( Well....I guess it's because you are becoming a "regular" (big smile)....even though you live in Connecticut...!!!! (hope I didn't send you on a wild goose chase).... I love when customers come to the store and get all friendly with each other.....Carolyn and Neal from New Jersey were visitors too....and the five of us had a nice visit (all about how wonderful I am...) NO NO NO ...only kidding ....couldn't resist the opportunity to say that though!!! !!! !!!
I know alot of storekeepers feel this way...BUT I REALLY DO HAVE THE BESTEST FRIENDS AND CUSTOMERS !!!
Today was a very good day at the store....much welcomed and the weather was A+++. We are open on Mother's Day -sometimes busy sometimes not - but if the weather is nice I have tons of work to do outside!
Tomorrow will be a busy day no matter what....flea market very very early morning (then I get to have breakfast out) all day....and then it is Brecklin's birthday....he will be 6 years olde tomorrow...We will go to our daughter's to celebrate Mother's Day and Brecklin's birthday....cake and ice favorites !!!
I lost my MOM in January, 2004...miss her dearly - I was her first born and don't tell my brothers and sisters but I was the favorite!! XOXO MOM !!! Happy Mother's Day!!!


Kelly says it all....exactly the way it is....GO HUG A FRIEND.....even if it is thru an email.... Love to you all, Judy

Friday, May 8, 2009


Can't gripe about anything today...the weather was great....the store was busy and I got to meet Terri from and her friend Stacy. What a joy they were !!! I am anxious to hear how they did on their next adventure at Aunt Daisy's right up the street from us ! It is always such a pleasure meeting blog friends....Thank you Terri for such a nice visit. Although I couldn't get them to eat any of the goodies we were serving....!!!
I don't think I have ever introduced you to "ALFRED" ....he is our resident gnome....and can be quite the grouch when he wants to be. Sometimes he won't even talk to me....other times he is sweet and even lets me take his picture....

He was hiding behind the lavender plant but decided to enjoy the sunshine for a bit - Alfred is very olde and can be contrary when he wants to be. I think he needs some playmates but they are so hard to find....maybe a couple "pixies" will stop by and keep him company. All the fuss I made about the herbs being on the porches seems to be for naught - every customer told me they love the herbs on the porches as they don't get wet feet and can find what they are looking for easier...seems all I needed was a "Suggestion Box" and all my bellyaching could have been avoided - never too olde to learn new things. Have a great weekend....and HAPPY MOTHER'S DAY TO EVERYONE....

THE SUN.. shining and I am off to play in the dirt !!! Hope the sun is shining where you are too.

Thursday, May 7, 2009


I think I owe the gals from Western PA a great big THANK YOU for sending their sunshine our way today !! What a welcome sight to see "shadows" !!! The store was freezing LOL!! But when you walked outside it was humid.....I loved outside today...I had to wear a sweater inside as I REFUSE to turn the heat back on.....Just the way it is in old stone buildings. My home is the same is stone with TWO coats of stucco overtop....24 inch deep walls keeps it cool and damp - so at home we turn on the heat.....LOL!!! It stays pretty cool in the summerthyme too UNLESS we get weeks of 90 degree weather... (how the heck did I get on this subject??) Anyway....thank you WESTERN PA !!!
Today was quieter at the store but that was to be expected....hopefully the weekend will be busy. Now I have to concentrate on AMERICANA.... and our "Fairy Garden Classes".....always something going on - and "STRAWBERRY DAYS"....

Won't that child's metal wheelbarrow look great filled with "strawberries".....!!!!

Wednesday, May 6, 2009


...paid us a visit last evening and left me a bucket full of fairy dust. I sprinkled the fairy dust on all the herbs that were puchased today.....the scent in the store was just wonderful....and no one has any excuses for their herbs not growing spectacularly...!!!
It was a fun day inspite of the weather. The customers reassured me they love the herbs on the porches!! Lots of herbs were sold and the treats were enjoyed by everyone. Sharon made Lemon Rosemary mini muffins with a lemon glaze and Cornmeal Thyme cookies with currants.....
Here's a picture of the table - (the Radish & Chive is suppose to say Spread at the end.....LOL!! I did fix it but after the picture was taken....oops!)

There was fresh lemon balm on the plates and some johnnies....I wanted to get the pictures taken before the customers came...and look at my napkins....My NEW stamp...I love it and I am a stamping fool right now...!!! ( a bit hard to see sorry) !!

Tuesday, May 5, 2009


Let me introduce you to Alta Houck...herbalist extraordinaire!! This is where I purchase my herbs...Alta and her husband Glenn only "wholesale" their herbs to stores. Each and every pot is handled with lots of LOVE !! Today we spoke of how long we have been doing business together...17 years!! This is just one of her greenhouses - once you enter you don't want to leave. (she sells us the best DIRT too....for our Fairy Garden Classes)!
We have everything set up on the looks so much better in person but the pictures will have to do..

