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Thursday, February 19, 2009


Withdrawal hurts.....especially in the mornings when I am ever so ready to get lots of work pay the bills and check up on everyone and what they were up to the night before! Tony laughed at me as I all I could do was sit and "stuff eggs" arm hurts from all that stuffing! I am a morning person....and really missed this sweet machine (I am talking very nicely to it just in case it gets testy with me again) !! It was the power source thingy.....cost of $28. and a lot of nerves and worries on my part. I am ever so blessed to have a computer "EXPERT" living next door to us....and he enjoys the "challenges" I give him ....LOL!! All info is safe and I am going out to get an external modem so everything will be saved IF anything really bad happens.
I have the store all ready to display the Easter items - open house begins March 4th but I am adding things everyday....I ordered rabbits from import company...I really liked these - rabbits - made countryish and out of paper mache - they are all on the basement floor standing like little children waiting in line...... too cute!!! Easter goodies are like fairytales...very magical!! The handmades from the "girls" won't be shown until our open house (except maybe a sneak preview on here as they come in)....Miss Barbara from Turkey Hollow has sent me a box full of goodies that I am just dying to get my hands on....the picture below is a sweet doll she has sent me and if she looks this wonderful in a picture you can only imagine how wonderful she looks in person.....(check out her hat!! - I love it) I will wait till I hug her to give her a "proper" name. There is something about hugging a handmade doll that makes a "connection to your heart" and you know right then and there who "she" is and all about her adventures.Crossroads came out with some new scents in their diffusers and they came in today....I put Fresh Rain in the bathroom at the store and it smells divine. Sharon made me get it when we were "sniff" testing at the trade show....I wasn't going to as I am more into the spicy scents and not flowery.....but I do I am not always right ...(did I really just admit to that??) I am certainly glad I did as the scent is just perfect and not sickening like I thought it would now everyone has to go in the bathroom to see how wonderful it is!!
Now I am off to fix the color background on my PT as when I was on my son's computer it was so dark you couldn't read the is not that dark on mine but I am going to go fix that right now......toodle-loo !!!


Pots 'n Prims said...

Yippee!!! So glad you're back online & it was a fairly inexpensive "fix"! I've had withdrawals from the days you haven't posted! LoL Can't wait to see spring progress there! And the sweet doll coming your way is adorable!

Back in the Day said...

Welcome back! I am glad it wasn't anything major! I bet your store looks amazing - just perfect for Spring! Can't wait to see the pictures!

Janet - underthewillow said...

Welcome back Judy! glad to hear it wasn't the entire system! external hard drive is a great tool for backing up information....the doll from Turkey Hollow looks divine!....have a great weekend! Janet :)

Raggedy Angel said...

So glad you are back....the same thing happened to be last was so bad....I must have blog time!!!!! Beth

Olde Dame Penniwig said...

Oh my gosh, that doll is adorable. Love that tiny basket around her neck and her expression is priceless!

Can't wait to see those bunnies and all the pix of the store decorated for Easter.