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Friday, February 20, 2009


Each day - little by little - I have been introducing new "Springthyme" goodies into the store...without compromising our Open House that will be March 4th. I am just putting items in that can be replaced quickly if (lately that is a BIG if) we should sell out !! (those bunnies in the basement started towards the stairs today and it was all I could do to hold them back...whew!!) We certainly don't want them showing their sweet little faces until open house!!
Spring candle rings in different sizes, some vintage postcard pillows and Easter Egg pillows made by me were some of the goodies displayed today. I drew a new rabbit and am making it into a pillow - just a cookie cutter shape - very plain and simple - I have to decide on what kind of eyes he is going to have - eyes are always a problem with me. I do not like the new ones that are painted to look real...pieces of art I will admit, but they just give me the "willies" as they look like paintings and too real!! I realize I am in the minority with this just by looking at how many sell on websites but still.....I am olde school and just like the very plain and simple...Now after saying that today a sweet little guy came in and wanted to be part of the store....his eyes are painted but what I call "prim painted" and not all "real" looking. He had such a good "soul" I couldn't help but tell him to stay.....BUT he has no name and I was thinking maybe it would be a fun thing to have a giveaway for finding the perfect name for him!!! Just leave a comment with your suggestion and I will in turn give all the names for him to choose.....hey...maybe that new rabbit pillow I am working on will be a good giveaway.... I will post a picture as soon as I come up with some eyes for him!!


luv2teek said...

Love the old shopping cart!


Janet - underthewillow said...

Hi Judy! suggestion for the name is Edgar!....have a great weekend! Janet :)

kim said...
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kim said...

how about Shamas O'Ryely? that is what he seemed to tell me:)
take care

Tomatoe Creek Prims said...

Sean O'Malley, the best in the store:)

Elm Hollow Primitives said...

Judy Your shop is looking so sweet. I would love to name your little Man-Mr Clancy Gallagher (gallagher meaning "eager Helper")
How fun-have a great weekend.
I still rooting for Melissa on the bachlor-how about you?

Kimberly said...

Larry the Leprechan...? He looks like a Larry to me (just don't tell my dad, that's HIS name!) My dad looks good in green too!

Karen said...

Well it's not a very Irish name but this little guy sure looks like Fidel C. LOL
I know i'll never win with a name like that but the bunny sure would be cute in my house!
Hugs, Karen

Olde Dame Penniwig said...

Hmmm...he looks like a Fergus to me...Fergus McSpice of County Cupboard, thank ye very much.

Back in the Day said...

I think he looks like Fiesty O'Farrell to me!
Have a good un!

Amy C. said...

Oh what a precious little guy. I think he looks like "Lucky Larry" to me. He is a lucky little guy to be in your shop.


Gayle said...

LUCKY is my suggestion! So cute!

Carole said...

Peter is my suggestion for his name - just Peter. I am sure he gets all kinds of names called to him over the years - lots of Irish names so he just wants to be Peter.

He is so cute !!