We are now located on the Lower Level in Morgantown Market. A 90 dealer co-op that is just amazing!!
Open every day - 10 am to 5 pm
2940 Main Street, Morgantown, PA 19543

Wednesday, April 29, 2009


Today Grace Maurer ( you know her...the sweet Pansy Lady)....brought an olde friend, Kim Lance to the store and TWO new gals from Chicago.....they all have met on the Prim and Rustic Delphi Forum ( Terri and Theresa....they are the big cheeses...the Board Mommas !!) It was really a treat to meet them and share our store with them. Here is a picture of the gals....The next picture is a bunch of olde berry boxes that I think make really cool gift baskets! I love the 2 quart ones....they are olde ones and some have a metal band all around the top. The boxes are all cleaned and Tony "stained" them to give a more prim look. Stop in and fill one with goodies for Mother's Day.....they hold a little OR a lot !!! (big smile)
In this berry box is the Culinary Lavender from Henny Penny's Country store....A "Garden Thyme" jelly jar candle from Lisa of Homethrown Pottery, an olde flask bottle that I altered with some olde emphera and a bit of Sweet Annie - I have fun making up gift baskets.....but sometimes I get carried away....LOL!!!
We also got some new dolls in today...I will take some pictures tomorrow - they are really sweet!


I have been working on some Mother's Day gifts - simple little pick me ups for Mom....Sadly, my Mom passed away in 2004....I miss her - she was my biggest fan !! The picture above is of the unique "gift cards" that a local girl makes for the store. Everything is HAND CUT....and thread is used as laces on the shoes. She calls her business - LOWER CASE NOTES - (isn't that neat)....and only makes the bottom half of people.....the colors are "bright" but my camera (or maybe it is the photographer) doesn't show how sweet these cards are....Susan puts alot of time and handwork into these cards and I wanted to share them with you! As I look at the pictures they are really bad...I will try to take more today...since there is NO sun and sprinkles of rain! Hope everyone is having a great day....

Sunday, April 26, 2009


Can you even believe I am writing that....??? It was over 90 degrees today....and we had to put the air conditioners on...A mad scramble to get them uncovered and the filters cleaned ....I didn't get the outhouse cleaned again...WE HAD CUSTOMERS !! That is a Merrie Thought!!!
Tomorrow or Tuesday I will go up and clean the outhouse and make it all "gardeny" for summer when I won't have any interruptions. Our weather is suppose to change by midweek - back to normal - which at this point I no longer know what normal is !!
Here is a picture of the "unclean" cobwebby needs a good hosing after the long winter. This is the one Tony made for me 19 years use to have a "sun roof" but when we moved it to Hereford it got a bit out of "kilter" and leaked so Tony just but a new roof on with shingles.......I do love it though... is the REAL outhouse to our store which was built in 1860 - complete with little window! This one is a two "holer"....I would have taken a picture of the inside but we have it filled with tons of "stuff" !!!
and after thought....
Our bathroom to the store is on the back porch.....I know that is sort of confusing.....I should have taken a picture. The landlords took part of the back porch and made a little building (log cabin type thing)....not really but that was the idea. It has a window and is quite cute. I dress it for the is heated and the door to it is right next to the entrance door...but sometimes a bit "chilly" - it is just funny when someone asks if we have a powder room they could use and I tell them to go right outside and ... (they look at me surprised like they have to use the outhouse)....before I get a chance to finish....
Sometimes I have too much fun!!!

Friday, April 24, 2009


I like to say - way before it was "popular" to have an outhouse as a backyard "accessory" Tony made me one for the store in Morgantown, PA.....I had a very small little garden area in front of the store and needed a place to put the items that we displayed outside. So Tony made me an outhouse - complete with "sunroof" so it would give light inside. The Morgantown store was very, very small.....I still wonder how I ever had a business in there.....but that is where I met the most fascinating people that are still part of my life today....most are shopkeepers and it seems we have weathered the ups and downs together. I do miss that little store. HOWEVER the outhouse came with us to Hereford which brings me to....."spring cleaning" the outhouse. It was the chore I wanted to get done today but didn't......we are suppose to have some nice weather for the next two days and it must get done. I open the door from spring to winter and it is a fun place to display items. Hopefully I can get it all opened up and share it with you. We call it the Potty Shed - and it now sits on top of the septic tank at the store....(thought that quite fitting - don't you?) (big smile)...there was a cement pad there and it was the perfect spot in the yard. The original outhouse to the store (1860) is still standing too.....what a cutie that is. We use it for our garden tools, hose, potting soil etc.....that one even has a little window in it....oh pictures are a must - do you have an outhouse olde or new....??? Tell me about yours.....