These pictures are of the back porch... I have little gardeny stuff to display among the herbs but won't put them out till tomorrow. I will post the front porch tomorrow....don't want to put you in overload...!!!
The Herbal Treats are all prepared - just have to make the Lemon Thyme Cookies as the dough is "chilling"!! (The Lavender Egg Salad is so delish!! ) AND I AM POOPED !!!

Monday, May 4, 2009


Not going to happen says the Weatherman....It has rained all day ...never stopped! The decision has been made to set up the HERBS on the porches again. Wednesday they are calling for showers and 70 degrees...BUT Thursday and Friday....(and possibly into the weekend) ...MORE RAIN. We are not going to take the chance and I will have to get creative tomorrow setting up the porches. No one wants to be walking in the wet grass. I am not wearing a sad face....started out that way this morning...BUT then the littliest thing can "make my day" !! I ordered some new stamps and they came...and I played!! I know this is silly to some - but instead of getting "fancy" napkins for our affairs I hand stamp white ones...the nice ones - and I AM JUST IN LOVE WITH THESE NEW STAMPS !! Woohoo!
Here is a picture of our Bee Charmer doll made by Helen Voytilla....she talks to the bumblebees and the honeybees....and makes sure there are lots of "sweet" flowers for them to drink from.

I think the "fairies" are hiding out too....I haven't seen any fairy dust around. I was hoping they would leave me a "bit" to share with the customers - I wanted everyone to be able to sprinkle some on the herbs they purchased.... Fairy Dust is so "magical".....we'll just have see if they leave me some...fingers crossed !!!

Sunday, May 3, 2009


It is still raining....putting a damper on all the outside work that needs to be done for the Herb Faire ! Yesterday it turned out to be a rather nice day....cloudy but the rain just sprinkled here and there....and the store was BUSY !! (Grateful) !!
I got moving early this morning and went to the flea market with Tony....not very good as the "predicted" rain kept most vendors away. We ventured off to another one but it was just "yard sale" goodies. I can't make the food for the Faire until Tuesday and that is when I also pick up the herbs AND now it looks like it will be the day EVERYTHING has to get done as tomorrow it is suppose to rain too.....woe is me !!
I did make a nice batch of "garden type" sacks from vintage ticking (I have collected olde ticking for so long and decided it was time to USE it just sits in a box...(sad face)
Hope the sun is shining for you.....

Saturday, May 2, 2009


My goodness we are getting "saturated" with rainfall.....Just enough to cancel the grandboys soccer and lacrosse games..oops...and baseball !! Can't forget Blakely...she is 4 and on the "Little Kickers" !! (soccer)
On the "pro" side ....customers should be out and about today as they can't work in their yards!!
These tulips came in yesterday - just in time for Mother's Day... they look so real....the colors are beautiful. How sweet a pot of tulips, jelly jar candle, and a sack of Lemon Herb potpourri would look in an olde berry basket....add a country fabric liner and you have a perfect gift for MOM !!The blue plant stand behind the tulips is a really "eclectic" comes with the olde pots and has lots of possibilities to make a unique statement!And....this cloche with bird and nest is a pretty nice gift too.....

Friday, May 1, 2009


Not a very nice May Day here in my part of Pennsylvania.....looks like the clouds are going to "BURST" open any minute....although it is in the 60's !! May is a beautiful month....and a very busy month - all the planting of herbs and flowers...mowing the grass twice a week...(not me ...Tony)!!...and then the Herb Faire - Americana displays....and finding great garden art!! Busy Busy....wouldn't have it any other way! (although I will admit it takes me quite a bit longer to FINISH things!)
This is what I was busy busy busy this morning doing.....sugaring some johnny-jump-ups for our Lavender Beeskep serve at our Herb Faire. The johnnies take a few days to air dry so I have to get my rear in gear and get them finished.....They will look so pretty on top the of cupcakes...still have more to do tonight...(after awhile you just get tired of doing them...a bit tedious as the petals have to be "painted" with egg whites and then sugared)!!
Also, a picture of one of the Herb Dolls that Helen Voytilla made for us....isn't she quite the garden gal. In the pockets of her apron are some seed packets and her ever present friend "Sycamore"....She has some dried "Sweet Annie" that she will just sprinkle the seed heads at the far end of the yard so it doesn't "take over" the other plants....we love "Sweet Annie" and don't want to ever consider her a "nuisance"
Wishing you a wonderful May Day....I hope this month goes slowly so we can enjoy every minute of it!!