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Monday, March 2, 2009


Well we got the snowstorm that has put a BIG kink in all my plans....Tony and I started out to the store this morning late, but the roads were so bad we turned around and came back home. I just made up my mind that the plans for today just weren't going to happen - and then after lunch the sun came out and pretty much cleared the roads - so off we went again. The wind was so horrid that it was drifting snow pretty much across the whole road in places. The store is on a major route and kept plowed nicely BUT there are many farms along this road and the wind just blew the snow back on...we managed. The plow guys did the parking lot while we were there and Tony paid them extra to do the porches and steps. (we have two sets of steps coming from the street to the front of the store....NO ONE uses these as we sit close to the road and the parking is in the rear. BUT...they have to be cleared and the handicap walkway. There was 4 inches of snow that had blown on both the front and back porches and I know when I go up tomorrow I will have the same mess to deal with as it is really windy ...brrrrrrr ! Okay I am done complaining....sorry...just have no one else to "vent" to today....(big smile)
I did get some displaying done....infact staying late Sunday evening helped quite a bit. I am happy with the way the store is looking ...quite "springlike" !!! I put out items all day Sunday and sold almost every goodie Barb from Turkey Hollow sent me....I didn't even get to take the pictures...BUT Barb promised more goodies are coming to Pennslyvania...I just have to wait in line (it is fun to be first in line but now I am last....:( ( well worth the wait !! )
So I have no pictures until tomorrow...the floors are a mess from Tony and I running in and out and that will be the last thing I do tomorrow - mop the floors and take pictures. There seems to be alot of things I am doing tomorrow....hmmmmmm !
Tonight MY BATCHELOR picks his "wife to be"....I am so silly as it seems I love this show and can't wait to see this episode.....I want it to be Melissa....I think she is very special and perfect for Jason. I really thought Deanna (last season) was perfect - and if some kind of twist or turn happens tonight I will not be upset if Jason changes his mind and goes for Deanna.....time will tell....4 hours from now I can hardly wait !! I know what you are thinking.....stop rolling your eyes...!!!


Tomatoe Creek Prims said...

We didn't get the snow here in SW Pa but it is so cold out but the sun is shining...crazy weather!:)
Have a great day,

Janet - underthewillow said...

Hi Judy!....well I FINALLY got the snow I've been waiting for all season long!'s a winter wonderland here in Central Virginia and I am happy now! LOL Janet :)

Pots 'n Prims said...

Hi Judy!! Well, you know I'm a happy camper as I finally have SNOW! 5+ inches! Yippee!! Hoping things clear up your way in time for your open house! Can not wait to see the pics (sure wish I could be there, though).

Olde Dame Penniwig said...

I guess saying that I was so hot & miserable I had to run the AC in the car today won't get me any sympathy...that snowstorm sounds BAD!

Amy C. said...

I'm sorry your day didn't start out like you had planned but I'm glad it ended up being a good one anyway. I am so tired of snow and being cold all the time. Bring on the Spring!!!

Well Judy did the show turn out like you expected. I had the bride pegged but in no way did I think the after show would be like it was. I am a bit disgusted and I don't think I will watch it again. I thought Jason was a good guy. He treated Melissa worse than Dee treated him last season. I had high hopes for them as a couple. Guess I was wrong.