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Tuesday, February 24, 2009


When you are a storekeeper it is like having Christmas ALL the time - especially when you are lucky enough to have some of the BEST handcrafters making treasures for your store. Yesterday my "treasure box" arrived from Turkey Hollow, Washington and I can't wait to show you all the wonderful items Barb made for The Cinnamon Stick's very lucky customers!! I will try to do that sometime today on our Picture Trial - meanwhile I have tons of work to get done as our Covered Box class is tomorrow evening and we have just about filled it ....yippee!! (so the bad weather last week was a "good thing???) LOL!! I always make a special sack for the gals to take their "creation" home in and now I must make more... Yippee!! And rebake some goodies to snack on, and make name tags...etc.
Tony has cut out "3" very, very large Easter Eggs and painted them as signs for the store (two PINK and one YELLOW). The front of the store (long porch) always looks quite bare with only a table and bench on it - BUT we sit very close to the road and everything always gets so "dirty" with the traffic (and lots of it) on this little country road (might have something to do with the "ski lodge" at the top of the mountain (we are at the bottom) !! Anyway, today I will paint "Colored Eggs 4 Sale" on them and hang one out front and the others will be for sale...cutesy? YES - but there is alittle bit of "cutesy" in every country girl !! Hopefully it will brighten the front up a bit - I will hang some olde baskets on a wooden pole that we have hanging from the porch ceiling ( it was an olde handmade clothes prop) and make it look at "springy" as I can. It is very windy on this little plot of land here in Hereford, so I have to be cautious what we hang out there - AND the SNOWMAN MUST come off the outhouse. We have a 6 ft. plus tin snowman ( Made by Jean of New Jersey) that stands guard on the outhouse door all winter. He is ready to get "off" duty!!! ( I keep trying to remind myself it is still February - but I need spring !! ) Maybe I can get a picture of those big eggs later on......have a fun day is sunny but very cold and windy here !


Pots 'n Prims said...

What a busy day sweet Judy! So glad to hear you have a full class!! And, I'm sure those eggs look adorable on the front porch ~ wish I was making a spring trip up! (hmmmm.......) Can't wait to see all the goodes Barb & the other gals made!

Janet - underthewillow said...

Good Morning Judy!....I would LOVE to see what treasures are in that box from Turkey Hollow!!....and the eggs are gonna look mighty cute on that front porch!....have a great day! Janet :)

Olde Dame Penniwig said...

I think those big eggs will sure be eye-catching! My hubby cut me an egg and a bunny from plywood years ago, and people actually drive by to see them and pose their kids in front of them -- guess it's almost time to put them out again...