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Sunday, April 26, 2009


Can you even believe I am writing that....??? It was over 90 degrees today....and we had to put the air conditioners on...A mad scramble to get them uncovered and the filters cleaned ....I didn't get the outhouse cleaned again...WE HAD CUSTOMERS !! That is a Merrie Thought!!!
Tomorrow or Tuesday I will go up and clean the outhouse and make it all "gardeny" for summer when I won't have any interruptions. Our weather is suppose to change by midweek - back to normal - which at this point I no longer know what normal is !!
Here is a picture of the "unclean" cobwebby needs a good hosing after the long winter. This is the one Tony made for me 19 years use to have a "sun roof" but when we moved it to Hereford it got a bit out of "kilter" and leaked so Tony just but a new roof on with shingles.......I do love it though... is the REAL outhouse to our store which was built in 1860 - complete with little window! This one is a two "holer"....I would have taken a picture of the inside but we have it filled with tons of "stuff" !!!
and after thought....
Our bathroom to the store is on the back porch.....I know that is sort of confusing.....I should have taken a picture. The landlords took part of the back porch and made a little building (log cabin type thing)....not really but that was the idea. It has a window and is quite cute. I dress it for the is heated and the door to it is right next to the entrance door...but sometimes a bit "chilly" - it is just funny when someone asks if we have a powder room they could use and I tell them to go right outside and ... (they look at me surprised like they have to use the outhouse)....before I get a chance to finish....
Sometimes I have too much fun!!!


Mad Red Hare said...

Both of those outhouses are so darn cute! Wouldn't it be funny to have an outhouse, with modern plumbing of course, for customers to use. I'll bet that would cut down on bathroom requests if you told them to use the outhouse!

ctlogcabin said...

I love both of your outhouses,too darn cute. I can remember when we use to come up to our bungalow (old fashioned word right?? )in Putnam Lake, NY back in the 50's we had a outhouse right out back. Good Memories ~~ You have the
best store powder room around..and you decorate it perfectly every season, love the stone walls. xox

Holly Hills Primitives said...

WOW! Can't believe you had 90 degrees already! It turned out beautiful here today, just a little touch of rain for a few minutes. We got the porches cleaned, some of the flower beds raked and cooked out. So nice to have a day off from the shop, but my daughter had some business there too. Can't wait to see the outhouses all decorated! Dawn

Holly Hills Primitives said...

I'd LOVE to see pictures of your house! Our's was built in 1869 and was originally a farm of about 180 acres. Hard to believe that now though. Isn't there just something about old houses that touches your heart? We have another beautiful day here today and I'm going to get out and rake the flower gardens in the backyard. Can't wait to start planting, but we're still a few weeks away from that. Have a great day off! Dawn

Barbara said...

Wow Judy...isn't that the outhouse you had in Morgantown? I remember that cutie! I, too , can't believe this warm weather so early, especially here in the mountains...hope it isn't a sign of hotter weather for the summer...stay cool..still lovin' your blog...Blessings

pammyjo said...

Your post reminded me of grammy's outhouse. We used it still in the 1950's. LOL I remember her getting an indoor bathroom and how exciting it was. Love your blog and all the cute stuff you have. Thanks for the laugh about customers going outside. "Potty Shed" LOLOLOL