Thursday, April 23, 2009


The cash and carry was good....not alot of vendors BUT those that were there had great handmade goods. I didn't get a whole heck of alot as I pretty much had what I saw there....a couple really cool birdhouses, some wax beeskeps....(never have enough different beeskeps)....pillar candles from Just Browsing..(these are fantastic)...sold out and needed more....also their Lemon Herb potpourri!!! There were some unique shutter ideas - but they all sold quickly....quite a bit of repro furniture, which we don't do, but it was really made nice. My heart is just with the olde stuff! There were beautiful florals...but I have all that already and some nice wooden smalls. Honestly, it was a good show.
Afterwards, Sharon and I went to the Rosemary House (herb shop) for inspiration - walking into the store you enter a different world...the gardens are just starting to sprout and it was fun touring them guessing what was growing! We purchased a few treasures there and off to the Homestead Furnishing Wholesale Barn. That was pretty much picked over from shopkeepers coming the day before.....BUT I was able to spend a few too many dollars there too. NOT shopped out yet, we went to The Factory Antique Mall - where I was able to find 2 nice agate bowls for our Fairy Garden all and all it was a good, productive outing...and a long but fun day !
TODAY.....a boxful of goodies came from Homethrown Pottery....her neat soy candles and some great garden soap...all handmade by Lisa.
From Henny Penny's Country Store came a boxful of culinary lavender which customers have been asking for - Now they can make all the lavender recipes they have been dying to try!
So today was a very busy day trying to get everything priced and displayed.....Tony had quite a good bit of antiques for me too.....
Tomorrow is grandparents day at the elementary school....I will go in the morning to Kennedy's classroom and Tony will go later in the morning to Grayden's. I am really looking forward to going and I have to find something "cool" to wear so I am not the "olde fogey" grandmom! Life is Sweet !

Wednesday, April 22, 2009


So needless to say I am totally wiped out from shopping...but what fun and lots of new goodies will fill THE CINNAMON STICK..... We didn't let a stone unturned.....I'll tell you all about it tomorrow....too poop to type .....and gotta go watch and see who leaves IDOL tonight.....!!!


Sharon and I are off early this morn to Gettysburg for the Heritage Cash and Carry.....hoping to find lots of "NEW" goodies for the store.....then maybe a trip to THE ROSEMARY HOUSE in Mechanicsburg, PA......haven't been there for quite awhile and this is a most inspiring herb shop, as Bertha Reppert was such a pioneer in bringing herbs to everyone! Her daughters have followed in her footsteps and it is quite awesome to go there.
Today is our wedding anniversary......42 years....I can count for all those years but they have really gone by quite quickly !! Look back in the older posts to last April and see that young bride with her handsome soldier boy !! YIKES....the 60's !!!

Saturday, April 18, 2009


The weather today was 100% perfect....unfortunately that meant customers were very sparse...I don't blame them...who wants to go shopping on a beautiful day (besides me!!) Guess everyone was working in their Mr. Tony....(the smile is fake for sure - it was hot!)...
He is working on the beds in front of the stone wall...(there are three separate beds in the front)..NEVER EVER plant VINCA in the dirt...never never never....we planted it in the olde bathtub we have in a corner of the yard.....8 years just grows and grows all over the place and it is so hard to pull chokes all the flowers.... we try to keep up with it BUT then comes AUGUST and we have had it with the yard just goes wild then and we pay for it each spring. I planted "Grace's" pansies in the tub today.....later on we will plant some summer flowers...Hopefully tomorrow we can get some more work done - our Herb Faire is in 2 weeks and it all HAS to be ready by then....we are getting olde and slow...yiyiyiyi !!

Friday, April 17, 2009


Dear me...the soup is almost gone, so I have another batch simmering as I type....lots of irons in the fire but nothing quite "done" yet. I do hope you will stop for a visit and a bowl of "bird soup" !
Today was a perfect spring day...two in a row and going for three...Tony is coming to the store tomorrow to clean up the gardens and be at my beck and call.....I love that cause I have lots of little jobs for him to do !!!
It is hard to believe we are past the middle of April....soon it will be May Day....time to make some little May baskets for our friends....

Thursday, April 16, 2009


What a beautiful today it was today.....SPRING at it's best....and they (meaning the weathermen) promise 2 more days that are even better !
Lots of birdies "flew the coop" today and I am happy they found good homes.
The Bird Soup seems to be a hit....the picture is how we are serving it ....along with "sweet croutons"...(toasted pound cake)! We are also having Blueberry Tea.....ahhhh the Bluebird of Happiness is at THE CINNAMON STICK !!
The soup has a teaspoon of lavender in it and I am getting some "culinary lavender" from Henny Penny's Country Store....everyone who has tried the soup loves it and is happy to get the recipe, but it is hard to find the lavender - we will have some to sell in individual 1 oz. and 2 oz. packages. An ounce of lavender is quite a bit.....!!!The store still looks a bit "spacey" with Easter goodies all away - but soon the garden goods will start appearing and we will be back to normal....

The above pics are of the tiny cloches that we sell.....just perfect for a bouquet in an antique creamer ! We also have cloches in 4 other sizes.
AND, here's an olde crow that nested in a vintage ice cream holder from the soda fountain days!

