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Friday, February 27, 2009

GOODBYE FEBRUARY....and none too soon...

I am so done with February.....the shortest but longest month for me. Next week we will turn our clocks back and more daylight is just what I need right now.
I will admit I get alittle "overwhelmed" when Open House is just around the corner AND there is so much to do yet.... then I start asking myself if I will have enough to sell ...and then I wonder if I have too much....what if nobody comes....yi yi yi....the life of a storekeeper in tough economic times! (taking a deep breath and counting to 12 ) ! I still have lots of items to get priced and somehow have to figure where all the new goodies are going to be displayed. Some furniture sold that were good display pieces and it leaves me in a bit of a bind - Tony has some pieces to work on but the weather has to be warmer as he has to refinish most pieces outside. Improvising will be the deal of the day Monday and Tuesday when I set up for our SPRINGTHYME OPEN HOUSE....( I love to write SPRINGTHYME.... - it can't come soon enough)
I made the little "peep" pillow today while customers browsed.... made from an olde wool Navy blanket - it is small and would sit nicely on a shelf.
Have a nice weekend - March is going to "come in like a LION" here so it seems from the weather reports....but doesn't that mean "out like a LAMB" ???


Shari said...

The peep pillow is too cute!!!And I'm sure your open house will be fabulous!

It's interesting...your weather seems to be similiar to ours today. (I'm in NC)

Hugs and Blessings,

Janet - underthewillow said...

Hi Judy!....the peep pillow is way cute and I love that big picture you posted up top!....warm weather will be here before ya know it....have a great weekend! Janet :)

Olde Dame Penniwig said...

The pillow you made is so cute, and the bunny "peeping" from over the top and the nest next to it are just such a cute display.

Kath said...

Love your header pic!
That little pillow is just darling.
I am with ya....Good Riddance to Feb!!
I am soooooo ready for March and SPRING and changing the clocks...wish March could come AND go as a Lamb! I don't think that will happen tho, either way, at least Feb is over with!

Have a wonderful weekend.

Karen said...

I do one show a year at my house and I'm exhausted. I can imagine how tiring having a shop would be and doing special events...but fun just the same and so rewarding.