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Saturday, April 18, 2009


The weather today was 100% perfect....unfortunately that meant customers were very sparse...I don't blame them...who wants to go shopping on a beautiful day (besides me!!) Guess everyone was working in their Mr. Tony....(the smile is fake for sure - it was hot!)...
He is working on the beds in front of the stone wall...(there are three separate beds in the front)..NEVER EVER plant VINCA in the dirt...never never never....we planted it in the olde bathtub we have in a corner of the yard.....8 years just grows and grows all over the place and it is so hard to pull chokes all the flowers.... we try to keep up with it BUT then comes AUGUST and we have had it with the yard just goes wild then and we pay for it each spring. I planted "Grace's" pansies in the tub today.....later on we will plant some summer flowers...Hopefully tomorrow we can get some more work done - our Herb Faire is in 2 weeks and it all HAS to be ready by then....we are getting olde and slow...yiyiyiyi !!


Janet - underthewillow said...

Dang right it was hot today! That together with hot flashes, yikes! Love the bathtub, too cute!

The Brickhouse said...

Judy, This nice weather kept our customers away from The Brickhouse this weekend. I love the bathtub! I am so envious of Mr Tony, kneeling down and working in the dirt..after my knee surgery it is hard for me to kneel and I want to work in the dirt so bad! Looking forward to coming out to visit you..maybe for YOUR Herb Faire!!! Keep posting..I love reading your blog!

Holly Hills Primitives said...

We had the same problem this weekend too (in Michigan). Finally got a few nice days and hardly any customers. I would have been home playing in the dirt too - I was jealous! Oh well, they'll come back around soon. Love the pictures and especially that old bathtub! Dawn

Karen said...

Hi Judy, I'm glad you had a wonderful day to be able to get the grounds fixed up....I know you want your surroundings to be at their best and it's really a lovely setting you have there.
Hugs, Karen

ctlogcabin said...

Hi Miss Judy ~~ I’m heading out your way this week (going to the show in Gettysburg) I’m hoping to pop in maybe on Thursday for a quick look around inside, and out before I head home. :-)
See you then ~~ love ~ connie xox