The price tags I made for all the "birdy" items are from a "FREE" graphic from Dame Penniwig's Blog... - I printed them on aged card stock and they look really neat on everything!

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

SOUP'S ON !!!!

Well....after burning birds this past week...seems like only thing left to burn was ME !! The glue gun and I had a battle....the glue gun won ! NO - you can't is horrid. Two fingers on the left hand without skin....OUCH !! AND I need one of those fingers to roll thread into a knot. I am really bummed.
Okay...enough grumbling -
The soup is ready to serve... I can even post a few pictures....not many as the batteries in the camera went kaput....AND I have batteries and batteries and batteries....but none would make the camera work. ????? Just one of those days.....of course it has rained all day too - damp and miserable....despite all that I have a pot of coffee on and am excited about our Bird Soup Event!
The recipe pictured above is for the edible "Bird Soup"....which we will be serving this week. Each purchase will have this recipe tied to their sack....
Here are some pictures of some of our "feathered friends" visiting THE CINNAMON STICK....

Sunday, April 12, 2009


Today we go to my daughter's to celebrate Easter....all those grandbabies (8 in all) will be dressed in their Easter finery and all day will be hiding and finding eggs....they are the "JOY" of my life - together with a close family and wonderful friends. I am blessed....
It is a day of reflection and putting your soul in order.....Thank you kind friends who share their time and friendship with me....I am blessed !! XOXO

Friday, April 10, 2009


I killed the bird....(I'm wearing a very sad face)'s all because I can't live with "it's good enough" !!
I made the bird and aged it, but after it was dried and stuffed, I wasn't happy and wanted it a bit darker...soooooooo - doing what I never do....I touched up here and there on the bird making it darker and put it in the microwave to I ALWAYS mic everything dry BUT NOT with the fiberfil in you know why.... burned a hole right into him......poor little birdie!!!

Wednesday, April 8, 2009


Today was all about getting all the ingredients together for our "Bird Soup" event....I stirred and stirred and seems like the soup is starting to come together.....a pinch of this and that still has to be added - but it smells devine of lavender and thyme !!

p.s. Dame Penniwig...surely you will not pass on this fine "soup" !!!

Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Sunday, April 5, 2009


I am getting all the ingredients together for our "Bird Soup" - I have a great big agate bowl to put everything in.....the recipe is quite simple but I have to track down some "key" ingredients...I am getting anxious to serve you - are your napkins ready !!!

Thursday, April 2, 2009


What a glorious day we had today....the sun was shining all day and you could see the grass growing right before your eyes....well...okay that is an exaggeration but it was a wonderful spring day. I have patiently waited for the "onion snow" before I could plant any onion bulbs....BUT looks like we aren't going to have to worry about that - (probably jinxed myself now) !! I keep my "bulbs" in a sack made just for that is a picture of one we have for sale...from Barb Young of Turkey huh!! I have been busy getting ready for our Bird Soup Event....two boxes of "supplies" were delivered today and I am going to have fun putting everything to good use. Lots of work to get done though before the 15th....Here are a few pics of new Easter items that just still have time to stop in for a great gift for yourself...or whoever.....(big smile) !!

Wednesday, April 1, 2009


Today I received a great big box filled with goodies from Turkey Hollow, Washington!! I couldn't wait to open it and started right in.....I must tell you that MOSTLY I don't know what treasures I will find when I open a box from Barb.....she will send me pics of some things BUT I just tell her to fill the box....there is never ever any disappointment - So I was eager to see what was in that box...but FIRST ...I needed to open up the store and heat the tea and get the dip and pretzels out....then the phone rang (all awhile I was dying to get into this box). I got it opened....but then the phone soon as I hung up I started opening the treasures all wrapped in tissue.....and then EEEEEEEEEEEEEEEKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKK!!! I saw this on my back work counter....!!!!!! MICE.....where did they come from??.....ahhha...they "snuck" out of the box !!!!
and you know what they say about mice.....where there is one there is more and more and more....Well.....they gave me a fright for a second ( I must say these guys are so lifelike...the pictures do not give them justice at all) already found a new home !!! There were lots of goodies in that box and I will post them soon....these two gals are already SOLD...But this one is available..... A VERY FUN DAY TODAY !!!!

APRIL 1st - a day of foolishness....

Growing up we did the silliest tricks on each other on this "fun" day....with two brothers and two sisters we would just go on and on all day long. NOT tricking anyone - but it was fun to ponder a "good" trick and at least try! Every April Fool's Day I would get my kids GOOD when they were small....then they got smarter than me....even hubby....who in my opinion NEVER knows what day it is let along what month....won't be tricked by me !! Oh well.....tis' life - (big smile)....
New goodies should be arriving today in the store....from Turkey Hollow and candles from Scentsible Scents ...and a whole new bunch of florals arrived yesterday. Tomorrow all kinds of goodies will come for our "BIRD SOUP" event....I am having fun as spring is in the air - the daffodils are johnnies are as happy as can be...and the forsythia is glowing!!!